Plague Inc. Necroa Virus Brutal Guide/ Walkthrough

The Necroa Virus is a special plague type available through in-app purchases in Plague Inc. It's one of the best plagues, in my opinion, since it lets you simulate a zombie apocalypse.

Necroa Virus has a completely different transmission, symptom, and ability tree compared to the basic plague types. One particular ability lets you gather a horde of zombies and send them to neighboring countries. This becomes amazingly useful if you find yourself having a hard time infecting island countries such as Greenland and Madagascar.

Although this plague lets you simulate a zombie apocalypse, you do not start a game with a walking dead. Instead, the plague starts out as a virus and lets you evolve a symptom that turns humans into cannibalistic monsters.

There many different strategies that you can do to beat Necroa Virus. Many strategies utilize the availability of zombies since these "things" are immune to the cure made by the world. They may be immune to the cure but the world will still fight against them through Z-Com. Z-Com is an anti-zombie organization that automatically sets a base in a country to fight off zombie hordes.

The strategy I will be using will utilize the living dead. My strategy is geared towards infecting every country possible before a symptom is mutated. I do this because using the Necroa Virus' ability to move zombie hordes doesn't really appeal to me. I only tend to use it on emergency situations.

In case you haven't noticed yet, one gene has been replaced by a Necroa Virus exclusive gene. Like other genes, they are unlocked by beating plague types, in this case Necroa Virus. Assuming you just started playing Necroa Virus I will not be using these exclusive genes. If you're itching to start then read on.

My gene setup:
Metabolic Hijack
N/A(This slot is for the Necroa-Virus exclusive genes, use one if you want)

1.) Start in China

2.) Evolve the following as soon as you have the DNA to do so:

  • Saliva 1 and 2
  • Water 1 and 2
  • Drug Resistance 1 and 2
3.) This part requires you to be really patient. Wait for a symptom to mutate, there are only two possible symptoms that will show up, Insomnia or Hyper Salivation.
(In my experience, symptom mutation happens when I infected at least 5.5 billion people and most countries are infected. There are times when mutation happens sooner, if this happens it might be wise to consider evolving Horde Instinct and moving some zombie hordes to uninfected countries)

If Insomnia mutates, wait until you have 35 DNA then evolve the following:
  • Fever
  • Photophobia
  • Delirium
  • Cytopathic Reanimation
If Hyper Salivation mutates, wait until you have 52 DNA then evolve the following:
  • Polyphagia
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Cannibalism
  • Cytopathic Reanimation
After evolving Cytopathic Reanimation, zombies should now start appearing all over the world. At this point, you don't even have to worry about some silly cure, Z-Com is your enemy now.

Important: If Z-Com constructs a base at Greenland, Iceland, or Madagascar, evolve Horde Instict(maybe even Horde Mentality and Vocalisation) then send some zombies from a nearby country to head straight for their base. Here's a list of countries close to those I mentioned above:
  • Canada is close to Greenland
  • Sudan is close to Madagascar
  • Norway is close to Iceland
4.) After evolving Cytopathic Reanimation, evolve the following symptoms:
  • Anaerobic Resuscitation
  • Enhanced Motor Control
  • Peptide Surge
  • Acidic Reflux
  • Naja Mortis
  • Autothysis
  • Dermal Calcification
  • Cranial Elephantitis
  • Bone Dysplasia
  • Masticatory Tension
  • Anabolic Boost
  • Lumbrical Hypertrophy
You don't really have to get all symptoms mentioned above, especially if you chose to evolve Horde Instict. This is just the order I prefer to evolve symptoms since this makes zombies have combat advantages and added strength.

These were my stats on the last three games I played using this strategy:
1 - 954 days| 47% Cure Completion| 5/5 Biohazard
2- 1076days|100% Cure Completion| 4/5 Biohazard
3- 1377days| 25% Cure Completion| 5/5 Biohazard

I had some troubles in the second game since Z-Com established a base at Greenland and I waited too long to evolve Horde Instinct. Their base became strong enough the I needed to get additional abilities for my zombie army.

So that does it. I hope this guide has helped you beat Necroa Virus. If you have any questions, some tips and strategies, or just want to say some stuff go comment below. I'll be sure to include any good tips and strategies along with this guide. Happy Gaming!


  1. I've been having issues with this one. I've tried your strategy and many others multiple times each, but none of them seem to work. I always get down to the very last country left to kill off, but then my last zombie dies. Any advice?

