Tips for Mutation 10, Speed Runs, and other Plague Inc. Stuff(Requests?)

blogger Hey there guys! and other people who've accidentally clicked on my blog.

I'm currently on Parasite Mega-brutal trials and Virus speed run tests(Current best score at 223). Anyway, I just wanted to know if you guys have any tips or have any requests on guides?

Also, If there's any info out there on Simian Flu speed runs, please tell me. That speed run game is getting really frustrating for me, I try to get something going once a day, but I end up just going for another game because of how hard it is.

The upcoming guides should be out in a few days, Again, currently focusing on Mutation 10 and Speed run guides. I'm sorry if they're slow, I'm one guy who has a job and a new-born daughter who always find the best time to wreak havoc--she's an angel, though, and I love her.

Anyway....Tips guys! Advice, basically anything that would help me be able to write guides faster. Submit guides you may have, post some comments on things you may have noticed. ANYTHING.

That about covers it. Hoping to hear from you guys!!


  1. 5 bio hazard Simian Flu Speed Run is the only thing that separates me to get 100% progress in the game and I am pretty sure it is bugged and impossible to get. The thing i am going for right now is to get 3 bio with every disease in every scenario (i hate the simian flu so i am not focusing on it).

    What i am lacking is: golden age wit Necroa (almost sure it is impossible as well), global warming with every disease but neurax and bacteria (its been a long time since the last i've played it but i am pretty sure i can get all of the normal plagues if I finished with bacteria). Curre tly working in teleportation (i've done it with the nano virus, bio weapon, bacteria, virus and neurax, playing right now with fungus)

    I can try to help you with anything i've already finish if you want :)

  2. Thanks Hannah! I've already seen this and have used it in my upcoming Virus Speed run guide(210 day record). Can't post it right now, though, because of ISP problems.

    By the way, any luck on Simian Flu?

  3. I'll definitely appreciate the help! More guides means more people will be happy and stop flaming me. haha

    Yeah, Simian Flu seems to be really impossible right now, I still keep trying but always end up regretting it.

    On scenarios, I've been unable to move onto new ones I haven't done yet due to time constraints, but I'll definitely be putting up some more once I make some test runs.

  4. For speed runs the strategy posted on the toucharcade forum works wonders with every disease but necroa... I noticed that my scores were better when i tried the run through the progress screen (finished with last days than when i played going direcy to the speen run button but then again It can be a mistake... I've learned that the ev. Hardening is huge and that you have to go get tof really early game when playing Prion). I'll send you more strategies when I have the time but for now what i've used to get under 300 days with necroa (and therefore 5 stats) was:

    atp, tera (or maybe native don't remember but almost sure tera is better), spliced activation, darwinist, xerophile @ saudi arabia.
    Blood, air 2, symptoms from hyper salivation to gastro, drug1, canibalism, zombie, blood 2 (sometimes i went for blood2 before canibalism when i wasn't satisfied with the plane trasmissions I had), air3, anaerobical ressurection, enhaced motor control, mastigatory tension, lubrical hypertrophy, peptide surge.
    All hordes abilities
    Sending hords non stop (usually africa is deceased so basically from indonesia/china/japan to the oceania island from the us to north america, caribbean, greeland and europe, from brazil to the rest of south america and from north africa and UK to europe) when I have plenty dnas I evolved acid refluxe and naja mortis and focused on harder countries to destroy aka Canada and Russia sending hordes non stop from every possible border to them. I started between the 310 ~ 350 range but after mastering the hordes usage I beat it with 271 days.

    Ps; i am Brazilian and I play the game in portuguese so sorry if the symptoms translations were not good :)

  5. Nice!

    If you want, you can make your guide a little bit more detailed then send it to me at yoitsspicy@yahoo.com.ph, I'll worry about the editing and all that small stuff. That is, if you want to submit a guide.

    I'll be sure to try this! Thanks again!

  6. I'm trying to beat my highscore in simian right now. I can't seem get above 33.5 million. I might type up a guide when I'm less lazy.
    Simian flu is insanely strong. In brutal, you can generate 1.5k DNA with colonies and infect everyone without them noticing and just evolve every symptom and win with 0% cure.

