Plague Inc. Not Another Zombie Game Achievement Guide & Walkthrough

The Not Another Zombie Game, NAZG for short, is an achievement that can only be unlocked by playing the special plague type, Necroa Virus. As NAZG's description suggests, you'll need to win a game without the use of zombies--totally defeats the purpose of Necroa Virus being the simulated zombie apocalypse, huh? If you've already tried to this by yourself, you'll realize that it isn't easy to do even at Casual difficulty. This is because without zombies, you kill people at an extremely slow rate, which in turn let's countries take their sweet time in developing a cure. With this guide, we'll make countries fear the Necroa Virus even without the zombies-too much zombie games today anyway.

Credits to Botoshel for this amazing strategy and to StarViruZ of appaddict.org for posting an achievement guide(Link Here).

I'll explain a few things before we continue on with the guide. Basically, we'll rely on news banners and pop-up events to help us slow down the cure to a crawl. By forcing these events to happen, the world will make an assumption that our virus is a form of rabies, but in the end they'll find themselves scratching their heads and totally stop the development of a cure--I guess being wrong really affected their confidence.

The only thing I can think of that can make you fail are mutations. Obviously, you'd want to avoid the mutation of Cytopathic Reanimation which triggers zombie mode. DNA will be scarce so devolving wouldn't really be advisable. If this happens, nothing to do but restart.

The NAZG achievement also takes a long time to finish. The most recent game I did finished at 2,000+ days. Patience will really be tested. That about covers everything, I guess. Now, the guide.

Gene setup:

  • Cytochrome Surge
  • Aerocyte
  • Creationist
  • Xerophile
  • No Zombies so no zombie genes.

1.) Start in India

2.) Evolve Saliva 1, Zoonotic Shift, and Bat 1

3.) Keep an eye on the news banner and wait for this news to appear:
Colony of rabid bats triggers town evacuation
If this doesn't appear when India is completely infected, Start over.

4.) After seeing the news banner above, devolve Bat 1

5.) Evolve Drug Resistance 1, Genetic Hardening, and Genetic Re-Shuffle 1 & 2

6.) Again, wait for these two news banners to appear before continuing on:
WHO starts Rabies Eradication Initiative

Film about Rabies epidemic becomes global hit
7.) Once you've seen both new banners above continue by evolving Gastrointestinal Expansion and Cold Resistance 1 & 2

8.) Wait until the world is completely infected. (No Healthy person left pop-up appears)

9.) Evolve the following: Insomnia, Fever, Photophobia, Coma, Acute Encephalitis, and Hyper Salivation.

10.) Wait for this pop-up to appear
[plague name] is a form of Rabies
11.) Immediately devolve Zoonotic Shift after seeing the pop-up above.

12.) After some time, the final pop-up should appear
[plague name]/Rabies link 'false'
After seeing this pop-up, the cure should slow down significantly and after a while should stop completely. You are now free to eradicate humanity without the use of zombies. The whole process of killing take a long time, a really really long time. This is where your patience will be slightly tested.

If nothing goes wrong like mutating Cytopathic Reanimation, you'll finish this game with ease. If somehow that zombie symptom mutates, try to devolve it right away.

I hope this guide has helped you unlock the NAZG achievement. Thanks for reading this guide and Happy Spicy Gaming!


  1. I remember doing this achievement by just infecting and killing everybody. I remember it took like 3500 days for me. I had to reset my iPad for reasons so now I have to do this all over again. :/

  2. MEV-1?

    I see what you did here. :D

  3. BTW, Spicy. Cytopathic Reanimation CAN'T be devolved. Mutation of this symptom triggers activation of zombie stuff everywhere in diesease menu. Believe me. I tried to do so.

    About it's ability to be very damn long. I remember a vid of YT user "caramida9". It was really long. One hour for sure.

    1. Thanks for checking this Ermac!

      I think there are tons of strategies for this achievement but every one of them takes quite a bit of time. Necroa Virus without zombies just isn't right - I guess.

    2. It's a goddamn zombie apocalipse. That's why it isn't right.

      There may be tons of them but only Botoshel's strategy proved to be superior.

  4. Ariel Iván AguayoJuly 17, 2014 at 5:35 AM

    Got it despite the last two pop-ups not appearing. Even though cure progress got to 98%, it doesn't matter once each government falls. Just always devolve any symptom one away from zombie mode. ^^

  5. I just got through this and got the achievement, but it took 4,000+ days to get through. I guess what happened was that I evolved the genetic reshuffle 1 and 2 and some of the symptoms a little late because I didn't have the DNA and it delayed the Rabies pop-ups from appearing. I eventually got some DNA from orange bubbles and slowly killing off the population to devolve all the symptoms that mutated and stop the cure completely around 93%. For about an hour, I was having doubts I was actually gonna beat this one. I only got a score of 1,140 and one bio-hazard.

  6. Wtf i played 20 and never get first appear with colony of rabit bat. Why?

  7. Are you checking your news ticker? Sometimes the news doesn't appear on the world screen and needs to be checked directly on the news page.

  8. I've had to start over 6 times now since I never got the first pop up, and I've had the news ticker open watching it like a hawk :/

  9. I did it without any guides. More than 2 hours. I evolved all symptoms. I was scared because Cytopathic Reanimation could mutate, but it didn't! I had a lot of luck. Well, other symptoms next to it mutated, but I devolved them. One hour playing, one hour watching people dying slowly.

  10. Oh, and no guides means no rabies. What a cure speed...

  11. i dont know why but [plague name] is a form of Rabies and [plague name]/Rabies link 'false'didnt even appear. everything else appeared. for some reason it still worked. i was about to win even without this events. but then when 6.7 billion were already dead cytopathic reanimation mutated -.- i raged so hard xD

  12. I had to evolve Bat 2 in order to make the banner pop up. After trying many games without it, only trying Bat 1, it was successful when I did Bat 2.

  13. I rescind this statement. It finally appeared with only Bat 1. It wouldn't appear before. Maybe the update fixed the problem?

  14. Never got the last pop-up, but got the achievement anyway. THX!

  15. Hey. I must have tried this at least 20 times and cannot get the first pop up to appear at all. I'm playing on an android. Any tips or advice on why it doesn't work?

  16. Great guide! I try it on normal, but the cure was advancing very fast, so I tried it againd on casual difficulty. Works great on IOS and Android.I also devolved any symptom next to Cytopathic Reanimation. Anyway, killing process is very very very long: 2480 days!

  17. It worked on my tenth try(also Android), you should probably keep trying until it works. I think the popup has a pretty low probability of appearing.


  19. News ticker: 20 September 2015: Botoshel solves NAZG mystery.

  20. same problem :S did you find a solution ? also does anyone know if there's a android version for this game >? http://www.tequilazombies3.com/ tequila zombies 3?
    thank you

  21. Hey Mike. I gave up - I tried for weeks and never found a solution. I haven't played the game in some time. I might go back to it one day. Let me know if you ever manage it!

  22. The Threat is Real (UK)July 13, 2015 at 8:54 PM

    No way, don't know what's going on here, but I have tried this several times now & this method just doesn't work. You will ALWAYS have to devolve at least one mutation & that is the difference between success & failure. I couldn't even get Hyper Salvation, you have about 55 points, you can't do it