Update on Plague Inc Guides

blogger Personally as you know we are currently now working on

  • Airplane and Ship Maps
  • Necroa Virus Origin Stories 
We are currently working on 
  • Pyramid of Giza Origin Guide
  • Bacteria General Strategy and Info Guide
  • Mirror Earth (3 Biohazards) Fungus Guide and Walkthrough
  • Shutdown Everything (3 Biohazards) Neurax Worm Guide and Walkthrough
  • Nipah (3 Biohazards) Guide and Walkthrough
  • Revenge of Osiris Achievement Guide
  • Getting Colder Achievement Guide
If there is anything you want us to add or work on feel free to add on suggestions in the comments below.


  1. 3 bio Nipah Virus please!!

  2. I am currently working on 3 star mega brutal smallpox and a 1,000,000 points strategy. i will see if i have the time to type up the rough draft of my nipah guide (it doesnt quite get you 3 stars yet)

  3. Nipah, Smallpox, Frozen Virus, and Swine Flu, all the strategies I have for these scenarios are currently based on pure luck on the mutation side, proved by how people commented on the black death strategy I've posted. I have already achieved 3 biohazards on mega-brutal on all these scenarios but I'm holding off on posting them because of how dependent the strategies are on mutations.

    Tips are always appreciated to help me find a better strategy than the ones I have now. A tip I can give on smallpox is to always look at your news ticker. On nipah, It's all about, once again, mutations.

    There are a lot of factors that affect the current success rates of all my guides. I intend to post them once I prove that you can win within 10 to 20 games. I don't think a sure 100% win rate guide is possible for these scenarios.