Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Shadow Fiend Mid | Am I Getting Better?

Another randomed Shadow Fiend, and I was ballsy enough to call mid. Will I fck this up? What am I saying, I always fck sh*t up. Gotta put more thought into these intros. Seriously.

Watch the video here:

Okay, so I got the first bounty rune, but paid for it by being stunned and right-clicked to near death by the Invoker and Earthshaker. Luckily, Invoker missed his Sun Strike and I was able to recover and last-hit at mid against the enemy Invoker.

Got one kill on him early on which was pretty nice, wasn't first blood, but a kill is a kill.

I probably should be more aggressive playing a Shadow Fiend at mid lane. I mean I have the level advantage and nukes that will melt players down if all three hit, but I was too much of a pussy and just farmed until I had an initiation/escape item.

Game was pretty much won after our Spectre got her Radiance, we just pushed lanes and asserted our dominance over the Dire team. Pretty damn proud that I didn't fuck this game up too badly.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Comment them below!

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