Spicy plays DOTA 2 | Beastmaster Offlane

Summon a pig, an eagle, two demons, then scream your lungs out on someone, proceed to stomp on their faces with your minions. Oh, and also hit towers with your mini-army, THEN win the game.

Watch the video here:

Started laning in the Radiant offlane with a Slardar, but after a few minutes, or because Necrophos' Heartstopper Aura annoyed him, he decided to roam around instead. Leaving a weak Beastmaster like me soloing against a Spectre and a Necrophos. Luckily, I had my trust boar by my side.

There were a lot of kills going on while I was holding the offlane from getting pushed. I could've decided to help out, but I chose to farm up and fight at a later time. That decision was a good decision. Our Outword Devourer already had an amazing laning phase and is proceeding to snowball out of control. By the mid-game, all I had to do was Roar at someone, hit them with my mini army and let OD do all the hardwork and tanking.

Game was pretty one-sided by the mid game, due to the overall good performance of our pub team. Game ended and all credit was due to me, because I'm an awesome Beastmaster.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Maybe want to throw an insult or two? Comment them below!

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