Plague Inc. [Submitted Guide] Pirate Plague Scenario

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Spicy's notes: I haven't personally checked this guide yet since I've been very busy with strategies for other scenarios. Many thanks to Johanson for submitting this guide to help people with this scenario! May the Old gods and the New bless you with a mountain of golden dragons(A Song of Ice and Fire reference, anyone?)

Pirate Plague Scenario Guide by Johanson

Here's a Strategy that has worked for me in the Scenario Pirate Plague for several of the basic diseases (except for Bio-Weapon and Fungus, there some changes have to be made)

Aim: Super Sparrow achievement (3 Biohazards on normal difficulty with all plagues)

Setup: Cytochrome Surge, Darwinist, Aquacyte, Extremophile, Symptostasis

- Start in South Africa
- Evolve Rash, Sweating, Skin Lesions, Coughing, Sneezing
- Evolve Air 1&2
- Evolve Cold Resistance 1 & Drug Resistance 1
- Evolve Water 1 & 2
- Evolve Cold Resistance 2 & Drug Resistance 2
- Make sure to devolve any lethal symptoms until you have all islands infected (to keep the ports open)
- Evolve Necrosis & Dysentery, then Total organ Failure and any remaining lethal symptoms, then Genetic Reshuffles
- Depends on luck, but this scenario doesnt offer more and this strategy seems to be working for me on Bacteria, Virus, Parasite, Prion, Nano Virus (ignore special abilites with Prion and Parasite, be sure to get up to Replicator Overload with Nano Virus)

For other plagues, short versions:

- Bacteria: Start in China, evolve Bacterial Resilience instead of Cold Resistance, otherwise pretty much the same
- Fungus: Pathostasis, utilize Spore bursts to get a jumpstart, (as well as Metabolic Jump, Teracyte) and save one of the stronger spore bursts
for when only the islands are not infected, proceed with Necrosis and Dysentery to get the last infections and first deaths faster and safer
- Bio Weapon: Pathostasis and Evolve to kill with Armageddon, still get Skin Lesions + Sneezing along the way though. Possible to devolve Armageddon and Evolve again if people die too fast in the end

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  1. This is pretty much what I do except I often get necrosis, dysentery, diarrhea, pulmonary fibrosis/oedema, systemic infection, insanity and sometimes coma before every island is infected.

  2. The problem I (OP) had was that ports would close down rather quickly once the plague became lethal in any way or rather severe (eg all non-lethal symptoms evolved). This is just to be safe and minimize the luck required to get to the islands.

    1. Yeah, my way is kind of risky. Alternatively, you could use the Transstasis gene, evolve Rash, Sweating, Skin Lesions, Coughing, Sneezing early on and then evolve a crapton of transmissions (you can probably get most or all of them.) I haven't tested this yet though.

  3. This was defintly the hardest play for me. I tried the submitted guide over 50 times, other too, but I didn't succeed. I only had 2 biostars in about 10% of the tries. I also experimented a lot by myself. Above it was the only way for me to take 3 biohazard. 446 days, 18% cure, 68606 points on normal. This have to work also with bakterium and similarly, I'm working on. I won't give you 100% success, but 30-40% IMHO. Won on iPhone.

    Genetic code: metabolic jump, pathostasis, base oxidation, extremophile, suppression.

    The clue is to spreed faster than kill and be detected as late as possible. With other genetic codes I didn't get all the isles in time. You will not evolve many symptoms, this will be almost random. Have always an eye on them.

    Begin in China and evolve Water 1-2 and air 1-2, than bio aerosol. Try to evolve cold, heat and drugs 1. With some luck the rest will mutate for you. For the hard to infect isles you will need QUICK environmental hardening and extreme zoonosis! Both this will decide for win or lose. Evolve bird, living and rodent until you get extreme zoonosis. I noticed that the zoonosis take a time until works. If you get this early, you will spread on closed isles. I didn't evolve zoonosis first, because the symptoms will also mutate when you evolve animal translation. But very quick, within few month.

    Don't evolve lethal symptoms to soon! Devolve them if not almost all countries are infected. I evolved basically insomnia and paranoia, because it gives you some extratime to infect, and coughing for spreading. If you have all the trans and abilities evolved (heat, cold, drugs), you may need to evolve viral instability 1-2. This cost a little and evolve many symptoms for you. If you have enough DNA you should evolve all remaining symptoms that help to infect. Necrosis and insanity Also help.

    Take this too: I didn't succeed as I had more than 2 isles closed. The last two isles will be infected through zoonosis when you are about 370 days. At this time the most people are dead. I won 2 time, both without evolving organ failure. As I had 3-4 uninfected isles I wasn't able to finish.

    Please le me know if you also succeed and good luck!

  4. Sorry, forgot to say you have to evolve also blood and insects until you get Extreme Hematophagy. First bio aerosol, than zoonosis and last hemathophagy

  5. The only way I was able to beat it with all plagues (on casual, haven't tried normal yet. Also the achievement does not work for casual.) was to make use of a glitch I encountered. Easy to reproduce. I don't know if it works for Plague Inc. Evolved.

    1. Load up game and grimace at how few ships are moving around.
    2. Save and Quit Game
    3. Load Game and rejoice at how many ships are moving around.

    So when you reload the game the rate at which ship's travel seems to revert to normal. Only way I could get 3 biohazards.

  6. Confirmed. 3 biohazards on normal gets you the achievement.

    If Ndemic fixes the bug, they better find a way to keep the achievement from being impossible.

  7. Finally!!! Virus on mega brutal! On IOS 1.9.1.

  8. The same guide works for Bacteria Mega-Brutal Pirate Plague, too. Withe same glitch. By the way, the glitch is working for Volcanic Ash, too. Thanks Insane Chaos for sharing this info.

  9. The guide of AllHailSpicy for Fungus Mega-Brutal works great for Pirate Plague (using the glitch of course), but I used all the spore bursts ability, first 6 in the beginning as the guide said and the other 6 in the end to get all the stupid islands infected.

  10. Pirion Mega-brutal guide by AllHailSpicy works great for The Pirate Plague, using the glitch.

  11. For the Pirate Plague - Parasite Mega-brutal I used the guide of AllHailSpicy with few changes: I evolved first all the symptoms as in Mirror Earth Virus scenario by Jacob Cor and then the Necrosis symptom when ann islands were infected. For the transmission, after Water 1 and Water 2, I used Livestock 1 and Blood 1 to infect the countries in Africa. The most annoying one was Marocco. And I used the funny glitch...

  12. The AllHailSpicy guide for the nano-virus works great for Nano-Virus mega brutal.

  13. what about the special plagues