Tiny Wings Review

blogger Well hello there! Today I'm going to be reviewing the App Tiny Wings. Tiny Wings is a fun free app (Could be  $.99) where you use hills and your small flappy wings to go long distances while trying to get the highest score until it gets dark out.

Tiny wings It's a fun app. It's divided into 2 sections Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, I will be explaining these chapters.

Chapter 1:
Chapter one is simple. Get the farthest distance before it turns night. You can increase daytime by collecting sun tokens throughout the map. As you advance, you will get to different islands in the same run, each varying in difficulty. Here's a video of me playing! (Sorry for Sideways view)

Chapter 2:
Chapter 2 is flight school. You can choose from 4 preset characters. Basically, you race against 3 other COMs, in order to make it to your mother the quickest. If you make it first, you get a big fish, second is a middle size fish, third is a small fish, and last is no fish. (She's not that good of a mother)

I'd rate this 10 Neon color hills out of 10 Neon color hills.

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