    1. I may be a little late but you did you sent the Zombie Hordes to Countries?

  2. Worked at the first try, thx for this guide

  3. It is very heavily dependent on if a symptoms evolves. The damn Icure happened adn nothing evolved I waited it out but by they cured me before anything happened. I had the points I could have just started to burst evolve but you said to be patient.

  4. This worked so well, i managed to get it on mega brutal :D

  5. Dosent work the cure already finished before any symptoms mutated..

  6. It don't know what to do. I followed your guide, it didn't work, I followed other guides, they didn't work too. Z-com grows up too fast, even with the Horde Instinct, I always lose because of this.

  7. Based on your Z-Com problems, I'm guessing you're attempting to finish mega-brutal? If so, this guide was made for brutal. The current strategy for mega-brutal is here

    I think it's also worth mentioning that the Necroa Virus guides I've made are for the mobile version of the game, specifically the iOS mobile version.

  8. I tried to begin in Egypt. And I got 5 biohazards, with 180260 points. It takes a hell of time, but it solves the problem. I began with Metabolic Hijack, Creationist, Teracyte and Xerophile.

  9. This worked for Android, useless on Evolved. Dunno what they did to Z-com, it's plain stupid how strong they are even with pumped up zombies.

  10. This works amazingly on normal :D (On steam plagued inc evolved)
    I haven't tried brutal yet, but here are my stats for normal mode:
    1012 Days | Cure: 10% | 5/5 Biohazard (Star Rating)

    Creationist pretty much stops you from evolving automatically. I waited until I had over 99 DNA points, and 6 mil people infected; still no auto-mutation. So I just bought the cheapest skill, which is Insomnia, and followed the rest of the instructions. Z-Com was in Libra, but the zombies took over them.

    <3 Your guides are awesome

  11. Just G+ and Twittered it :D

  12. Great on normal, on Brutal for me at least, Z-Com got like four bases set up and I was barely getting DNA points, I was so screwed.

  13. You could try this mega-brutal guide for Necroa for Brutal difficulty.


  14. Явор СимеоновJuly 11, 2014 at 3:30 AM

    On Brutal my best score so far is 509 days 29% Cure. This only scored me 2 Biohazards however :( (I was playing Volcanic Ash and this is the only plague I haven't done 3 score yet!) This plague is incredibly difficult to get 3 biohazards and whitout it 3 of the achievements will elude us forever. Does anybody has any working strategy that nets 3 Biohazards on Brutal?

  15. Fail - 20185 days - 98% cure - 2/5 biohazards

    Whatever, it worked eventually

  16. 5/5, 1221 day, 283390 ponts <3

  17. The first time I tried this, symptom mutation happened with only about 2 billion infected and Z-Com ended up defeating me. I tried again though, and it didn't mutate until there were about 6.7 billion infected, but it took a LOT of patience, like you said. 2019 days, 14%, 5/5, 368540.

  18. I must have got lucky, I didn't have a mutation until 6.5 Billion were infected and by then it was in every country and research was so slow it infected everyone and destroyed everything quickly. Awesome! 1398 Days, Cure 28%, 5 Biohazards, Score: 166,660 (eerie)

  19. Excelent!! The first time I used it I won very easily con Brutal! Great stretegy 100% useful

  20. Not Another ZombieJuly 29, 2014 at 9:13 PM

    Didn't work for me. Tried 6 times. With this strategy I was getting to around 3 billion infected, less than half the world, when the symptoms evolved, despite using Creationist gene. If the symptom wasn't devolved it would be noticed immediately & be cured in a matter of days. The other issue was infecting Greenland & Iceland. Without evolving Cold Resistance I & II it took around 6 months game time to infect 1 or 2 people. Along with symptoms evolving and needing to be devolved and the Cold Resistance there is not enough DNA to evolve symptoms to activate the Cytopathic Reanimation once there's no healthy people left. Again, waiting until everyone was infected and evolving each symptom one at a time meant as soon as one symptom was detected a cure was a matter of days away, not leaving enough time for Cytopathic Reanimation. This strategy gets a thumbs down from me, sorry.

  21. Worked for me in 920 days on Brutal. I made a few small changes: I didn't go Creationist and I developed a couple more transmissions to allow it to spread faster and get free mutations. Main idea still the same, spread under the radar, then get zombies and strong zombies in big fast bursts of spending.

