Plague Inc: Simian Flu Mega-Brutal Guide & Walkthrough


Simian Flu Mega-Brutal Guide

It is finally here folks! It took many hours to make this guide and is by far the hardest guide I have ever done. That being said I managed to do it and found a great strategy that uses the simian flu gene Together Strong that increases the total number of DNA points that apes colonies generate. Do not be shocked if this guide takes over 1000 days as the simian flu plague type is by far the slowest plague type in the game. I still love the ability to generate DNA points by Ape Colonies. It is actually pretty easy once you find out that ape colonies provide possibly unlimited DNA points to my knowledge. In one game before they even set up one cure lab I already had over 400 DNA points! So the hardest part is using the ape colonies ability in a good way. It is to note as well that this is the first plague type in Plague Inc. made off a movie. It may require tweaking as this Plague Type has many different factors that our not set in stone so I would tweak it if for some reason the late-game (22. and over) doesn't work! It is depends on the game so I can really not make a good strategy for the end of the game. It will however work in a typical game and it is up to you mostly to finish it. The bad part is the Simian Flu depends so much on variables that making a set-guide for the end of the game would be impossible. I did the best I can on the end-game but it is up to you how you want to evolve your plague past then. Hope this guide helps you!

Note For Fans Playing on Plague Inc. Evolved: This guide was made for the original Plague Inc. and POSSIBLY may not work for Plague Inc: Evolved. No support will be provided for Plague Inc: Evolved! If this strategy does not work on Plague Inc: Evolved please do not downvote this page as it will make us think something is wrong with our current guide! Please comment down below so we can make this guide even better! I possibly may get Plague Inc: Evolved but at this time there is going to be no support!


  • Use the special ability Ape Rampage if a Gen-Sys lab is set up. I did not include to destory the Gen-Sys labs directly in the guide due to the fact that they may pop-up at any given location on the map.

  • If drones start attacking your ape colonies simply use the special ability travel to move them to different locations

    Mutation Guide

    Devolve these symptoms! When I say stop following this guide it is okay for these symptoms to evolve.

    • Neuro-Enhancement I, II, and III, and Total Brain Death
    • Pulmonary Haemorrhage
    • Haemorrhagic Shock
    • Hypocoagulability
    • Internal Haemorrhaging
    • Hydrocephalus
    • Meningitis
    • Coma
    • Dysentery
    • Gastric Ulceration  
    Note: Neuro-Enhancement 1,2, and 3 should not be allowed to mutate even when the mutation guide says to end unless the guide says so.

Gene Setup (Required)

  • Metabolic Jump
  • Aquacyte
  • Ion Surge
  • Together Strong
  • Extremophile

If you did not happen to unlock all of the "simian flu" genes that are required to use this strategy click here.

If you did not happen to unlock all of the "regular" genes that are required to use this strategy click here. (Note Coming Soon!)


