Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Faceless Void Offlane

Go Dire safe lane, Shadow Fiend having a hard time soloing offlane and dies. Teleport to offlane, feed 7 million times. Still win game. I am too pro.

Watch the video here:

Clearly did not have the greatest start I was hoping to have this game. The Radiant safe lane combo of Lion and Pudge gave me a really hard time, even with my Time Walk skill, they still have enough skills to catch and hold me. Maybe I should've used the fog of war more?

Luckily, the enemies side was weak in team fights even though they had an Invoker, a Pudge, and an Alchemist with Radiance. We just managed to hold them off, time and time again, giving us more and more gold because of their advantage in levels.

Our team just snowballed and they had a harder time defending their base against us, giving us the win.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Or just want to point out how noob I am that I kept on feeding? Comment them below!

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