Plague Inc. Neurax Worm Mega-Brutal Guide/ Walkthrough/ Strategy

After several tries I've finally done it! I found a way to beat Neurax Worm in mega-brutal difficulty and having a 5 out 5 biohazard score at the same time. I was about to give it up and just post a strategy that almost always gives you a 4 out 5, but then I'm just too good to you guys. I want you to have the best possible score. Yeah I know, I'm awesome.

This strategy requires you to use Neurax Worm's unique ability, Trojan Planes, effectively. You'll need to use these planes to infect hard to reach countries at the beginning then use them to infect uninfected countries afterwards. The latter part is somewhat confusing at first but you'll get a hang of it, sliding your finger across the map and find a country with zero infected people. Simple, right? Now onto the guide!

Neurax Worm has to be my most favorite plague type. Why? Because it has a different background music and doesn't really require you to kill people. Instead, you enslave them. Don't get me wrong, I love eradicating humanity but enslaving them with a parasitic worm just sounds so much better to me.

The key to this strategy is the symptom called "Transcendence". This symptom removes the need to kill people after infecting them. What happens is, the infected worship the worm and gets enslaved by it. If you follow my strategy, you'll always finish within 400 days and always have a 5 out 5 score. Just be sure to use those Trojans Planes effectively, alright pal? Let's start.

The Gene setup:

  • ATP Boost
  • Native Biome
  • Sympto-Stasis
  • Genetic Mimic
  • Extremophile
Important: Once you start getting Trojan Planes, it would be a really good idea to send to these three countries first: Greenland, Madagascar, and Iceland. After all those three are infected, focus on sending your planes to uninfected countries. Later on in the game, just keep sending them to countries that aren't completely orange(infected) yet.

1.) Before you select a country to start in, evolve Egg 1 and 2.

2.) Start in India

3.) Evolve these transmissions and abilities in this exact order:
  • Concertina Locomotion
  • Undolatory Locomotion
  • Water and Air 1
  • Drug, Cold, and Heat Resistance 1
  • Water and Air 2
  • Water and Air 3
  • Drug, Cold, and Heat Resistance 2
  • Environmental Hardening
4.) Continue by evolving these symptoms. Follow the order:
  • Neural Breach
  • Cerebral Tendrils
  • Adrenergic Constriction
  • Anxiolytic Infusion
  • Psychosis
  • Adoration
  • Devotion
  • Transcendence
5.) After evolving Transcendence, it won't be necessary to kill people. Once everyone is infected you'll win the game. That being said, remaining DNA should be used to hinder the progression of the cure. These symptoms will do just that:
  • Confusion
  • Memory Loss
  • Aneurysm
  • Aphasia
  • Apraxia
  • Coma
Wait until the whole world is infected then you'll be prompted of your victory by enslaving the human race. Congratulations!

I hope this guide has helped you beat Neurax Worm in Mega-Brutal difficulty and getting you a 5 out of 5 biohazard score. If you have any questions, tips, or a much more awesome strategy than this one, go and post it and the comments section below. I'll include the good ones along with this guide. Thanks and Happy spicy gaming!


  1. How does it feel to be the best Plagued Inc player on the planet? (Not being sarcastic). You rule.

  2. I would like to say that this was a great tactic. I would also like to thank you and all others who have put these guides up. I have been able to unlock everything because of your hard work. Great job to all that have been putting out these walk throughs.

  3. 414 days to enslave humanity. Only gave me 3 of 5 biohazards

  4. wibisono hey plague manJuly 6, 2014 at 1:01 PM

    wooho if i have been a real god it wil be......



    Jumlah soal
    lengkap: 18 soal pilihan ganda + 10 soal uraian

    A. Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang paling tepat !

    15 x 7 = a x 15. Nilai a yang tepat
    adalah ….





    5 x (216 – 127) = ….

    5 x (216 + 127)

    (5 – 216) x (5 – 127)

    (5 x 216) – (5 – 127)

    (5 x 216) – (5 x 127)

    Pernyataan yang benar di bawah ini
    adalah ….

    421.165 < 412.561

    412.165 > 412.516

    412.561 < 412.165

    421.651 > 421.615

    Angka 7 pada lambang bilangan 374.605
    menempati tempat ….

    puluhan ribu




    3.675 : 7 : 5 = ….





    Taksiran yang paling baik dari 82 x
    45 adalah ….