1.) Start in Central Africa

2.) We are going to make the apes smart early due to the fact that it allows us to get a ton of DNA points early and remain somewhat undetected for a reasonable period of time.
  • Simian Neuro-Genesis- In Ability Section
3.) Believe it or not we want to keep infectivity low early on to give us time to get extra DNA points from colonies. You will eventually have to devolve joint pain but not until later if rash or headache evolves. If headache or rash doesn't evolve don't evolve joint pain.
  • (If Headache or Rash Evolves) - In Symptom Section
  • Joint Pain -In Symptom Section
4.) At this point it is time we evolve ape colonies and make one soon in Central Africa.
  • Ape Colonies - In Ability Section
5.) At this point as soon as possible make an ape colony in Central Africa.
  • (At this point as soon as possible make an ape colony in Central Africa)
6.) At this point we want our apes to become intelligent across the globe so we are evolving these two ape transmissions as a good base infectivity.
  • Inter-Genus Dissemination I - In Transmission Section
  • Inter-Genus Dissemination II - In Transmission Section
 7.) We are now evolving symptoms that increase base DNA point gains for ape colonies.
  • Cognitive Shift - In Abilities Section
  • Education - In Abilities Section
 8.) At this point we are going to make an ape colony in East Africa. Then West Africa.
  • (At this point as soon as possible make an ape colony in East Africa)
  • (At this point as soon as possible make an ape colony in West Africa)
9.) We are now going to evolve all of the ape transmissions to keep spreading the infection.
  • Sebaceous Excertion - In Transmission Section
  • Blood Gift - In Transmission Section
  • Cutaneous Transfer - In Transmission Section
  • Submissive Conception - In Transmission Section
  • Excrement - In Transmission Section
10.) Now we are going to make two more ape colonies to generate even more DNA points.
  • (At this point as soon as possible make an ape colony in Sudan)
  • (At this point as soon as possible make an ape colony in Angola)
11.) Now we are going to evolve these abilities to keep people from noticing the newly intelligent apes and gives them more time to generate DNA points.
  • Primal Awareness - In Abilities Section
  • War Paint - In Abilities Section
  • Covert Expertise - In Abilities Section
12.) We are going to evolve these abilities now to prevent genetic shifts from making them more expensive.
  • Drug Resistance I - In Abilities Section
  • Cold Resistance I - In Abilities Section
  • Genetic Hardening I- In Abilities Section
13.) We are going to do this to transport apes to different islands.
  • Organized Travel - In Abilities Section
  • Logistics - In Abilities Section
  • Seafaring - In Abilities Section
14.) Note skip this step if any one of the Americas are infected.
  • Use the travel special ability on Morocco and drag it to Brazil if the Americas are not infected at all.
 15.) Again we are going to evolve Ape Rampage to prevent the cost from going up because of genetic shifts.
  • Ape Rampage - In Abilities Section
16.) Now we are going to evolve these 
  • Cold Resistance II - In Abilities Section
  • Drug Resistance II- In Abilitiies Section
17.) Now we are going to build a colony in Egypt.
  • (At this point build a colony in Egypt)
18.) We are going to buy this to slow down cure progress.
  • Genetic Hardening II - In Ability Section
19.) Wait and collect DNA points until the following message pops-up.

New Gen-Sys lab in <Country Name> working on cure
Gen-Sys is setting up a new lab to work on the cure for <Disease name>. To remain active, it will need regular shipments of apes to experiment on as trauma rates are 'high'.

20.) Now it is time to infect the world. Note that when Hominidae Bridge is evolved bubbles are going to pop-up fast so slow down or pause the game.
  • Hominidae Bridge - In Symptoms Section
  • Now Devolve Joint Pain (Keep Doing This Until It Costs Over 10 DNA Points to Devolve)  I would like to note that it almost never gets that far. - In Symptoms Section
  • Air I  - In Transmissions Section
  • Air II - In Transmissions Section
  • Water I - In Transmissions Section
  • Water II - In Transmissions Section
  • Extreme Bioaerosol - In Transmissions Section
21.) Evolve the following to allow apes better combat skills.
  • Primal Hunt - In Abilities Section
22.) Now evolve these symptoms to decrease research and cure speed.
  • Photophobia - In Symptoms Section
  • Subconjunctional Bleed - In Symptoms Section
  • Subconjuctional Haemorrhage - In Symptoms Section
  • Blindness - In Symptoms Section
23.) Evolve Blood I and Blood II if not all humans are infected. If the ports are shut-down do not evolve the symptoms but simply drag the apes to the countries. Also stop following the mutation guide!


At this point it gets very variable. So this is just recommendations.
  • Blood I - In Transmission Section
  • Blood II - In Transmission Section
  • Extreme Haemoaerosol- In Transmission Section (Pick If You Want Too Get This Or Not)
  • Drag Apes Into Non-Infected Countries
Please note that you should not use countries that have ape colonies in them and drag them into uninfected countries.
24.) Wait until all countries are infected/Cure Progress is over 10%. This is important. Now it is time for a Planet of the Apes.
  • Neuro-Enhancement I - In Symptoms Section
  • Neuro-Enhancement II - In Symptoms Section
  • Neuro-Enhancement III - In Symptoms Section
  • Total Brain Death - In Symptoms Section
  • Haemorrhagic Shock - In Symptoms Section
  • Internal Haemorrhaging- In Symptoms Section
  • Meningitis- In Symptoms Section
25.) You win!

   It should be noted AGAIN that this is by far the longest plague to beat on mega-brutal so patience is key. Also I would recommend you go see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes! Saw it yesterday and it was amazing! The special effects and the story in my opinion were the best parts. Any who, this should work on Mega-Brutal! Have fun!

