Plague Inc. Parasite Mega-Brutal Guide/ Walkthrough/ Strategy

Beating Parasite in mega-brutal difficulty isn't hard but it isn't easy either. My strategy required some weird distribution of DNA on symptoms and abilities. I only evolved two transmissions throughout the whole game. Mutations don't happen a lot unless you use the Darwinist gene and evolve transmissions that increase mutation chance. In my previous plague guides I leaned towards the use of mutations, not in this one though.

My strategy isn't quite perfected yet since it only nets me a 4/5 biohazard score, but I always win the games I played using this strategy(4 out of 4 games won to be exact). I'll be working on a better strategy after completing other guides I got lined up. This one works well enough to be posted so here it goes.

While I was experimenting on strategies to use in Parasite, there was one particular problem I'd encounter. I tend to miss infecting one or two countries, Greenland and Madagascar are always the most common non-infected countries. With this strategy, I was always able to infect every country in every game I did which is why I decided to post it. My typical stats with this strategy is as follows: between 500~600 days, 40~60% Cure Completion, and a 4/5 Biohazard score(sometimes 3/5).

It is recommended that you evolve the transmission, symptoms and abilities stated as soon as you have the DNA to do so. Without further ado, the guide.

Gene Setup

  • ATP Boost
  • Aquacyte
  • Sympto-Stasis
  • Genetic Mimic
  • Extremophile
1.) Start in China

2.) Evolve Rash, Sweating, and Skin Lesions

3.) Evolve Transmission Water 1 and 2

4.) Evolve Necrosis

5.) Evolve Drug Resistance 1 and 2 followed by Cold and Heat Resistance 1 and 2, finally evolve Enviromental Hardening

6.) Evolve the following symptoms: Insomnia, Paranoia, Seizures, Insanity, Inflammation, Paralysis, and Coma

7.) Evolve Genetic Hardening 1 and 2

8.) When the whole world is infected, evolve Total Organ Failure

9.) Extra DNA should be used to evolve some Genetic Re-Shuffles.

There you go, I hope this guide helped you conquer Parasite in mega-brutal difficulty. You might have a hard time getting the DNA to evolve once you reach step 7, this may be because of the Genetic Shifts that randomly happen, don't worry though you'll still kill people fast enough without Total Organ Failure although you might finish with a higher cure completion.

Alternate Strategies:

If you guys have any questions, tips, or a better strategy post them at the comments below. I'll include the good ones I see along with this guide.Happy gaming!


  1. I'm not upset or anything because your other guides work the first time but this one isn't doing it for me even on the third try.

  2. Worked on first attempt.
    543 Days
    51% Cure
    4 Biohazard

  3. Once again.. Awsome results, have taking screen shots of said results from formulas given..

  4. Im at less than 500 days. With 50% less cure and min of 4 point.. Well played sir.. For all so far,

  5. 1st try: 70% cure and morocco and greenland wont get infected... greenland impossible because the harbors close very early (because of early necrosis?)

    2nd try the cure reached 100% when i was just about to complete step 5... again all harbors closed too fast

  6. I found it alot better to evolve Water 1 and 2 before getting sympotoms, I also waited with gettting skin lesions it's easier to notice. I used 554 Days and got 70% on the cure.

  7. Didn't work first time as carrebian shut their borders down too fast. Going to try it again now

    1. tried it again and it worked!

  8. Didn't work. For some reason Morocco wouldn't get infected.

  9. Did not work tried twice both times failed also I don't have sypto-stasis so that might be why (how you unlock it)

  10. GD Morocco. Its not even an island! At least its not the fungus. Good gravy how I fought with that until this guide. Thank you

  11. just win many time :P
    u will unlock overtime

  12. guys just keep trying :D
    it worked for me.third times a charm :)

  13. Worked well. Earned 4 stars. Thanks!

  14. I've just beaten mega-brutal parasite using this guide! Works like a charm, with maybe one little adjustment. Both times I played trying to beat this difficulty, Africa was a bit slow on the uptake. To anyone that has the same problem: don't be afraid to evolve Blood 1, it'll make sure the poor people get infected too :D

  15. In case Morocco is not infected and it has closed borders already,
    Evolve Bird 1. For me it was infected immediately after I evolved it.
    This guide works really like a charm. My set of Genes: Metabolic Jump,
    Aquacyte, Sympto-Stasis, Darwinist, Extremophile - I had no problems
    with DNA points.

  16. Flavia Auditore da FirenzeAugust 13, 2014 at 11:17 AM

    487 days with cure at 38%, 4 Biohazards with this guide.

  17. Flavia Auditore da FirenzeAugust 13, 2014 at 11:17 AM

    Evolve Bird 1. It should get countries with closed land borders infected.

  18. i accidentally used this for virus and it still worked so thanks

  19. Great guide, but New Zealand the first time I tried it, and the Caribbean did not the second time. Can never get those island countries, lol.

  20. 3 times and this hasn't worked for me.

  21. Guess 4th times the charm. 977 days, cure 87%, 3 bio.
    Angola and morraco killed off infected people, sup took forever to infect them again. Had to evolve bird and blood to slowly infect them.

  22. worked for me on the first try! Thanks!!!

  23. Your guides suck ive tried four different parasities multipletimes using your guides to a t and havent won a game

  24. Doesn't work after 7 attempts. Fucking stupid

  25. I have a thought: they must have recently updated the game to make mega brutal more challenging because NONE of the MB guides i've needed to get (Fungus, Parasite, Nano-virus and Neurax) that are dated for 2014 work. This game i can't even get past step 6 before im 100% cured. Followed each step EXACTLY no deviations and used DNA as soon as it's available.

  26. It is because Plague Inc. has been UPDATED.

  27. Doesn't work.
    I've got cured before even evolving lethal symptoms

  28. 555 day
    4 biohazard
    65% cure
    But I had to tweak things a little, replace APT boost with catalytic switch, and wait to evolve necrosis until after upgrading all the abilities. Use the genetic reshuffle when needed

  29. did it on first try, followed the guide and ended up with 81%cure, 502 days, 3 biohazard and a score of 21210.

  30. I think this guide is a bit outdated after all the updates and the what not. I tried a couple of times using this but wasn't able to get all the countries infected and got cured really early. Really frustrated I went and search the interwebs for a moment and came across a guide for mega-brutal parasite in Plague Inc: Evolved. Not being too picky and finding it interesting enough to try I put the following strategy to test:

    Gene Setup:
    - Metabolic Jump (the guide had Cytochrome Surge, could work just fine. Or maybe try ATP Boost. Haven't really played around with this, but you could)
    - Aquacyte
    - Sympto-Stasis
    - Genetic Mimic
    - Extremophile

    NOTE: just let the parasite mutate as it does. It may result in a good outcome or a bad one.

    1. Just go and evolve the following symptoms, transmission and abilities in this order:

    - Rash
    - Sweating
    - Skin Lesions
    - Water 1
    - Insect 1
    - Air 1
    - Drug Resistance 1
    - Water 2
    - Air 2
    - Fever
    - Insect 2
    - Cold 1 & 2
    - Genetic Hardening 1
    - Coughing
    - Sneezing
    - Drug Resistance 2
    - Pneumonia
    - Nausea
    - Vomiting
    - Pulmonary Fibrosis
    - Necrosis
    - Immune supression

    2. At this point I waited a little so that most of the people were infected. It may be up to luck whether you have all the countries infected yet, but if not I guess you pray the rest gets infected fast. Greenland and Caribbean turned out to be the tough ones.
    When you think the time is ready make your parasite kill. So just evolve:
    - Total Organ Failure
    - Diarrhoea
    - Pulmanory Oedema (could probably skip this but do whatever you want)
    - Dysenery

    3. Hopefully there are not many healthy people left, but if there is make sure to evolve transmissions/abilities that increase infectivity in those countries (livestock, rat, blood... you get the idea)

    4. Now fight the cure. If it looks like the cure is gonna catch up earlier just fight it then using Genetic Re-suffles. Next evolve:
    - Insanity
    - Coma
    - Inflamation (if researchers haven't increased their understanding of it. I hope this goes without saying)

    After this if you have extra DNA use it on Genetic Re-suffles and watch the world die.

    This isn't a 100% waterproof guide but worked for me pretty well. I failed the first time I tried because Total Organ Failure mutated too early and the parasite didn't get to Caribbean at all and got to Greenland too late. Then it just went and killed everyone. So yeah, too lethal too early is not good.
    There is also a lot of room for luck because of the genetic drift that comes with Mega-Brutal and the spreading of your decease to the islands. I got lucky with the mutations and the costs of symptoms as they started to drop quite early after they went up and could afford the cure slowing symptoms early.

    Anyway, I finished in 385 days, 64% cure and 4 biohazards. I bet that with a bit more luck you could get more Re-suffles and end up with less cure progress and get 5 biohazards, who knows. I'm not taking the credit for this guide but thought I'd share it with the little modifications I made. Maybe if I have the interest I'll go and try a couple of more times but now this is all I have.

    Hope I didn't miss anything and this helps anyone having trouble with the Mega-Brutal Parasite.

  31. Peanut Butter CupMarch 20, 2015 at 4:26 PM


  32. it worked for me, even after the update, but research has to be controlled much earlier, it went up to 88%, I won by a small margin. ;-)

  33. Best I was able to do with mega brutal on mutation 10. Didn't use the guide, improvised.

  34. I think his guides are great

  35. its suck dont even read

  36. This one worked perfectly forme no setbacks at all