Plague Inc. Shadow Plague Mega-Brutal Guide | 4 Biohazard Strategy

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**NOTICE: Lord Kyordhel has submitted a new guide for a 5-Biohazard Strategy**

Plague Inc. Shadow Plague Guide | Mega Brutal (4 Biohazard) Strategy

With the following guide I managed to beat Shadow Plague in MegaBrutal obtaining 4 Biohazards. This far I am not sure how to get five, but this will make it for a while.

Now make some coffee, find enough supplies, and strap-on your seat belts because the journey of 2768 days to destroy humanity is about to start.

The guide requires your vampire to endure a long-run. She is going to struggle poor countries and first defeating the Templar Industries (you can't fight the cure and the Templars at the same time). By using *Blood Rage* and feeding on people she will fetch enough DNA to max her vampire abilities and, then, begin to spread the plague.

For all those experts who made the other walkthroughs, please feel free to analyze the (endurance) strategy and tune it for getting the 5th biohazard mark.


  • - *Brawler*
  • - *Budget Bat*
  • - *Witch Doctor*
  • - *Acquacyte*
  • - *Extremophile*

Part I: Rising free DNA

This part is all about slaughtering people to earn free DNA points and increase the Vampire's strength. During this stage and the next one be careful of NOT EVOLVING sSHADOW BLESSING (this is left for stage 3).

  1. Start in *East Africa*. You will get 19 DNA points. Evolve *Blood Rage* and *Dark Ritual 1*, then use *Blood Rage* in *East Africa* and wait until you get the "Vampire feeding attracts attention in East Africa" alert.
  2. Evolve *Theriantropy* and fly to *Zimbabwe*. Use again *Blood Rage* to kill people until you get 21 DNA. Evolve *Night Wraith* and *Adrenal Surge*. Continue killing people until you get the "Blood Cult leader tracked in Zimbabwe" alert.
  3. Fly to *Botswana*. Start killing people and rise your DNA above 40 while waiting for the "Templar Industries reveals global vampire threat" alert to pop up. Evolve *Dark Infiltration* and *Lair*.
  4. Fly to *Central Africa* and create your first lair at its very middle. Use *Blood Rage* and wait for the "Templar Industries activate military protocols" news to pop up.

Part II: Defeating Templar Industries

During this stage your vampire will be fighting Templar Industries. The more bases you kill, the strongest they will become. Be prepared to flight back to your Lair before you run out of health, also returning to kill drones as they show up. You would like to play this part at max speed.

  1. Fly to the first (farthest) Templar base within range and start the carnage.
  2. Fly to the second base and destroy it. Evolve *Shadow Blades* as soon as you get enough DNA for it.
  3. Before attacking the third base, attack poor countries close to your Lair (you don't want to loose it by a Drone) to rise 90 DNA. Move every time you get an alert. Evolve *Daemonic Fury*, *Shadow Portal*, *Lair Healing 1*, and *Lair Healing 2*.
  4. Continue destroying the remaining bases but the last one (the farthest, most probably will be in Australia). As you get additional DNA evolve *Travel Speed 1* and *Travel Speed 2* (aprox. 42, this will make your life easier). Return to your base when required to heal yourself and to destroy drones.
  5. The last Templar Industries base is most likely to be in Australia (in all the games I've played appears there). Before destroying it, you need to gather 6 DNA for establishing a Lair as close as possible of the last base. Choose one of the following locations:
    • - South East Asia
    • - Central Europe
    • - Mexico

As soon as you establish your second Lair, proceed to destroy the last Templar Industries base. Be patient, it may require up to 10 attempts to terminate them. Instead of returning to your Lair to heal up, you may also slaughter more people in neighbor countries. However, this may distract you from killing drones.

Part III: Prepare the infection

Once the Templars have been eradicated, continue slaughtering people until you reach 270 DNA, all Vampire abilities (Dark Ritual 2 is useless, so you my skip it) have been evolved, and your Vampire has four Lairs (one in each of the countries mentioned above to have all the map within reach).

During this second rise of DNA, I use to slain all people in Greenland and Iceland.Is a nice revenge for old Plague Inc. players. You may focus in terminating islands only, but the more people you have killed, the slower you will earn DNA (slows down close to the 400K).

Part IV: Infect the world and into the darkness bind them

The shadow plague is hard to spread and the cure will advance fast as hell. Be sure to have 270 DNA before evolving *Shadow Blessing*. Research Labs will eventually appear to fasten the cure research speed. Use Vampire Flight to teleport to the closest Lair, fly to that country (here the importance of Travel Speed 2), and destroy the Lab with Blood Rage. The main strategy is, once *Shadow Slaves* has been evolved, continuously check the Key Research Contributors and take your Vampire(s) there until that country has been (at least) 50% infected.

1. To unleash apocalypse on the world, evolve the following at once in this order:

  • - *Shadow Blessing*
  • - *Ant-Biotic Tolerance*
  • - *Heat Tolerance*
  • - *Cold Tolerance*
  • - *Blood Gift*
  • - *Dark Cloud*
  • - *Shadow Trail*
  • - *Corrupted Air*
  • - *Water 1*
  • - *Air 1*
  • - *Water 2*
  • - *Air 2*
  • - *Extreme Bioaerosol*

2. As soon as you close the Disease screen, the infection will begin to spread and DNA will come. You will notice that the cure will start almost immediately. Evolve the following in this order:

  • - *Nocturnal*
  • - *Anemia*
  • - *Pallor*
  • - *Weeping Sores*
  • - *Hyperdontia*
  • - *Jugular Bite*

3. Now teleport to each of your Lairs and wait a little bit until the Lair country is 50% infected. Infecting China is also a good strategy. As soon as a Research Lab appears, Teleport & fly there to destroy it. Evolve the following in this order:
  • - *Shadow Slaves*
  • - *Muscular Hypotrophy*
  • - *Masticatory Tension*
  • - *Vampire Awakening*

4. Keep checking the Key Research Contributors list and take your Vampire(s) to these countries until it has been (at least) 50% infected. As you get enough DNA, evolve the following in this order:

  • - *Malignant Pigmentation*
  • - *Latent Adaptation*
  • - *Hypersensitivity*
  • - *Vampire Awakening* (Yes! Again).

5. At this point, you surely have two Vampires. Continue destroying labs and infecting Key Research Contributors (once the country has been totally infected, research cannot take place there thanks to *Shadow Slaves*). Evolve the following in this order:

  • - *Photophobia*
  • - *Pheromone Secretion*
  • - *Steroidal Boost*

6. Infect the remaining countries, use the rest of DNA to create Lairs or evolve symptoms at your will, and enjoy the destruction of the world. Once the WHO initiative collapses (near the end of the game in MegaBrutal) the cure progress will be reduced and wont progress any more.

Well, that's all for my guide to beat Shadow Plague in MegaBrutal. Please leave your comments and suggestion to improve it and enjoy the game.

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