Simian Flu guides For Other Difficulties

More Pictures May Be Coming Soon!


  1. Wow, that worked really well (although it did take a while). Thanks for this!

  2. Does this work with 3 biohazard in the scenario unknown origin?

  3. I have no idea? Maybe. I wanted to post this guide as quick as I could. I might check later or you can do it yourself. I would recommend you start in the same location.

  4. This guide worked beautifully on the second go for me (first go I accidentally skipped a step) and I finished with 5 biohazards too. Thanks heaps :)

  5. Yes! It worked amazingly, I've been trying to beat mega brutal for a while now, tweaking my own brutal method and stuff but it didn't really work out too well. ( cure is wayyyyy to fast :( )

  6. Some things to add,

    - Forget Greenland and Iceland, you can win w/o infecting them. Even if a new gen-sys lab is set up there, they will move in a couple of days since there's only 7 apes total in both countries

    - If a drone is targeting a colony, move it to nearest country to reduce idle time not generating colony DNA. If non-colony is targeted, move it to uninfected country (preferably island) or to a colony (unconfirmed but i think more apes in a colony means more DNA)

    - You don't need extreme bio-aerosol that late since most countries have been infected. Maybe water 1/2 to infect islands such as Madagascar. It's better to evolve formites or non-lethal symptoms.

    - Make sure to save (4 x Neuro-enchancement 1 DNA ) + 10 DNA before evolving it to make sure the humans never gets smarter

  7. Worked perfectly for me on the first try, although some of those symptom DNA costs by the end were getting pretty crazy. :)

    1257 days, 74% cure, 5 biohazards

    Thanks for the guide!

  8. You still should devolve Neuroenhancement 1/2/3 though, they still speed up the cure by a lot

  9. Thanks, worked on my first try. Been trying this on my own since day 1!!!

  10. I usually send a few apes to Greenland and Iceland anyway, just to cripple their governments and cure research. Sending Afghanistan's ape population to Greenland does this and speeds up Europe's ape population infection faster.

  11. I figured out how to do six hours after you and my way i believe is easier and i got a score of 135,675 with it, here's beginning use both ATP genes boost and overdose make intelligent apes and colonies before you infect first country. after that chose central Africa and save some points make a colony then evolve cognitive shift and social comprehension. after that do bird one i let you know the rest if your interested

  12. I did it in 935 days and actually the score was 138,675 my mistake let me know if you want to know

  13. THANK YOU! I tried the guide a few times before I FINALLY got 5 biohazards and a score of 237920 in 1352 days! Thank you! My biggest problem was that I was rapidly mutating symptoms at the beginning of the games I lost. The game I won I actually devolved symptoms as rapidly as they developed. This helped me get to Step 19 as the cure research always started around steps 16-17. It may seem like a waste, but I had around 250 DNA points at Step 19 and it was all down hill from there. I will say that I also got very lucky in that Neuro-enhancement NEVER evolved in the early stages of the game. In late game, they started to evolve, but I had 5 billion+ people infected so I let 1 and 2 evolve before I did 3 and Total Brain death myself, which significantly saved DNA, although I had built up over 200 by then. Another suggestion from the game I won, instead of setting up a colony in Egypt, I set up one in India, it has almost 9 times the apes as Egypt, which means more DNA points from the colony, and if you have to move it (I didn't), you can move it to China, which has almost the same number of apes as India. Also, if you can't buy all the lethal symptoms when you're ready to, buy the most severe and wait a few days as people die because then those symptoms will become cheaper. Again, I feel as if it is still a mix of strategy and pure luck, but your guide helped tremendously!

