Plague inc. : It's a Trap! Achievement Unlock Guide/ Walkthrough

blogger The "It's a Trap!" achievement is unlocked by finishing a special event while playing the Necroa Virus, specifically destroying an expedition team going through the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Unlocking this achievement is quite hard, mainly because you need to trigger some pop-ups that require timely evolution of a particular ability, symptom, or transmission. If you miss a pop-up, you need to start over.

This guide was made through my own personal play experience combined with some tips and guides gathered from several websites.

This guide works best at Casual difficulty with Necroa Virus

Start with the following genes:
Cytosome Surge
This is the genes I used.


You can experiment all you want with genes setup but I really recommend having Cytosome Surge since you need to evolve a symptom and an ability within 60 days.

If you don't have an idea where Egypt is, it's that red bubble.

1. Start in Egypt

The description of the achievement says "Wipe out the Gaza expedition". Gaza is in Egypt and that's basically all the sense I've made about all this.

2. Evolve

 As soon as you have DNA for it evolve the ability, Heat Resistance 1, and the symptom, Saliva 1. They cost 7 and 6 DNA, respectively. After evolving those two, this pop-up should appear.

"Exploration of Secret tomb in Pyramid of Giza Continues
Archaeologists mark 60 days since the discovery of a secret tomb inside the Pyramid of Giza and plan to go deeper into the tomb." 
If this does not appear, sorry to say but you need to repeat.

3. Watch the news
lol at that Temple run reference.

Keep an eye out for news(They don't pop-up). Pop some red and orange bubbles and wait for these news to come about.
"Pyramid of Giza hieroglyphs 'warn of ancient plague'"and "Mummy from Pyramid of Giza tomb has 'odd bite marks'"

After seeing those 2 news updates, the next step is

Ignore that one level of  Hyper salivation(?)

4. Activate Zombie Mode

By that I mean evolve Cytopathic Reanimation.
I recommend taking this path to save DNA.
Insomnia, Fever, Photo-phobia, and Delirium.

Zombies start to appear and cause havoc in the world. After a few zombie apocalypse days, this pop-up should appear.
[virus name] may have come from Pyramid of Giza
Archaeologists say that [virus name] may have escaped from a secret tomb inside The great Pyramid of Giza.
wait for a few days then another pop-up should appear.

"[virus name] DNA supports Giza linkDNA tests support theory that [virus name] came from The Great Pyramid of Giza. Scientific expedition prepares to investigate tomb.

After that recent pop-up, we're onto the last step.

These are the last abilities you should get

5. Finale

Evolve the following abilities:
Cold Resistance 1 & Mummification

Regenerative Activation, Ambush Predation, Liquefactive Necrosis, Regenerative Biosynthesis, Epidermal Digestion, and Cranial Metastasis

Autolytic Delay, Putrefactive Resistance, and Liquefactive Resistance.

After a few days, the last pop-up will appear.
This signals the completion of "It's a Trap!"
"Giza Pyramid expedition a failureGiza expedition ambushed and wiped out by a large number of zombies. Pyramid destroyed in defensive airstrike"
When you get this pop-up, Congratulations! It's a Trap! achievement is now unlocked. Now you could either finish the mission or quit, either way the achievement is unlocked now.

There are a lot of other ways to complete this achievement, but the first pop-up is the most important one to get. Also note that if Egypt gets overrun by zombies, or gets populated by more than 4 million zombies, a pop-up saying "Authorities can't protect from Egypt..." will appear. This basically signifies that you will not be getting the achievement.

Here's a much shorter and straightforward version:
  • Start in Egypt
  • Evolve Saliva 1 and Heat Resistance 1
  • Wait for pop-up, if it does not appear start-over
  • Wait for 2 news updates
  • Activate Zombie mode (evolve Cytopathic Reanimation through insomnia tree)
  • Wait for 2 pop-ups. "Virus DNA supports to Giza link" appears
  • Evolve Mummification, max Regenerative Activation and Autolytic Delay trees
  • If pop-up says expedition is a failure, you have unlocked the achievement
  • Celebrate for a moment(10-20 seconds is fine) then move on with your life.


  1. Worked perfectly! ^-^

  2. I managed this with only the Regenerative Activation tree evolved (max), so it might be simpler, but other than that, great guide! ^u^

  3. At the beginning you put Gaza.... and I was really confused until I looked at the screens... its Giza... the pyramids of Giza are in Eygpt... Gaza is in the middle east!