Plague Inc. Parasite Brutal Guide / Walkthrough

The Parasite plague type is one of the seven basic plagues available once you purchase Plague inc. It's unlocked by finishing Fungus plague at normal or brutal difficulty(Fungus Brutal Guide here). Like every other plague it has its own unique abilities. These particular ability for the Parasite plague type is Symbiosis, which has evolves three times.

This plague type spreads normally through transmissions and is unlikely to be noticed even with a few symptoms mutated or evolved. The Parasite plague type's unique abilities further enhances the unnoticeable trait that it has. Evolving all three Symbiosis allows you to spread your plague unnoticed for quite a while, even on Brutal difficulty.

I did this guide without the use of genes. It's completely doable without them but feel free to experiment with the genes you have at your disposal.

I personally found this plague type fun to play at brutal difficulty. Reason being its unique ability to remain undetected even with a few mutated symptoms. These mutated symptoms help spread the Parasite faster. At Brutal difficulty having a few symptoms and being undetected is a luxury.

I chose to make a guide for brutal difficulty since finishing it with brutal is basically the same as finishing with normal. Finishing it at this difficulty would make it much easier on the other two difficulties.

Without further ado, the guide:

Start in China

  • If you've been following the first few guides you'd notice I always start here. I don't hate China. It's really just easier starting at this populated country that has access to an airport and a harbor.
Evolve the following in this order:

  • Symbiosis 1, 2, and 3
  • Air and Water 1 transmission
  • Heat, Cold, and Drug Resistance 1
  • Air and Water 2 transmission
  • Extreme Bioaerosol
Let the parasite mutate symptoms and wait for the whole world to be infected.
Once the whole world is infected by your Parasite evolve the following symptoms:
  • Total organ failure, Coma, Systemic Infection, Tumours, Internal Hemorrhaging, Immune Suppression, Hemorrhagic Shock, and Necrosis.
With these symptoms, your Parasite should be lethal enough to erase humanity quickly.
Use your remaining DNA evolving abilities or symptoms that slows down the cure rate. One such symptom that hinders the progression of the cure is Insanity, it's also somewhat lethal. On abilities your best bet would be Genetic Re-Shuffles since it reduces the cure percentage by a bit.

Now, just watch the world burn or get killed by a parasite. Whatever.

The stats I had when I finished was:
954 days
10% cure complete
4/5 Biohazard

Again, I did this with no genes whatsoever, so experiment with yours so you could get a better score.

If you guys have any tips or strategies that are much better than what I posted, feel free to post them on the comments below. I'll include the ones that are better on this guide. Now go and eradicate humanity once more!


  1. Thank you so Much!!! This was my first 5 start/biohazard symbol finIsh :-)

  2. You don't hate China? Are you sure???

  3. China or India are probably the best places to start in :3
    Also most plagues start from China
    Coincidence? I think NOT!

  4. Flavia Auditore da FirenzeAugust 7, 2014 at 10:39 PM

    Also my first 5/5 Biohazard. That was definitely unexpected.

  5. I've always started in India

  6. 978 Days 5/5 Biohazard 5% Cure 133580 Score thanks man

  7. Won with 3 biohazards!!!!

  8. Did it on Normal worked perfect. Thanks!
    746 days
    50% complete
    3 biohazard signs

  9. good one .. i like it

  10. if u play with fungus, it will be difficult to spread between countries, i'd advice to start with iceland