  14. Worked on second try, cure at 81%. I didn't use neuro-enhancement or total brain death, because everyone who was infected died too fast on my first try. I stuck with some lethality but not too much, aka a "slow burn." No matter what I evolved, Iceland would not stay infected. 3-4 people get infected and then die soon after. But, eventually, everyone else was close to croaking and I won with five biohazards after 1099 days. I'm satisfied though :)

  15. Worked after many many many tries. I had to devolve every symptom until I had a few colonies to avoid detection, even with the hiding abilities, otherwise the cure overwhelmed me. Finally finished with cure at 74%, 1469 days, score of 96060 and 4 biohazards

  16. I'm interested!

  17. The cure keeps getting me. The message pop up (step 19) comes very early in the game for me and I am wondering if that's the problem (??) HELP!
    Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks! :)

  18. Can you explain or upload a video of what you are doing? Are you using ape rampage special ability?

  19. That seems to be the main problem people are having with this guide.

  20. I got it to work on my 2nd attempt. I earned 4 bio hazards in 1727 days with the cure 89% done. I had a score of 75,620. Genetic drift kicked my ass in the end to where genetic shuffles cost me over 100 DNA. I had to devolve a lot of lethal symptoms throughout the game as well, otherwise my infected were dying too quickly. Thanks for the guide.

  21. Hi, Thanks for the guide.
    However, after a few nearly success despite following the guide I changed three things which allowed me to finish with a 50% research.
    First, I choose cortisol sensitivity (not sur of the words, translating from french...) instead of ion surge. Both decrease the research speed, but if you start to get a lot of wrong evolution (ie a lot of neuroenhancement, etc.), it costs less to devolve it.
    Second, I choose to evolve the camouflage path (Primal Awareness, etc.) before the ape infection path (Sebaceous Excertion, etc.). I did it supposing the risk of your apes being detected is linked to "amount of contaminated apes"/"level of camouflage".
    Last, instead of creating my last colony in Aegypt, I created it in China (which was at this time "ape infected"), based on the respective number of apes, since it seems the amount of DNA produced is directly related to the number of contaminated apes.

  22. Thanks for the guide! It worked for me after a few tries. Like you mentioned, you have to adapt to the situation as it arises since it won't follow the guide step for step. That's what made it fun :)

    For me, I got 5 biohazards, 1275 days, cure at 72% completion with a score of 153300. Now to get a higher score next!

    For anyone reading, I followed the guide for the most part but I had a lot of lethal symptoms evolve, which was starting to kill what little people I had infected! I also evolved 'Fomites 1' instead of 'Blood 1' because I was checking my infection graph/map and the USA and China were the main countries left that needed that extra boost in infection. I also evolved 'Coma' to lower the cure completion as genetic shift made it too expensive to evolve 'Genetic Reshuffle.'

    Again, you have to adapt to what is thrown at you. This guide helped a lot but I had to change a few things to make it work for the game I was playing. Thanks again!

  23. A couple more points:

    - Either get the "apes move from far away to colony" abilities or move them manually to colonies. Decrease the incidence of labs hitting an ape-populated country. Labs don't work if no apes are present.

    - Indonesia, Indonesia, Indonesia. Move/build a colony there! India and China are lower value.

    Speaking of colony DNA values, assuming you use the +DNA colony perk, the highest DNA you can get is 14 per green ape bubble. Here are numbers I got:
    50k+ apes nets you 14 DNA
    25k apes nets you 13 DNA
    18k apes nets you 12 DNA
    Considering the costs to create a colony, and how long that colony will be alive for, I haven't run an optimization scenario yet but my gut feel is to get 6 or 7 colonies (7th colony costs 70 DNA). The key is Central Africa and its totally wasted 400k apes. Start in central A to split out of it 4x50k. So start your colony, and asap get the ape land movement. Then increase infectivity and move 4 times about 50k apes from central A to neighboring countries. That should get you pretty quickly about 5x60k ape countries. At that stage make the remaining 4 colonies, and spread them apart. Then move the saudis to indonesia, and create a colony. Also send if you can 25k apes to china and aggregate into a colony.
    So every "turn" you'll get at least 6x14 = 84 DNA from colonies.

    I have yet to try this optimization technique in mega brutal, as the big issue is the slow start. But after that, it's a DNA machine, allowing you to devolve anything you need and slow the cure as much as you want.

  24. PS: With this strategy in Brutal I finished in 826 days, 28% cure complete, score of 516,250.

    I also started using @Alex's opening moves: "beginning use both ATP genes boost and overdose make intelligent apes and colonies before you infect first country. after that chose central Africa and save some points make a colony then evolve cognitive shift and social comprehension."

  25. Yes, i'm glad I unlocked all these achievements before I got the update, as by now it seems to be very, very hard ( /nearly impossible) to get three bios in the scenarios when playing with the simian flu.

