Plague Inc. Necroa Virus Mega-Brutal Guide/ Walkthrough/ Strategy

Beating Necroa Virus in mega-brutal difficulty is no easy task. I had a lot of failed games. Most of these games failed because my zombies were decimated by Z-Com. I think this anti-zombie organization had some major upgrades in mega-brutal. Leaving them alone for a long time in their first country is big NO. Z-Com becomes nearly invincible when you forget about their bases. I had every symptom that boosts zombie combat advantage and still found it hard to defeat their advanced bases.

I'll be posting two strategies that worked for me. These two strategies don't guarantee a 100% win but they will work. I will post the second one after some more tries. Several factors, such as events and genetic shifts, affect your chances of winning. One thing I noticed with all my play-throughs is that a country seems to detect the plague once it's totally infected. Immediately right after detecting your Necroa Virus, they will start making a cure. From there, it'll start getting hard to infect countries since it won't take long until WHO decides to raise the plague's threat level which makes countries close down their harbors and airports.

What I decided to go for in terms of strategy is to let the plague freely mutate the symptoms for me. This helps me focus on transmission and abilities at the start and also saves DNA that you'll really need once you start making zombies appear. I really dislike moving zombie hordes around but both strategies require you to do just that. Island countries will be a pain to infect, I was only able to infect every country in 3 or 5 games I played. I tried to imitate strategies I used that caused total world infection but I wasn't able to. I therefore concluded that those times were pure luck.

 If this strategy didn't work for you, try these alternate strategies:

  • Necroa Virus: Mega-Brutal Quick Finish Guide
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  • All those things aside, let's begin with the guide:

    Strategy 1:
    Gene Setup:

    • Metabolic Hijack
    • Aquacyte
    • Spliced Activation
    • Darwinist
    • Extremophile
    1.) Start in China, then evolve these transmissions as soon as you can:
    • Zoonotic Shift
    • Rodent 1
    • Insect 1
    • Bat 1
    • Bird 1
    • Segmented Genome
    2.) Now wait until one of these two things happen:
    1. Cytopathic Reanimation mutates or..
    2. Cure progression reaches 75%
    3.) Once one of these two things happen, evolve the following symptoms:
    • Cytopathic Reanimation(If it has not mutated yet)
    • Anaerobic Resuscitation
    • Enhanced Motor Control
    • Peptide Surge
    • Horde Instinct
    • Structured Travel
    • Dyskinetic Movement
    • Echopraxia
    • Engorged Quadriceps
    • Drifting Fermentation
    • Horde Mentality
    • Horde Vocalisation
    • Horde Pheromones
    • Regenerative Activation
    4.) After evolving the last symptom, start to drag zombie hordes to uninfected island countries. Countries you should take notice of are:
    • New Zealand
    • Caribbean
    • Greenland
    • Iceland
    • Madagascar
    • Philippines
    • Japan
    Important: Always keep an eye on Island countries. If there are no zombies nearby, use Regenerative Activation to make some rise from the dead then move those zombies to your target country.
    You might also want to infect island countries as soon as possible to remove the chance of Z-Com establishing a base there. Move zombies from one country to another if there are no zombie infesting a nearby country leading to an island country.

    5.) While moving millions of zombies around, it would be wise to keep evolving some symptoms:
    • Acidic Reflux
    • Dermal Calcification
    • Naja Mortis
    • Cranial Elephantitis
    • Autothysis
    • Bone Dysplasia
    • Masticatory Tension
    6.) From here on it would be best to keep moving zombies around to destroy countries faster. Prioritize on sending hordes of zombies to Z-Com bases to prevent them from upgrading or establishing other country bases. 

    I haven't been able to get a 5 out 5 biohazard score using this strategy yet. But I do hope that this helped you defeat Necroa Virus in mega-brutal difficulty. I'll link the second strategy here once I perfect it. If you've go any tips or other strategies to beat this plague. Share them with us! Happy Spicy gaming!

