Can anyone give me some info on Simian Flu Speed runs?

blogger Hey Guys,

I've been experimenting with strategies on Simian Flu speed runs, but so far I haven't even been able to get 1 measly biohazard. My record as of the moment is 375 days.

Can anyone out there who has already got 1 or more biohazard from Simian Flu speed run share their strategy? Are there any conditions we need to achieve aside from finishing fast?

I'm going to keep trying, and maybe I'll get lucky and finish within a year. Any info you guys might have, I'll truly appreciate. Thanks in advance, guys!


Update: I have now managed to successfully finish the game in 352 days. Still no biohazard, not even one.

Update2: Been trying a lot, but have been unable to beat my current score. Will move on and return to this speed run later on. Any info and tips will be appreciated!


  1. I haven't heard of anyone who has managed to get a single simian flu biohazard yet. It might be bugged.

  2. Which strategy r u using right now?

  3. I've been using the Saudi Arabia as a starting point. Evolving Air to boost the effectiveness of planes and equipping genes that boost the infection rate in Saudi Arabia.

    It's too complicated to write-up right now, but in summary, evolve symptoms while focusing on boosting infection rates via transmissions and abilities.

  4. I think i have read somewhere that at difficulties of normal and higher (speed run uses normal difficulty) the emphasis for biohazards and points is on infecting apes and keeping them alive. Sure there are ways to end the game faster, but usually at the cost of ape live. I wonder if there is a way to keep ape infection and life high, as well as day count low, and see if that has any effect. This is just speculation.

  5. If the survival of apes does indeed affect the biohazard speed run scoring, then it might just be close to impossible. In my fastest speed run, I've been able to infect(make them intelligent) at least 80% of the apes, but most of them still died because I was focusing more on killing people fast.

    The only reason why I infected apes in the first place was to have the end-game pop-up appear earlier than usual(It appears when the intelligent ape count is greater than the number of people alive).

    Every strategy I tried always ended up causing the deaths of a lot of apes. It'd be really hard to kill fast and save apes at the same time.

  6. it's to make us work harder for a strategy for this plague, after all 5 bio-hazards aren't meant to be easy ;)

  7. I tried to get the infections by sending infected apes through all the world.
    So you infect all the humans by the Hominidae Bridge.
    I get times around 500 days, many apes survive (more than 90%) but i also don't get any hazard.
    Perhaps you only get it, if you kill ALL people, but the Game allways ends before that.(?)

  8. Well,you can kill every ape in the world and then proceed with normal infections.

  9. Well, to be fair the ape ones are meant to be longer than any other, as we have proved with normal through to mega brutal guides. Perhaps it is to be expected that a thousand or even ninehundred days is considered short for it?

  10. It's literally impossible (bugged). I used an app called Game Killer (linked in xda forums) to add over 2000 DNA points (rooted android). I finished in 224 days with all apes intelligent (89 dead) and the achievement still won't unlock. This dna hack works for others ... but this achievement is either a bug or a rather crappy stunt to make people believe they haven't perfected their skills at the game.