Day 3: A Yellow Item! OMG, I'm Strong now!

The MMORPG mindless grinds
After yesterday's rant about a quest item being sold on the item mall, I, once again, continued my journey in the world of aura kingdom. Today was a pretty good day, I got some good items(I think?), completed my current map's achievements and quests, and saw something completely random.

Day started like any other MMORPG game, mindlessly doing quests and killing monsters that didn't even touch you. After some time of going here and there, I was warped into what I think was a quest dungeon or something like that. While killing some mobs there a huge treasure box dropped right in front me, a treasure box drops magically drops in front you and what do you do? stare? no! You open the damned thing!

Awww yeah...First yellow item
So I opened it and got a yellow unidentified item. In other MMORPGs, Ragnarok Online for example, you'll need an item to identify something unidentified(uh, duh?) but in this game, all you need to do is a simple right click. I got an armor that has a much higher stat line than what I got on, at this point in the game I only had quest rewards as armor. I guess you could say that today I received my first ever rare item. I asked my brothers if this was indeed something that could be classified as rare, although it was pretty low level, and it was. So umm hurray?

After that very short celebratory moment, I continued doing quests and achievement while I was at it. I saw this weird event that took place in the map, 3 eidolons and a dragon were battling in the middle of the huge field. I thought that this was some world event or something and tried to join the fray, but it wasn't. I guess this was just something to watch? All they did was talk and slash each other, at the end they just disappeared(What?! no loots?!). Wasted time there, but it was pretty entertaining.

An item making quest.
I continued doing chained quests in the Havlonia map, and got a pretty good idea what I was doing. I really don't read quests dialogue, I just skip those and do what they tell me. Basically, we're saving the town for pirates and rescuing a kidnapped lady. You're even put on a quest where your put into the bodies of freedom fighters(?) that did something to push the pirates away from their town.

Planting pirate bombs as a ghost?

The first of the two out-of-body quests puts you in some guys point-of-view. What you have to do is plant bombs around the beach where pirates and their parrots patrol around. This quest was quite weird for me because when I jumped around in this guy's body, he was like standing in air. It was weird and cool at the same time. Jumping and keeping your whole body in a state where you're like standing in the air is not an easy virtual world feat. Okay, I'm explaining weird stuff now, consider this paragraph stupid, while at that thought, consider this journal full of stupid.

Dragging a cart full of treasure into a pirate's nest
Second out-of-body quest makes you drag a cart full of treasure around, what seems to be, a pirate's nest. Like that isn't already stupid enough, you're going around the whole base showing the cart to every pirate and pirate officers you pass by. At the end you're going to show it to the boss, and I don't know what happened. I blacked out at this point and just kept doing all the stupid stuff they wanted me to do.

The first few days, or hours if you're really into the game, is always like this. Doing mindless quests and running around every map. I think the next few days playing this game will turn into party-searching days just to enter a dungeon. Right now, I already have a quest that needs a party to complete. I have 2 brothers already fairly experienced in this game but they're already at high levels and couldn't help me with this dungeon unless I force them to create low-level characters to do it with me. I fully intend to do this. I really do.
Someday I'll find out how to print screen without the UI
At the end of the day, I gained a few levels and finally broke the level 20 mark. My companion, the eidolon, is always at the same level as I am. This thing really helps while fighting monsters, they're amazing. If you want to friend me or play with me, go and add me. I play at the Siren server and my IGN is weirdtomb.

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