  26. Do we move onto to Step 9 only after East and West Africa have become infected, or do we work on Step 9 while waiting to start colonies in those countries? I haven't infected either of them yet, so I'm not sure what to do lol.

  27. It's a retarded guide. Don't try it. I tried it twice and the cure get too fast. You can't evolve Total Brain Cell because the cure is ready. I think you're talking bullshit. How the hell did you get 400 DNA points when the labs didn't even spawn. This is totally bullshits. Plus that it takes 40 minutes to complete a game like this and still fail. Do not try it!

  28. Thanks for the guide! It worked, although nothing like how it was described. It was very difficult to get some of the more deadly symptoms as the began costing over 100 DNA points because of the genetic drifts. I did eventually manage to win with cure progress at 99%, so I do think this guide needs a bit of work.

  29. Worked very well on plague inc: evolved, thanks!

  30. I did everything you said except instead of putting colonies in angola and Egypt I picked india and indonesia because of the higher ape population. Also at the end I did fomites 1 because of canadas slow infection rate. I won with 5 biohazards.

  31. I have tried several times with this strategy as well, at least 7 times! Cure progresses way too fast. All other guides for the other plagues work on the first try. Very frustrating.

  32. Finally I did it.

    I took
    Ion surge

    I evolved rash, joint pain and photophobia at the very beginning. Then I followed your guide, BUT I devolved everything that got mutated, until I got discovered. Not just the symptoms on your mutation guide.

    But I think the main point was, that I did not evolve total brain death, because neuro.. It Would make the humans more intelligent, leading to a faster cure speed.

    So I decided to evolve some other lethal symptoms instead of this and it worked fine. Had also enough DNA at the end for evolving genetic reshuffle stuff.
    My stats were at the end:
    1685 days,
    Rating 286710
    5 stars

    Hope, it's a help for others and sorry for the bad english. I'm not a native speaker.

  33. Its not working... Im on step 19 and cure progress 100% . Genetic reshuffle costs 219 DNA. Impossible to win :(

  34. Yeah,I managed to edit your strategy precisely winning in 1914 days with 63 Cure Completion and Of course 5 Biohazards.Very nc Guide indeed.It gave me the right information i needed to make it my way.Keep up!!!!

  35. Worked for me. Had to evolve Blood, and went with Extreme Haemoaerosol to get everyone infected. Had a heap of people in China who refused to get sick.
    1393 days, cure 75%, 99970 points, 4 biohazards.

  36. The core concepts here work. Took me four tries to get a game with lucky mutations and drift, but I just finished with 80% cure after almost 1500 days for five/five biohazards. The key I think is to follow it closely within one our two steps of the labs launching. But once the labs are up, ditch the guide and go with your gut. At that point, I stopped devolving mutations and never did bioaerosal (it was 150 dna) instead using one or two ape teams to finish transmission. I never did bloods, either. Don't wait for full infection to start killing. Just balance your rates to be sure you won't kill to many. It can be done, and this guide helps a lot.

  37. It did work, but it took me 1449 days because the DNA Costs got soooooooo expensive.

  38. It worked for me.Not as well as he described, but it worked!

  39. Holy crap I love you for this. I have been trying to beat this on mega brutal for soooooo long. Yay!!

  40. Awesome walkthrough!

  41. Keep trying to put a screen capture here... Got 81% cure, five biohazard score,

  42. Geez uncooperative thing

  43. It was reaaaaaaaaly hard to infect Iceland, but it worked. Long time as the guide says, but beated with 4 biohazards.

    Thanks for the guide =D

  44. 5 million people in ANGOLA of all places ruined it for me. Man. So close.

  45. You are either a Genius or a Terrorist! I've been trying for months and I never would have used that combination. Thank you very much!

