blogger Yo It's Spicy is willing to provide certain advertising for websites, products, and/or causes. Our current site statistics are as follows:(as of July 27-August 28 2014)

  • Over 300,000 page views a month
  • Over 40,000 unique visitors monthly 
  • An average of 4 minutes spent on the site per session
  • and over 70% coming from organic traffic
  • The top 3 countries that visit our site the most are: United States(45%), United Kingdom, and Canada

Advertising Options

Ads spaces available are

  • 728x90 Leaderboard - Displayed below page navigation
  • 250x250 Square - Displayed on the right sidebar below the page navigation
  • 160x600 Long Rectangle - Displayed on the lower part of the right side bar

We also offer advertising in the form of sponsored posts that can either be provided by Yo It's Spicy, or by yourself.

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