    Alternate Strategy


    1. This worked on the first try for me. Thanks!!!!

    2. Thx a lot! Worked on first try!

    3. Worked on the first try without Gene setup! Thanks.

    4. Thank you! Worked after the first try, had to wipe out three Z-Com bases, luckily I had enough DNA to raise millions of Zombies :)

    5. That worked beautifully on the first go! I even had gobs of DNA left over. Thanks!

    6. Thanks for the guide never would have got it myself

    7. Great strategy, thanks.
      774 days
      3 Biohazards

    8. Actually got 5 biohazards doing this, awesome job.

    9. Got 4 out of 5 in Brutal~ Finally~~~ Thanks~

    10. Ive used this stategy about 10 times and I have no clue what I am doing wrong :/ I cant defeat zcom and they spread out extremely fast. What could I do? :/

      1. Move your zombies after they came up and increase the zombie combat advantage

    11. Dosent work for me and I've tried it about a dozen times now. zcom spreads too quickly

    12. Took me a few tries to get it, but finally got it, then went again with the unlimited DNA cheat. hehe
      Got the five biohazards. only had 3 biohazards before cheat.


    14. ughh
      first time the cure reached 100%, probably because I got unlucky with mutations

    15. Great tutorial! Worked on the first try, 4/5 biohazards.

    16. only works if it mutates the right stuff unlike salvatione

    17. Brilliant, thanks! I am not big on looking up hints--I like figuring things out--but this one is by far the hardest and I was stumped. It's still not easy, but with your trick I was able to EVENTUALLY get it. It's so tough when countries start setting up the Z-Com bases in rapid succession. For what it's worth, I started in France and then evolved Drug Resist 1, Cold 1 and Heat 1 fairly early on in addition to transmissions (animals and water 1+2). Helped get most of the islands infected before it became a problem and of course I had to get lucky with mutations. Good luck errbody--it's tough but possible!

    18. tried a ton of times do not know what I'm messing up. Luck? Possible?

    19. Count me in on those who haven't been so lucky. I actually got down to one country (Italy), and it still got eradicated.

      I have a feeling that it's a case of luck, plus timing... but I can't seem to get a toe-hold. Grrr!

      I'll keep trying. Your other strategy guides have been fantastic, so I can keep the faith.

    20. Biggest wasteof time. I did exactly what this strategy listed it didn't work

    21. Never worked for me. But this video worked beautifully for me twice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYQpO6ePwoU

    22. have tried about 8 times with this ...still no luck. i get to evolving the zombie hordes but the cure is so quick that it wipes me out before i can even get 1/3 of the world infected. guess this one is all luck in mutations

    23. have tried about 8 times with this ...still no luck. i get to evolving the zombie hordes but the cure is so quick that it wipes me out before i can even get 1/3 of the world infected. guess this one is all luck in mutations

    24. Good guide! I found that starting in Saudi Arabia was the key to really winning consistently, though. Anyway, thanks!

    25. Glad you liked the guide! This is an old strategy and will be updated soon. Saudi Arabia is a good country to start in, its Hot Climate gives an early infection bonus to every plague.

    26. Noted. I've tried India and China with no luck. I end up getting beat out by ZCom every time!

    27. My plague keeps losing from the Z com!!!

    28. This guide is hard can you improve it because I get
      beaten by Zcom every time!

    29. Apart from Zcom beating my plague up every time with this guide
      all your guides are fantastic!!!

    30. There have been some reports that Z-com in the PC version of the game have been buffed-up. This guide was made from playing plague inc on the mobile version.

      If you're playing Plague Inc.:evolved, there's not much help I can give since I've haven't tested plague inc in the PC platform yet.

    31. I don't have any PC version of plague inc. I got plague inc on the iPad.It just not working for me.Any away keep the good work!

    32. You have the only guide that I can find for necroa virus mega brutal.I can't find any website with necroa virus mega brutal guide.

    33. I have idea.Post your second strategy so I try it and see if it works for me.Hope you will post your second strategy soon because I tried this strategy lots of times and still does not work!

    34. They patched the zcom stuff so now this strategy is (unfortunatly) useless :( I've tried to begin in a rich country like france (for all flight and boat) but still, the zcom expansion is to quick and it's quite impossible to beat now. If someone have an idea because I spent like 3h on it and I never succeed. I just need this one one mega brutal and I've finished the solo mode ...
      Thank's in advance

    35. I'll try to make a new guide for this plague as soon as I can. I'm currently making guides for the Unknown Origin scenario and Necroa Virus will definitely be on the list of plagues I intend to make a guide for.