  46. the strategy used to work but since the last update (december 2014), setting were changed and it doesn't work anymore. human don't let you quietly accumulate DNA points. I managed however once to win but using a strategy i didn't record.
    1- you have to both make the virus propagate through monkey and through human. getting vomit+cough combo is great
    2- megabrutal means cold resistance2 and drug resistance 2 are compulsory
    3- if you can choose, move your monkey instead of destroying labs. That does the same for a lower cost.
    4- together strong only allows you now to get the max harvest number of dna quicker. i suggest using the option that decrease the dna cost for actions instead.
    5- no big need to develop the ape transmission tree completly. instead, i start my colony in west africa and make my monkey travel to Japan asap. that way they contamine the whole east asap.
    6- indonesia has a big monkey population: don't forget them.
    7- i wait to have 30dna points before evolving simian neurogenesis. that way, i can evolve other simian abilities at the same time while not make any infected monkey detected by humans

  47. This guide is fantastic! Time 1368 - 67% Cure Score 201730 5 biohazards!

  48. I will cry. Glitch made everything cost zero. Did not evolve symptoms. Checked for symptoms. Glitch gone, price extremely high. Lost to cure

  49. I tried several times and get SO close but infected people in canada ALWAYS die off too fast and Canada survives. :( Any tips?

  50. This guide is good for brutal (worked like a charm). However, it's useless on mega-brutal because no matter what you do the cure happens too fast and you spend most of your time, effort, and earned points de-evolving. The guide says that you won't de-evolve until close to the end and that's not exactly true. Also, I followed each step to the T and everything ends up costing more than you take in.

  51. where did you start?

  52. Amazing guide except I don't see how it's possible to get 400 DNA and I also don't see much of a benefit from Together Strong. However, by following this guide I was able to win with a 5 biohazard in 1247 days.

  53. shit strategy i lose in 3 minutes,and i broke my phone and throw up from window,because i lose 10 times

  54. Michael FiorucciMay 3, 2015 at 3:23 AM

    It didn't work on me

  55. I ended up at the eleventh recital,because virus was been eradicated. Fuck this shit

  56. I never got the pop ups that were described, so I kinda went on my own route and skipped it all together (and didn't bother to do Blood I until the end). But I did follow everything else on the guide. I never had to worry about joint pain evolving cause it never did. But in my end, around 1588 days, around 70% cure, and 4 biohazard stars. Yeh, I am always getting the short end of the stick when it comes to certain strategies.

  57. After flubbing it the first time, I managed to beat Simian with five biohazards on the Steam Evolved PC version using a "revised" (read entropic and loosely followed) version of this guide.

    Instead of three colonies in Africa I built five - this improved matters considerably.

    I didn't use much DNA devolving anything except lethal symptoms.

    I also didn't use DNA to evolve the conceal abilities all the way to Covert Expertise. I evolved Drug 1, Cold 1, and Genetic Hard 1 earlier, as well, just after Cognitive Shift and Education.

    The moment the disease was discovered, I stopped evolving the ape transmissions and grabbed Hominid Bridge, which immediately infected all of Asia and Europe at once. It was then off to the races and I killed almost every human with 65% cure completed and a score of 240500.

    Metabolic Jump
    Ionic Surge
    Leadership (this worked much, much better for me than Together Strong - the Ability costs become crucial once that cure gets going)

    Central Africa

    Escape -> colony
    Inter-Genus Transmission 1 & 2
    The top three Ape Transmissions worked for me (Sebaceous Excertion, Blood Gift, and Cutaneous Transfer), I needed no more
    4-5 more colonies around Africa ASAP, wherever is buildable first
    Cognitive Shift
    Drug 1
    Genetic Hard 1
    Cold 1

    Primal Awareness
    War Paint
    Genetic Hardening 2 (when I lost last time, it was because I'd ill
    prepared for the cure and wasted DNA on stuff I hadn't needed. Not this
    time!)At this point, the alarms went off, so I just went ahead and evolved Hominid Bridge and popped the plethora of red bubbles, followed by orange ones.
    Air 1
    Water 1
    Blood 1
    Whatever the nosebleed symptom is - combined with Blood transmission it's SWEET.
    Ape Rampage (Gen-Sys gets it together for the shareholders at about this point)
    Ape Travel
    Air 2
    Water 2
    Things are getting very expensive at this point. They should also be spreading far and wide, and quickly enough that few countries are closing borders, ports, or airports yet. I did not need Bioaerosol at all.
    I was still devolving lethal symptoms because Greenland was holding out. Slowly, due to the expense and due to smashing labs (why do they like to appear under my colonies??)...
    Drug 2
    Cold 2
    Primal Hunt (apparently the labs have armed guards now)
    Blood 2
    Death symptoms, with an emphasis on bleeding ones to spread the infection to stubborn or late infected countries.