  22. I have tried this strategy many time and it didn't work. This time I had the whole world infected and no symptoms but not enough Dna to buy the zombie re animation

  23. I got so close and yet failed again. Here's where I failed. So I followed your above guide to the T and I mean to the T. So ZCom sets up a base in Sweden and I sent millions of zombies to destroy it. Bwahahahahaha yeah right. I had to send 10 groups of millions of zombies and even that wasn't enough and by that time it was all I could do to try to destroy the other 2 that they set up. I think that the devs need to seriously rethink ZCom or tweak it down a bit because this is ridiculous. I love a challenge, but when I want to pull my hair out in frustration and fury because all my DNA is being spent trying to keep the guys from killing me uterally then it's not fun anymore.

  24. I tried this guide and though it wouldn't work because i still had 25% of the world healthy and the infected where all becoming zombies, but some kind of miracle happened and the whole world was suddenly filled with zombies. The Z-Com base was destroyed without even trying, and i was able to complete the game in 1184 days, with only 25% of the cure complete. I was getting so much DNA towards the end it was crazy. The only change i made was using ATP boost because i didn't had metabolic Hijack, and used one of the Zoombie Genes

  25. I have completed..but i can play the simian Flu...they say when you completa the necroa virus in brutal the simian Flu JS unlock..somebody can help me?

  26. Followed your strategy fully, got 1217 days; 5/5 biohazards, %23 cure and 147260 score. You're awesome!!!!

  27. Worked great for me i made a few changes but followed the strategy for the most part. I added hot and cold resistance 1 to increase the spread. And it worked. Cure- 33%, biohazard- 3/5, 3721 days and a score of 14100

  28. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news,(IPHONE) but I tried this strat on normal 2 times and brutal 3 times, and it does not work, with the exact same everything as you do, even using hordes of MILLIONS by the time I can afford to make hordes, they already have at least 3 bases and I cannot even take out 1 using all the zombies I can send, even with the max strength and horde size. (COMPUTER) beat mega brutal first try using this strategy... I dont even know

  29. this doesn't work at all! Whoever read this: don't waste your time trying this!

  30. Yeah this strategy didn't even work on normal, let alone brutal.

  31. (IPhone) I can't use the horde ability, I try to drag it but all it does is pop up the screen that tells me how to use the ability and what it does. HELP!

  32. So first game by this strategy: 90% of africa uninfected, Z-com everywhere, total loose
    Second game I started in India: infected all, but Z-com in russia couldn´t be beaten by millions (i had max horde instinct) of chinese, kazachstan and finlandian fully killing and resistant zombies (it were like 4:1 zmbies:people and they still lost the fight)
    Third game I started in India again and....wtf, 55,000,000 of Hindus without weapon (there was no Z-com project established) killed 700,000,000 zombies with all the right side modifications...that means, one Indian person with pitchfork killed 13 "to kill and survive" modified zombies...they are fcking Gods!
    Fourth game lost by greenland, first infected person died immedeatelly and Z-com did the rest.
    Hope for some another strategy or something...

  33. I'm having symptoms mutate at 1.5 billion people infected. The closest it got to 5.5 is when one symptom mutated at 5 billion people infected. and even then I wasn't able to win because Z-Com decided to set up base in Greenland. I don't have an iphone either so I'm not quite sure why this strategy isn't working for me, but it's getting a bit frustrating when symptoms mutate before even 2.0 billion people are infected, making it impossible to let it fully spread.

  34. The entire planet is infected and I still haven't gotten a mutation yet. What the devil is this witchcraft?

  35. Stupid Madagascar they survived I couldn't have the zombies march bc no bubbles

  36. it worked for me even if I didn't have metabolic hijack and extremophile but wathever.
    For me, 1017 days and my score is 6600 (3stars/5). The symptom who has muted was insomnia and it muted when there was 4.99 billion poeples. thanks

  37. HiHelloIBeatEverythingOnMegaB-April 11, 2015 at 11:02 PM

    if all your zombies die... DON'T REANIMATE THE DEAD

  38. Try using a stylus. or if you don't have one, then rubberband a piece of paper around the tip and use that. my fingers are pretty big, and that sometimes happens. you might not be clicking in the right spot.

  39. What???!!! How did you get 20k days? how long did that take?

  40. My playthrough on MegaBrutal. I got 4/5 Biohazards.


  41. after a while, spicy's necroa scenarios - brutal or mega brutal all worked (for me) after some trial and error... even on P.I. evolved it was a succsess. be sure to be 100% effective, evolve stuff as soon as You got the DNA. and also in some cases, You need to change strategy a bit, or start once more if there's any bad luck etc... necroa on brutal or mega brutal is the hardest one of all, IMHO.