      Haven't been playing Necroa for awhile now, is Z-Com really that buffed up even on the mobile versions?

    36. I don't know for the mobile version but on computer Z-com it's a real nightmare now (or maybe I just don't have any luck). I'll try to find something who work and if I find I'll share.

    37. Finally ! So yes I just took the ATP boost (as modification from yours) and begin in Saudi Arabia and after two tries (and a lot of luck) it passed. We have to destroy Z-Com in priority, else it's almost impossible. Thank's again for your strategy.

    38. Congrats on finally finishing it.

      By the way, this strategy was made by playing on the mobile version of Plague Inc., not plague inc.: evolved. I currently don't have the game yet so I can't get strategies that would work for it.

    39. Yes yes yes I finally beat Zcom and I win using your guide!!!!!
      Oh yeah!!!
      Sorry about me commenting too much but at least I beat mega brutal and beat Zcom finally.

    40. It didn't work for me. You say I should insert Cytopathic Reanimation or that it should mutate itself, but I don't even have access to it, and the cure advances fast. I tried it twice and it reached 75% cure twice. After that it's just a matter of time until I lose the game, as I have no DNA to spend in order to upgrade the symptoms myself. I would rather use Catalytic Switch in order to get DNA from popping cure bottles than to use Metabolic Hijack. I can pop DNA and Biohazard bottles myself.

    41. Here is my guide:

      Note: If you get the filters message, restart it won't work if you get that message.

      Step 1: Gene set up
      Metabolic jump
      Creationist (if you get insomnia with out at-least half of every country infected you're doomed)

      Step 2: First things first
      Start in indonesia (The fact that it has a decent population, and has a climate of hydrophile and can go to virtually any were by plane makes this place a good place.)

      Get cold resistance 1 and 2 (throw this out of you're worry home and not worry about it again.)

      Step 3: To much saliva, nothing to help it!

      Saliva 1 and 2

      Drug resistance 1

      Step 4: patience my young padowan

      From here it's just waiting.

      Step 4: Notes are fun: IF every country is not DECENTLY infected when you evolve insomnia automatically, then restart. If no symptoms mutate at all then you should have about 80-85 or more DNA points. Use these points to get the following symptoms:

      Hyper salvation
      Cytopathic Reanimation

      Step 4: Part 2! :D

      Anaerobic Resuscitation
      Enhanced motor control
      Masticatory Tension

      Step 5: (Optional, If you don't want to do the optional then that's fine with me)

      Genetic Reshuffle
      Genetic Hardening

      Step 5: (If you didn't do the optional step 5 then this if you're step 5)

      Anabolic Boost
      Lumbrical Hypertrophy
      (And an optional fun 1 you can do if you have the DNA is): Regenerative Activation

      Step 6: Profit!

      This guide got me 5 stars. Depending on how you're game goes it might get you less, but the least amount of stars with this guide will always be 3. I did the optional step 5 so it might be good to go ahead and do both step 5's.

    42. I think I found an almost foolproof way to win! Also follow the order of which things should be evolved in.

      Gene Setup:
      Cytochrome Surge, Aquacyte, Spliced Activation, Darwinist, Extremeophile

      Starting Country:
      Saudi Arabia (Gives infection bonus as well)

      First Stage (Transmissions):
      Zoonotic Shift, Insect 1, Rodent 1, Bat 1, Bird 1

      2nd Stage:
      Wait for ~20% of the cure to be done. By now, Insomnia or Hyper Salivation should have mutated at least twice in a diagonal line. Pick the line which has more mutations in it and keep going diagonally to get Cytopathic Reanimation. It doesn't seem to matter which line you pick.

      3rd Stage:
      Evolve the following.
      (Symptoms) Enhanced Motor Control, Peptide Surge, Masticatory Tension, Lumbrical Hypertrophy

      (Abilities) Horde Instinct, Structured Travel, Drifting Fermentation, Engorged Quadriceps, Dyskinetic Movement, Horde Mentality, Horde Vocalisation, Horde Pheromones.

      It's likely that there isn't enough DNA to get the last few abilities, so just wait for some more DNA while people die / turn into zombies.

