Plague Inc. Fungus Brutal Guide / Walkthrough

The Fungus plague is the 3rd unlock-able plague. It is unlocked by finishing the Virus plague in either normal or brutal difficulty(Virus Brutal guide here). The Fungus plague is very hard to transmit on ships and airplanes, look at its description. But like every other plague it has its own unique abilities, these abilities are Spore Hardening, Spore Eruption, and Spore Burst. So what do these abilities do exactly? Well since the fungus has a hard time spreading to other places via ships and planes, these abilities let you infect a new country simply by evolving them. Each Spore burst infects a new country, an eruption infects a handful of countries, and hardening lets your fungal spores hang around in the air to infect other countries easier. In order to get Spore Eruption you need to evolve Spore Burst 6 times going in a complete circle in a counter-clockwise direction. Spore Hardening is unlocked by evolving two Spore Eruptions. Because of the fungus' apparent weakness in transmission, use these abilities to your advantage

Unlike the previous guides where I didn't use genes, In this one I am going to use them. Why? Because without the use of genes my success rate is completely random and I can't seem to find a sure way of finishing without the use of genes.

You could still experiment with the gene setup though, although I highly recommend using "Patho-Stasis". This particular gene stops the increase of DNA costs of abilities which we're heavily relying on. It will keep Spore Burst costs at 1 DNA.

Let's get started.

My gene setup:

Metabolic Jump - You can experiment with this, I only chose to use this gene so every red and orange bubble is automatically popped. When using the fungus' spore abilities, the red bubbles show up immediately all at once and I tend to have a hard time pressing them all.
Suppression -  Helps the plague spread through country borders. Self-explanatory.
Patho-Stasis - See explanation above.
Genetic Mimic - Either this or Creationist. I had this one on to keep cure rate at a minimum
Hydrophile - I'm not really sure which gene I should put here. This one is completely random

Start the plague in China

  • High population, an airport and a port, and because starting a world-ending plague in China seems realistic.
Evolve the following abilities in this order:
  • Water and Air Transmission 1
  • Drug, Heat, and Cold Resistance 1
  • Go crazy on spore burst and keep evolving them until you get Spore Hardening
  • Drug, Heat, and Cold Resistance 2
  • Environmental Hardening
Now, we wait for the whole world to be infected by the Fungus. While waiting, keep devolving any symptom that mutates. 
  • If some chance you come across the world being all red and your infected counter stops moving but you haven't seen the "no one is healthy" pop-up. Don't worry, it's probably because a calamity(Tsunami, earthquake,etc.) has killed some people. If this happens, just continue on when the counter stops moving and the world is completely red
Once everyone is infected by our fungus, it's time to evolve some symptoms:
  • What you want is to have Total organ failure, Coma, and Insanity.(Maybe even Necrosis)
  • This is what I had Coughing, Pneumonia, Pulmonary Oedema, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Total Organ Failure, Coma, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Insanity, Seizures
  • Basically, you'd want your plague to be as fatal as possible since everyone in the world is already infected.
After getting the necessary symptoms for your Fungus plague, start allocating your DNA towards Genetic Re-shuffles to lessen the cure rate. I think that by doing this you'll get a much higher score.

Anyway, just watch everyone die from a fungus.

Here's my stats when I finished.
852 days
23% cure progress
4/5 Biohazard

If you guys have any tips or better way of finishing fungus in brutal difficulty, post them on the comments below and I'll give them a try. I'll include the ones that work in the guide.


  1. I did exactly this on NORMAL difficulty but in the end I didn't have enough DNA to get all of the symptoms I needed or anything at all really.

    1. Hi, did you follow the gene setup? This guide was made for brutal difficulty so it should have no problems being used in normal and casual difficulties. Having the gene Patho-Stasis helps out a lot in this plague since it keeps spore burst DNA costs from increasing.


  3. It should say P-S is mandatory, impossible to beat without it using this method.

  4. i spent two hours using this guide but it did not work almost got the cheats :(

  5. So I did this guide but I did it different I didn't get the heat or cold resistance 2 and I didn't really need to get the generic hardening or reshuffle. In abilities I just got the first heat and cold, both drug resistance and everything else with the spores. Transmissions i only got air and water 1. I didn't bother upgrading any further. As far as symptoms go I did this when I had 134 DNA saved up and I started with cyst, went to systemic infection, coma, total organ failure, immune suppression. Then insomnia, paranoia, seizures, and insanity. I did devolve any symptom until 98% of the world was infected but maybe this helps

  6. Oh and my stats were
    779 days
    13% cure
    4 biohazard
    Total score 64820

  7. Thx so much for theese guidesJuly 25, 2014 at 3:07 PM

    Instead of hyrdrophile i used extremophile, worked like a beast as the red chomped down the whole world in a matter of months

  8. Worked really well, and now i only need 4 more after this. :)

  9. You say to use metabolic jump, but metabolic hijack is the one that pops the bubbles automatically

  10. Probably impossible to get this without patho-stasis

  11. There are two problems with the method:

    A: Be sure to use Metabolic Jump instead of Hijack. Popping automatically is nice, but Jump gives a major boost to DNA.

    B: Patho-Statis is great for a fast victory, but bad for a high score. Use Sympto-stasis instead.

    My best took 13 years with a score of 212.510.
    Only took Air 1 (due to aeroplane filters), Cold 1, Heat 1 and Drug 1.
    Used 2 spore bursts to infect the last two countries.
    Got enough DNA to take every symptom (with Sympto-stasis).

  12. i didn't have all the genes listed- in fact I had none of them! I tinkered with the genes and my random combination worked! I got 3 biohazards in 3089 days with cure 48% complete.


  14. Totally unable to defeat fungus (even on normal) until I unlocked Patho-Stasis. I was able to do it without Genetic Mimic (because I haven't unlocked it yet), although it was close. Near the end I had to devolve pretty much my entire transmission page to afford to pay for the anti cure upgrades, but I got it done.

    Also, never take creationist unless you're on virus and it actually costs DNA to devolve. Here's why: 1. You can always devolve an unwanted effect immediately before it even effects a single person by going into the disease section before closing the popup. 2. If you take the gene that gives bonus DNA when devolving you will actually gain a small boost from an unwanted evolution. 3. When you're finally at that stage when you're ready to kill everyone, there is nothing that it will give you that won't help your cause.

    Also, at that mid-game point where you have infected every country, put a point into coughing if you're having trouble with infection speed still (if not don't touch the page yet). Then, when you're ready, and possibly have about 60 points built up (or sooner if you're daring/impatient) make a mad dash to organ failure: coughing -> Pneumonia -> Pulmonary Fibrosis -> Total Organ Failure

  15. I did this on Normal and it worked perfectly! Thanks so much!

  16. Did this exactly as instructed. Everything went smoothly until the entire world got infected - I didn't have enough DNA points to make it deadly! I think the creator's method depends deeply on the Patho-Stasis gene, which I've yet to unlock. Anyone know a better method that doesn't rely so much on low upgrade costs?

  17. This is my playthrough on mega-brutal: