Plague Inc. Fungus Mega-Brutal Guide/Strategy/Walkthrough | Mutation 10 | This is the Best I've Got Right Now.

This strategy is as worse as the previous mega-brutal guide I've posted--I think. I've played multiple mega-brutal fungus games and have been unable to come up with a strategy that doesn't rely too much on the random country infections you'll always need in Fungus, but I've failed. Thus, we have this okay-ish guide that should make you guys hate me more. I'm sorry, I hate this plague so much I don't want to play it anymore.

This plague just became harder than it should be, I've played a lot of games and got so fed up that I didn't want to play it anymore. My strategy works, but not every time. There's just too many factors affecting your overall success in this game, not just the events, but also the random country infections from spore abilities. You can't really rely on air and water transmissions as well, even having extreme bioaerosol won't make it any easier for ships to just coast to Greenland or Madagascar.

I'm sorry if this guide doesn't work for you, just go try again or something. Experiment with it, or better yet, come up with a super awesome guide and share it with me please!

Okay enough words, let's get on with this (very bad) guide:


  • ATP Boost - Because 8 DNA right at the beginning
  • Teracyte - Seems to be much more useful than Aquacyte, in my opinion, Bird transmissions are cheap on fungus and this gene further boosts it.
  • Patho-Stasis - Spore abilities, enough said.
  • Darwinist - Symptoms will be very expensive, might as well count on mutations to save some DNA.
  • Extremophile - You will never know which countries you'll infect with spores.

1.) Before starting your plague, evolve Rash and Sweating.

2.) Start in China, then immediately evolve every single spore ability:
  • What I usually do is evolve every single Spore Burst first, then evolving the two Spore Eruptions, and finally Spore Hardening.

3.) After bubble-popping, continue by evolving the following in this order:
  • Skin Lesions
  • Drug Resistance 1
  • Cold Resistance 2
  • Bird 1 & 2
  • Either Insect 1 or Water 1(Just pick one, I usually go for water if the ship sanitation event pops-up)
  • Necrosis
By this point, your Fungus should have already been detected, various events will destroy your chances of winning. Just saying. Prepare to get frustrated.

4.) After Necrosis, continue by evolving the following in this order:
  • Livestock 1 & 2
  • Drug Resistance 2
  • Cold Resistance 2
  • Coughing**
  • Pneumonia**
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis**
  • Total Organ Failure
**Evolve these symptoms only if necessary, if there's a path much closer to Total Organ Failure, take it.

5.) Just a tip, you might want to devolve lethal symptoms that mutate like Hemorrhagic Shock, Systemic Infection, or Tumours. When you combine these with Total Organ Failure, the kill rate just becomes too fast. Continue by evolving the following(in no particular order):
  • Rat 1
  • Blood 1
  • Water 1/Insect 1(Evolve whichever you didn't choose on Step 3)
  • Air 1
  • Heat Resistance 1 & 2
  • Environmental Hardening
  • Coma
  • Hemorrhagic Shock

6.) This is actually the point in the game where you'll know if you're going to fail or not. If a lot of Island countries are still healthy, there's a very huge possibility that you will fail. Sorry, bro. But if you're lucky enough to have every single country infected at this point. Good Job!

You could always hope and pray that a ship will save your ass and infect an island country, maybe even hope for a non-human infection pop-up. Low probability of the latter happening, though.

At this point you could do either of these two things, if you believe you're in the path of winning--be positive!:
  1. Evolve more lethal symptoms, specifically: Internal Haemorrhaging, Systemic Infection, and Tumours.
  2. Or choose to lower the cure progression instead by evolving every single Genetic Re-Shuffle

If all goes well in your game, and the RNG Gods have blessed you with decent spore-infected countries, you'll be able to finish the game with a 3~4 Biohazard score. Don't count on this guide giving you 5, I've never had a 5-biohazard finish using this guide. Sorry!