    Kelipatan 3 antara 7 dan 20 adalah ….

    7, 10, 13, 16

    10, 13, 16, 19

    9, 12, 15, 18

    9, 12, 15, 19

    Kelipatan persekutuan terkecil dri 60
    dan 90 adalah ….





    Faktor persekutuan terbesar dari 48
    dan 64 adalah ….





    Urutan sudut di samping dari terbesar
    hingga terkecil adalah ….


  5. wibisono hey plague manJuly 6, 2014 at 1:09 PM


  6. After I read this, I realized that this was my entire normal strategy.

  7. All hail Spicy the Neurax Worm! All hail Spicy!

  8. Hello.
    First of all i wanted to say that your guides are awesome. Helped me lots to beat Fungus on mega brutal. But here i encountered a problem on Neurax worm or rather glitch/fault. I infected the whole world but 1% and got stuck there, so i checked and found that madagascar is the only country with 99% infected. By checking country details i found this - 0 healthy people, 20'708'943 infected and 4.9k dead. So at this point i remembered that Madagascar had an earthquake and killed nearly 5k people early in the game. At this stage in the game cure percentage has stopped at 35 and only dna points i get is for popping orange bubbles. So i waited for 2 years (in game time) to gather enough points to unlock Genetic swap, which caused symptoms to mutate and unlocked obsession, aggression, insanity frintal mesh and immaturity, at this point people started killing each other and at the first death in marocco i finally got the long waited message that i enslaved the humanity. Took me 1295 days :) got 4biohazards, but was fun and made me make this post here.
    Cheers, have fun :)

  9. Every guide are awesome!!! Thanks a lot!! This strategy is the best, I tried for many ways but didn't win at all hahaha. 412 days, 4 of 5 biohazards. Enjoy the guide

  10. 375 days, cure 25% and only 4 biohazards, why? :\

  11. 2nd time, around 350 days, cure 37%, 4 bios again

  12. Flavia Auditore da FirenzeAugust 13, 2014 at 12:19 PM

    I got 3 out of 5 Biohazards, due to the game deciding that I need a speed bump and skyrocketed the price of Transcendence straight to 60+ DNA. Did not have enough DNA to reduce cure in the end. 376 days with cure at 59%.

  13. Thank you for this, I thought I was crazy.

  14. 345 days 23% Cure completion btu still 4 biohazards.And i ask WHY?......

  15. 328 days. 37% complete cure. Only 3/5 biohazard signs. D= I followed the guide exactly. Any ideas?

  16. Hello Spicy, I've been using your guides on other plagues and I must say they are really good. I'm having problem with this one however, following your strategy step by step, 6 out 6 of games humanity found a cure before being fully infected, and 2 other games I tried to evolve trojan planes after eggs but that didn't work either. I'm using the correct gene setup too. Any thoughts about this? I could use some help.

  17. Everyone was infected, and every country worshipping the worm; no research facilities active. game continued for 2 years after this point with (despite the lack of active research) the cure progression creeping up 1% every 2 months or so. eventually got to 100% and distributed, so I lost. Was this a bug?

  18. 3/5 Bios. Transcendence ended up over 70 DNA. None left to destroy cure. 69% cure with 381 days.

  19. Didn't seem to work anymore. Followed to a T. Even the offset you missed *cough*

    Tried it three times now and you run out of DNA before you can get transcendence which costs 70.
    The closest I've gotten was 54 then they cured it.

  20. I lose hahaha after i upgraded confusion the cure has been completed hahah coz the trascendence DNA cost is 72.. hahah

  21. Joshua Kallen SerboJanuary 19, 2015 at 10:05 AM

    Used this guide and I managed to infect everyone as well as get Transcendence before the cure reaches a hundred. But there was a bug (I think?) wherein the no healthy people left message is not displayed thus, the "Worm enslaves humanity" message is not triggered, too, leading to the game not ending. Only managed to end the game when I took the Suicide symptom.

  22. when and how do you get trojan planes? It's not listed anywhere as an ability you get.

  23. This Guide is outdated at this point. In the past, you were able to get trojan planes to pop-out without having to put a point into the ability itself, but with the recent change I think you are going to have to.

    I will try to write-up a mutation 10 guide, if I can.

  24. Best I could do (without guide) on mutation 10

  25. Using this guide I finally won on the 4th try with 100% cure somehow

  26. My playthrough. 4/5 Biohazards: