Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Phantom Assassin Safelane | Ranked Games are Weird AF

This game weirded me out so much on how easy it was, and how much of a non-factor I became as a solo safelane. But I don't care, I farmed and got items.

Watch the video here:

Right before the first bounty rune spawn, 4 out of 5 enemies made bets that they would win while 2 of them predicted victory. Being the 2k scrub that I am, I assumed that these guys were players and would make us cry and humiliate us in our fountain.

That wasn't the case, though.

Anyway, I was soloing the Radiant safelane against an Sven and a Pudge. Because of the high-threat they pose with stun and hook, I decided to play super safe and defensive, staying within the vicinity of the tower and using dagger to farm some creeps while waiting for Sven to be stupid enough to put a point in cleave and push the wave every time.

While I was obviously having a shitty lane, my team was stomping on the enemy mid as well as their safelane Spectre. Game just proceeded to be one-sided and we managed to push quite easily.

I was a non-factor in this game. Hence, the choice to go Assault Cuirass and provide the team with attack speed aura.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Comment them below!

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