      4th Stage:
      Start to drag zombie hordes to places like Russia, USA, and Australia as starting preparations. (Sometimes, China is included as well depending on how many zombies there are in it)

      Be wary of island countries as well, and send at least one horde as early as you can into places like New Zealand, Caribbean, Greenland, Iceland, Philippines, New Guinea, and Japan.

      Most of Europe won't be infected either, so get through to them via Morocco, Algeria, Turkey or Russia. Z-Com will probably establish themselves somewhere in Europe too, and will most likely set up a second base. To counteract, just send 3-5 waves of zombie hordes into the countries where they are, when you can.


      I also personally kept pausing and playing repeatedly to be able to send hordes everywhere and collect DNA at the same time.

      This method only helps you win with 3 stars however, so there's that!

    43. dood thx so much!
      i got 5 biohazards :D
      thx for the guide!!!!!:D

    44. Earned 3 stars on first attempt with this guide. I don't use metabolic hijack because it's a waste of valuable DNA. I can pop my own bubbles fast enough, no problem.

    45. I tried using this strategy about 5 times but I've failed every time. Z COM are too strong in the starting country and they spread like wildfire. You waste countless DNA (even with the Spliced Activation gene) attempting to destroy them, but they just spread all over the planet.

      I'm playing on the mobile version and can you please make a new strategy because this one just doesn't work.

      Otherwise, keep it up! I've used all your strategies before to win and this is the last one before I unlock Simian!

    46. it works perfectly, thank you so much!

    47. Worked on second try. 850 days, Cure 100%, 3/5 biohazards, 16040 points.

    48. dude, I dont even have Spliced Activation and yet got 5 biohazard at my first attempt. I think you made the 5 Biohazard Necroa Guide, congratulations!!

    49. but I chose ATP Boost, instead of Cytochrome Surge

    50. I tried & it did not work for mega brute 1.9.1 looking forward to a new strategy.

    51. Got 5 Biohazards with your guide!

    52. I just happened to find a consistent 5-star strategy to win with just 16% cure in around 1500 days (at least on Normal, I didn't test on other difficulties yet). It starts slowly while saving more points, and works faster once it starts. Here's what I did:

      Start with the Creationist gene in your Necroa Virus, 'cause you must not have any symptom before the last human is infected. I also used the Xerophile gene just 'cause I had it available, but I don't think it actually matters.

      Select India as your first country. There you'll be able to infect most of the population very fast. First we'll focus solely on Transmission, so buy each of these as soon as possible:
      Saliva I
      Saliva II
      Blood I
      Air I
      Water I

      And then go for the Abilities:
      Cold I
      Medicine I
      Cold II

      Now you'll play the waiting game. It should take some time to infect the whole world, and just hope you don't evolve any symptom before that. In my tests, the virus never evolved by itself thanks to Creationist. When the last human is infected, you should have more than 75 DNA points in stock and it's time for mayhem.

      Go for these Symptoms right away:
      Cytopathic Reanimation
      Anaerobic Resuscitation
      Enhanced Motor Control

      And also the Ability:
      Autolytic Decay I

      From now on you'll only worry about Symptoms. Buy each of these as soon as you have enough points:
      Peptide Surge
      Masticatory Tension
      Anabolic Boost
      Lumbrical Hypertrophy
      Adrenal Surge
      Acidic Reflux
      Enhanced Sensory Integration

      And done! Humanity won't stand a chance even with the ZCOM.
      Here's a photo with the results: imgur.com/UbAXUbq

    53. I don't understand why my active abilities are invalid in places. I'll drag it to Madagascar for instance and it makes a beep noise like it's invalid and nothing happens. What's with that? I have the DNA for it.

    54. I have done it!!! my strategy has been a bit different but it worked!

    55. Thx for the help I've been stuck on that for ages.

    56. I did it exactly how you said and won in 825 days on mega brutal on my first try. I hadn't even completed it on brutal. Great strategy and guide thank you!

    57. Flavia Auditore da FirenzeAugust 13, 2014 at 12:47 PM

      838 days. 4 Biohazards.

    58. Flavia Auditore da FirenzeAugust 13, 2014 at 12:48 PM

      Try pausing while moving the zombies around.