  7. Editing this as I go
    DNA: ATP boost or Metabolic Jump, doesn't matter
    Ape Genes: Together Strong, Call of the Wild might work but Together Strong seems better
    Travel Genes: Doesn't matter, personal preference
    Environment Genes: Doesn't matter, personal preference
    Artificial Genes: Ion Surge

    Whenever a symptom mutates, no matter what it is devolve it, especially neuroenhancement
    Start in Central Africa
    Evolve Simian Neurogenesis and Ape Colonies
    This will let us start generating insane amounts of DNA with colonies

    Whenever apes are intelligent in the following countries, make an ape colony in:
    Central, West, East Africa
    Indonesia (you will need to send a ape group from SE Asia to here)

    Evolve intergenus dissemination 1/2 to increase the ape infectivity
    Now to increase the DNA from colonies, evolve Cognitive Shift and Education

    To help make the world's apes intelligent, evolve the transmissions:
    Sebaceous excretion
    Blood Gift
    Cutaneous Transfer
    Submissive Conception
    At this point, your virus should have infected (the apes of) most or all of Africa and is spreading towards Eurasia through the Middle East.
    Evolve Primal Awareness, War Paint and Covert Expertise to avoid ape detection

    Evolve Organised Travel and send a group of apes from Morocco to Brazil to spread the ape infection to the Americas

    At this point, wait for the infection to spread, continue devolving symptoms and creating colonies in the aforementioned countries.
    Once SE Asia is infected, send apes to Indonesia to create a colony and apes to the Asian islands. Evolving Logistics, Horseback Riding and Seafaring is optional.

    At this point, send apes to every island (don't send apes from a country with a colony!), possibly except Greenland and Iceland because they have approximately 0 apes.

    Sometime at this point, (or slightly before), a popup should appear that your disease has been discovered. Don't worry, humanity won't care about your disease if it has no symptoms. Just keep on devolving symptoms.

    When the GenSys reveals that they created the virus, just keep on waiting and stockpiling DNA.

    Once the first GenSys lab appears, evolve ape rampage and destroy the lab. Humanity will not link your disease to the ape rampages so don't be concerned. Evolve Drug Resist 1, Genetic Hardening 1/2, Genetic Reshuffle 1 and Hardened Reshuffle for the cure resistance.

    If drones target a country with a colony it in, move the colony. Otherwise, ignore it.

    Keep on waiting and stockpiling DNA....

  8. Unfortunately, no luck on Simian Flu. I've won the speed run, but no biohazards at all.

  9. Just an update as to what I'm up to at the moment:

    Just finished my Virus Speed Run Guide, check it out here: http://icspicy.blogspot.com/2015/02/plague-inc-virus-speed-run-guide.html

    Currently working on a mutation 10 guide for Fungus Mega-Brutal. It's really giving me a hard time, None of my strategies seem to be working 100% of the time. I wanted to post a 100% win rate guide, but that seems to be impossible. Every win I got always finished with a 4 Biohazard score, even with a below 300 day finish and less than 30% cure rate. If I'm unable to find a 100% win rate strategy or a 5-biohazard one, I might just post what I have on the next day.

    I'm still taking some tips, advice, and requests from you guys, so be sure to speak up and comment here. I'm reading every single comment posted and using what you guys tell me to make the available guides better. Thanks!

  10. Just FYI, 200 days in fungus speedrun still gets you 4 biohazards. And I do think using the spore ability very very early is key.

  11. I think Fungus will be my hardest challenge yet.

    On mega-brutal, I'm unable to get a 5 Biohazard score. The best I had was a 280 days finish with 35% cure progression, still finished with 4/5.

    Haven't been able to start speed run tests yet, but based on how it went on my mega-brutal trials, I have come to the same conclusion, Spore abilities need to be evolved as soon as possible.

  12. Even in the most recent version of the game, I still can't even get a single bio hazard in Simian Flu. So as you say, it is likely bugged.