About Us

blogger Yo It's Spicy was started on December 2013. We are a group of people [As of March 2016, Just me, Spicy] who write game guides, gameplay videos, game reviews, and provide tips on specific games. We write strategies and guides based on our experiences and/or submitted content.

This site is only for entertainment purposes. Guides we provide are based upon personal experience or through hours of searching forums and other gaming sites. Links to original websites that helped build a guide will always be provided, if available. There are also times when authors choose to post some personal or humorous articles, check them out to know more about each author.

The main purpose of this site is to provide people with game guides for games they're having troubles dealing with themselves. Readers are always allowed to comment and give their thoughts on a specific guide for it's improvement. We also have the right to remove unhelpful, unnecessary, and/or obscene comments without notice to the original poster(s).

To those who provide helpful comments, tips, and submit their own written guides. We sincerely thank you.

If there are any links that are broken or are leading to somewhere different, please report them immediately to yoitsspicy@yahoo.com.ph or sibulo1991@gmail.com