Plague Inc. Cheat Plagues and Basic Strategies

NOTICE: Because of the recent update, cheat modes are no longer a plague type. Instead, they can now be activated at the difficulty screen right after you select a plague.

After beating all seven basic plague types on brutal difficulty(Guides here), you will be able to unlock three special plagues. These are Immune, Hidden, and Unlimited plague and all of which are like bonus rounds. Conquering every plague on brutal isn't an easy task and these three are your just rewards.

All three plagues have no unique abilities. You are provided with basic transmissions, abilities, and symptoms. Each plague has its own cheat mode, Immune being impossible to cure, Hidden making countries unable to close transportation or borders, and Unlimited providing you with a godly amount of DNA. In my opinion, Unlimited plague is an awesome testing ground for some strategies or if you want to check the stats of certain symptoms.

Beating these modes shouldn't really be a problem since you've already finished every basic plague at brutal. These plagues are also an awesome way to get some achievements by doing symptom combos.

Now I know you don't really need any strategies for these plague types but you may find it worthwhile to read some of the very basic strategies I used to beat these plagues.

1.) The first strategy I used is kind of like a silent assassin. I start the plague and try not to draw too much attention while I infect the entire world. The key here is only having one symptom evolved preferably Coughing, I find that it works well to infect and isn't severe enough to be detected. Once you infect the whole world, you strike, you evolve every possible symptom you can, the more lethal the better. Countries won't even know what hit them. I used this strategy to beat several plagues on brutal. It works really well and even nets me a 5 Biohazard game most of the time.

2.) My second strategy I use just for fun. Basically I evolve only transmissions and abilities at the start. I focus on transmissions which cause symptom mutations and after evolving every possible one I move to abilities to evolve resistances to infect countries even faster. Near the end of the game you will still need to evolve some symptoms though, since mutations stop once everybody gets infected. This strategy isn't really recommended while doing attempting to beat plagues on brutal difficulty. Why? well first, mutations are completely random and second, the more symptoms you have the more likely it is that the whole world would take notice of your plague and immediately start on making a cure. The only plague I used this strategy on was Virus because its nature already causes it to mutate uncontrollably so I decided to add to this by making it mutate more.

3.) This strategy is very simple and can only be used on Unlimited plague. Short explanation, evolve everything. That's it.

Every strategy I used to beat different plagues are all just based on strategy #1, maybe even #2 on certain occasions. I just tend to experiment on the way I evolve certain transmissions and abilities at the start of the game. In my opinion, I think my "silent assassin" strategy is actually the best way to tackle every plague. Simply because once you start making a plague lethal everybody is already infected so you won't have to worry about trying to infect a certain country but killing people too fast to infect new ones.

If you guys have any other strategies you'd like to share, by all means please do!

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