Anyway, Thanks for reading and I hope this guide has somehow helped you conquer Fungus on mega-brutal difficulty. I seriously hope it does. I had very little confidence with this guide that I didn't even bother taking screenshots of the games I've done. 

RNG Gods please make this guide work for the people reading it. PLEASE. Happy Spicy Gaming, everyone!


  1. But this is one of the ones I haven't gotten 5 biohazards in the speedrun! :(

    In all honesty, I understand your frustration. I have played sooo many games and can't beat 200 days.

  2. Currently on my speedrun tests right now, current record at 212 days. I think I'm close to figuring something out.

    What I do at the moment is evolve transmissions/symptoms in between spore abilities. Seems to work pretty well.

    The slowest part seems to be when I start going lethal, some countries are still uninfected and ends up catching up which slows down the time it takes to finish.

  3. I agree that evolving transmissions/symptoms along with the spore abilities is a good idea. I've alternated between starting in China and Saudi Arabia and overall China seems better. The random infection with the spores is such a wild card though. Annoying to start in China and infect Korea with a spore. :( But I really want to get to 100% completion, so I'll keep trying and hope you can give a good guide!

  4. Always get genetic reshuffle over more lethality. The game weighs cure % way more than time conpleted.

  5. Ok, whoever created this disease, I hate you. I only managed to win this on brutal because I just didn't evolve symptoms. Took me 1000 days and 1 biohazard. I HATE FUNGUS SO MUCH

  6. I found a way that is so incredbily close to working someone please perfecté it.

    Now first of all let your plague mutate and never devolve anything. Genes⬇️

    Metabolic jump
    Genitic mimic

    Start in India. All spore burts, both spore eruption, and the spore hardening. Drug resistance, cold resistance heat resistance. There should be at least one mutation by now. Now evolve one of every transmission; order does not matter. Now evolve drug resistance 2 cold resistance 2 and heat resistance 2, and genetic hardening 1. Now wait until every country is infected (the phillipines is usually last for me. After that evolve coughing, Pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis and total organ failure.

    I come SO close with this method though.

  7. Alexander Goo Zong HanApril 13, 2015 at 5:55 PM

    I agree, they should do what they did to nano-virus to fungus

  8. Alexander Goo Zong HanApril 13, 2015 at 6:13 PM

    When cure reaches 90%, start saving for reshuffle, when it reaches 95%, use a reshuffle, it should go down about 20%. Don't get environmental gardening coma or hemorrhagic shock.

  9. This guide simply does not work. It increases severity too quickly so that there isn't enough time to spread the infection.

    Seriously. I was lucky enough to get Greenland, Madagascar, New Zealand, AND Iceland through spore infections, and I still lost because countries closed their borders too quickly. I ended the game with countries like Sweden, Mexico, and even Botswana uninfected.

  10. This worked the 3rd time I tried it! Thank you!

  11. Your guide made me understand some things and came up with my own method. Score : 595 days. 60% cured.

  12. Raymond AlcantaraApril 26, 2015 at 3:39 AM

    It has yet to work but I gave it a thumbs up because I'm getting close each time and it's always the island countries!

  13. Best I could do (not following guide)

  14. My playthrough on Mega-Brutal:


  15. In my game Botswana almost killed me because it had 500 people but I pulled it out at the last second

  16. The trick is that the news messages are encoded cues to solving the puzzle in different ways. With fungus it works a bit like this: imagine a random fuzzy grid or dot (that still jumps positions within a frame) and you'll realize that messages like "dancing twig in jar best selling xmas gift" is a "winter"-clue and releasing a spore will likely land it in greenland. As such, there are more of these hidden secrets and markers that announce a certain stage in the game, provide a buff or which debuff your disease/DNA ticker (disrespectful funeral goer forgot to press x, is actually a hint to not click the next yellow DNA popup which resembles an X) and so forth :)

  17. You beat it on mega brutal and you think it sucks! I only beat it on brutal after 36 tries and I had been a turtle.
    All of your guides are awesome and this one