    59. Not sure, but I've tried China time and time again, but when it comes to Z Com, I swear the devs need to tone it down. I mean I attacked the ZCom base and I might as well get 1000 people and go throw marshmallows at their base. They always ALWAYS lose and then when they dont lose, Z Com has already established 2 other bases. But usually say Libya...1 second, ZCOM has established a base in Libya...then 2 seconds later: ZCOM base is strengthened in Libya

    60. you are a fukin geneuis man thanks

    61. I followed this guide after many attempts of other users guides, following this

      guide to the exact. I made a minor change though, instead of Cytochrome Surge I

      used Metabolic Jump, the only difference I saw was Cytochrome Surge gives a

      boost in the beginning as towards the middle-end Metabolic Jump gives you way

      more DNA when you need it, I ended up with around 170 DNA-AFTER my

      upgrades. 170 and counting still, using them to infect crucial countries as

      instructed in this guide. Finally one that works well. You still need to put effort

      towards the game, TIPS: corner Z-COM into a corner. (my game they had 4

      countries, Canada,Germany,Poland,Sweden. All powerful, but with the right

      amount of DNA, no one is UN-BEATABLE.) To overthrow powerful countries here is another useful tip. Keep an eye on the news, if you see that groups are acting against Z-COM, now is a good time to invade, the following strategy works, first reanimate, then if you are beside the country move 2-3 groups into the area, or if not close.. Re-animate about 6 or 7 groups within the country, I reanimate about 7million and that will overthrow about any country.

      Hope these tips help and Kudos to this method!!! =D

    62. I followed your guide and got 4 stars, I didn't choose spliced activation and autolytic reduction. Thanks though, it helped more than OP's guide.

    63. The cure was complete. I was waiting for cytopathic reanimation to mutate when the cure reached 75% , but i couldnt evolve cytopathic reanimation because no dna points were left .

    64. Protip: Z-com is very powerful in this setting, but there is a easy way of beating them in mega brutal. After activating zombie reanimation, I send my zombies to every country EXCEPT Greenland. By doing this, Z-com is guarantee to setup their head quarters in Greenland. With even a couple hundred thousand zombies, you can wipe out their base in one go. In my 5 bio-hazard run, I dragged zombies from mexico -> USA (early on), then when the Z-com appear, I drag million+ zombies from USA to Canada and then from Canada to Greenland.

    65. Protip #2: For a 5 bio-hazard run, I used base-oxidation instead of Darwinist. Base-oxidation is allows your virus to mutate Transmission. This is risky but potentially very rewarding. This allows me to delay when the cure will start (by reducing severity). And some luck, I manage to beat the level at 83% cure.

    66. Begun in China but won. 1000 days 3 biohazards cure 100% 4 Z-com countries but won!

    67. Managed it first time with this guide, they had 100% of the cure and Iceland was like a fortress so I just kept sending wave after wave until it fell, very difficult, but you ,as the guide states, move the hordes around and you'll do it. Great write up!!

    68. it worked! 4/5 biohazards!

    69. But I substituted Metabolic Hijack for ATP boost.

    70. Hint: You can't cure a zombie.
      When the cure is complete zombies can still turn other people into zombies.

    71. You can only drag zombies to adjacent countries. For instance, if you want to got to Madagascar but south Africa is in the way, the zombie will go to south Africa, THEN you can drag them to Madagascar. his guide states "move zombies AROUND the world" not "across the world". If you didn't get this ill explain it more clearly.

    72. You can beat it on brutal for simian flu, not mega-brutal.

    73. Didn't work....boohoo!

    74. Finally!!! I'd been battling this mode forever, and your guide worked like a charm. I had well over 100 DNA points left towards the end, and I just used those to reanimate the dead to help things finish a bit more quickly, and ended with 4 biohzards :) Thanks!! Now... on to the Nano!

    75. Problem is that zombies hunt down people closest to them, and so, that is closest country. Other problem is that you have to drag it onto main land (Carribean and Phillipines would be hard, since they are entirely island S)

    76. Has anyone noticed an update recently making plagueinc harder?

    77. this guide was good, got 4 biohazard and won in the first attempt following the guide to the letter. 749 days, 100% cure, score: 64670 mega brutal

    78. Some Anon's strategy worked amazing and on 1st try. I got 4 biohazards!!!

    79. Michael FiorucciMay 3, 2015 at 1:58 AM

      This worked perfectly! Thank you!