Plague Inc. The Future is Bright Achievement Guide

A world where intelligent apes and human beings live together peacefully, that is what "The Future is Bright" achievement is all about. In order to get this achievement you have to purposely lose a game, while accomplishing certain things the achievement wants.

I was just playing around different strategies when I thought of getting this achievement. When I've successfully unlocked it, I noticed a few things:

  1. It isn't necessary to infect every single ape and making them intelligent. I was able to get the achievement without even moving a single ape or colony to infect other countries.
  2. You must not use or evolve the Ape Rampage ability. I think this is one of the primary conditions the achievement needs to be unlocked. All throughout my game I didn't even evolve Ape rampage, I just let the Gen-Sys labs do their thing even when they're stationed on a country I have a colony in.
  3. You must devolve every single symptom that pops-up. 

Okay, so I don't really have a clue on what the exact objectives of this achievement are, but here's a guide on what I did.

Difficulty: Casual
  • ATP Boost
  • Teracyte
  • Ion Surge
  • Together Strong
  • Extremophile

REMEMBER: Devolve everything that mutates. Every.Single.Mutation

I started my Simian Flu in Central Africa, after a short time I evolve Simian Neuro-Genesis then Ape Colonies shortly afterward. Then I established a colony on Central Africa. Following that I evolved the following ape abilities in this order:
  • Social Cohesion
  • Cognitive Shift
  • Education

You don't have to wait for these countries to have intelligent apes in them, just keep it in your mind to establish a colony in them once it's available
  • West Africa
  • East Africa
  • Sudan
  • India
  • China
  • Indonesia

With the colonies you should put up in mind, let's continue on with evolving. Evolve the following:
  • Primal Awareness
  • War Paint
  • Covert Expertise
  • Water 1 & 2
  • Air 1 & 2
  • Extremophile
I evolved some transmissions just so every country gets infected, I have no idea if it does affect the achievement in anyway.

That about does it for evolution, from here on out it's going to be all about devolving symptoms and watching labs decimate your ape count. Do nothing, no ape rampage, not even evading them. As you may notice, I didn't even get Organised Travel.

Don't forget about your colonies, they'll supply the much needed DNA you'll use for devolving all through-out the game.

What you're waiting for is the cure progression, it needs to reach 100% which will take a long time because countries won't contribute to the cure without plague symptoms active. Just be patient and keep devolving.

If done correctly, this pop-up will appear when you're about to lose.
As you can see, cure at 100% and about to lose the game. Got the achievement, though, which makes it all worth it.

Thanks for reading this guide, hope it helped and as always, Happy Spicy Gaming!


  1. For the An Ape is for Life Achievement, start in Greenland, and make a colony there, don't move it, have it be the only colony and win. It shouldn't be too hard.

  2. Thanks for the Tip! I'll try it out

  3. Worked perfectly for me! I didn't even infect everyone (had around 12Mil left healthy) I accidentally forgot to devolve the first few symptoms at the very beginning and still managed to win this with no issue!

  4. Funnily enough, once you get the achievement, if you can evolve all of the transmissions and symptoms before Humanity is fully cured, you can still win. (Just have to wait until the achievement popup appears.)

  5. But how do you get noticed without having any symptoms?

  6. Ariel Iván AguayoJuly 27, 2015 at 7:33 AM

    Got it on Mega Brutal with about 82% of the apes infected in 964 days. c: