Plague Inc: New Plague Type Coming!

    Some very exciting news for Plague Inc fans (myself included) a new plague type has been announced for the massively popular plague simulation game that is prepared to be revealed by next week according to the Ndemic Creations Twitter and Facebook Page. It is currently unknown what is the plague type is at the moment but speculation has been mounting for an answer. The plague type is expected to be revealed next week as of 6/13/2014.

   I am personally thrilled by the announcement and I would have to say some of my favorite plagues have been the special plagues. I personally loved the neurax worm plague type by making it possible to not just kill off the world and gave some nice change of symptoms, abilities, and transmissions. I also loved their version of the popular zombie craze in popular culture. The plague type is called the necroa virus which remains my favorite plague at the moment. It turned people into zombies if you evolve the symptom called cytopathic reanimation. It provided a nice change of pace from 3 extremely similar plague types that are called the bacteria plague type, the parasite plague type, and the prion plague type. For this reason I am extremely excited for them to add a new special type in Plague Inc compared to a normal plague type.

   Speculation on the forums and the comment sections of Facebook and Twitter has been that it is a special type of alien virus or the like. Personally the picture shape of the unknown virus would seem to be shaped like that so it seems possible at the moment. It is unknown if it is simply the James Vaughan (The maker of Plague Inc.) is simply teasing us or if it actually is a alien virus.

As of 6/13/2014 only 1 statement is released of the plague which I will cover shortly. The Plague Inc Facebook page and Twitter has released the following statement. The only words about the new plague has been cryptic notice by Ndemic Creations saying.
There is some massively exciting Plague Inc. news coming next week! Prepare yourselves ;) 

-Ndemic Creations

   Once the new plague type has been revealed we will have a disclaimer and a new page revealing all that we can once the infomation becomes possible to find. We may also give a link to the new page we will make at the end of this page also. We will keep you aware of the released statements as they are released.
   What does this mean for Plague Inc fans? We will have to find out! What special plague would you like Ndemic Creations to add to their arsenal of plagues at the moment and what do you think the new plague type is? Feel free to add your opinions in the comment section below!


  1. I was going to post this...
    It would be kinda cool if it were a computer virus and you could win by making everyone addicted to the computer or by nuking everyone

  2. Maybe it will be their version of the starcraft zerg, also the news item where it says 'pylons vital to hi-tech society' it is written underneath "...construct additional pylons..." which is a reference to starcraft 1 aka starcraft 64 which could be a subtle hint to this new plague