Ice Ice Age (Bacteria 3-bio Mega-Brutal)

Hello guys! mosh2841 here with another scenario guide for you. I've seen a couple requests for bacteria guides for scenarios so I'm going to start fleshing out some strategies for them starting with Ice Age. Large amounts of credit to this guide go out to IcePanda he was able to complete this scenario on both the Steam version as well as the Mobile version. We spent several hours working on this guide trying to perfect the strategy to a point where it should work as long as certain events don't take place too soon or at all.

Many countries in this scenario have changed their temperature(hot/cold) as well as their climate(humid/arid) so Bacterial Resistance should serve us well. We will be starting in India because they are a balanced, humid climate with a huge population to infect.

***Plague Inc: Evolved Video Coming Soon***

I've had several sucessfuly attempts for my video, but sadly each time I've accidentally paused or stopped it so huge chunks of game play are missing. But If you follow this guide and are quick to adapt to the game, 3 bio hazards should be in order.

A few things can negatively  impact your chances at getting 3-Bio Hazards:

1) Scientists increase understanding of: Diarrhea this will stop us from getting Dysentery which is a major bummer (Fever or Inflammation are also unfortunate, but won't ruin the game for us if they happen)
2) Early WHO Watch List(Depending on how early this happens either invest into Genetic Hardening or consider restarting)
3) WHO Threat Level Increased if this happens before 6 months I'd restart, otherwise I'd play it out but it will certainly lower your chances of 3-bio hazards.
4) Genetic Drift can make a 27 point Necrosis cost an upwards of 30-60 DNA if you wait too long to evolve or are unlucky with your mutations.
5) Don't make the mistake of getting to lethal too fast, if Total Organ Failure mutates before you have Greenland/Iceland mostly infected you will kill all your hosts, so don't be afraid to devolve symptoms if they happen too soon.

Gene Setup:
ATP Boost - We need this to unlock our projectile vomitting combo right away for maximum infectivity.
Darwinist - This is honestly one of my favorite genes in the game. Increased mutation chance with no cure increase, gotta love it.
Teracyte - Helps you spread to countries that can only be infected by land borders.
Hydrophile - Lots of countries are humid, including our starting country: India
Sympto-Stasis - We are using symptoms to boost our infectivity, as well as eventually to destroy the world. Can't live without this one.

Remember to always spend your DNA as it is available to you. It won't do to hoard up, because you will be wasting out on potential infectivity. And also it will leave you open for Genetic Drift to screw you over. 

Also Remember that each game is different, and you will need to adjust the strategy on the fly based on country infection rate and random events.

1) Start in India and immediately evolve: Coughing, Nausea

2)As soon as you have DNA evolve:
-Vomiting (Finishes off our Projectile Vomiting Combo)
-Pneumonia (increases severity in cold countries)

3) Evove Bacterial Resistance 1

4) The following symptoms are evolved in order to increase infectivity
-Hyper Sensitivity (increases severity in rich countries)
-Sweating  (increases severity in cold countries)

5) Water 1 is evolved so we can start infecting islands immediately, as well as a bonus to infectivity for humid countries.

6) The following are evolved for further infectivity, also to be closer to mutations we want for later
-Diarrhea (random chance to mutate Dysentery)
-Skin Lesions (random chance to mutate Necrosis)

7)  It's essential we keep up with our cold resistance so we continue with the following abilities
-Bacterial Resistance 2
-Cold 1

8) We grab water 2 so we can get the rest of the islands and get more of a boost for humid climates, and Bird 1 is to help with land transmission
-Water 2
-Bird 1

9) Got to keep on fleshing out the resistances so we can infect 100% in a timely manner
-Bacterial Resistance 3
-Cold Resistance 2
-Drug Resistance 1

10)  We grab Bird 2 to proc extreme migration event if it pops up, also to further increase our land transmission, and Air 1 helps with both arid countries and plane transmissions.
-Bird 2
-Air 1

11) Grab these, if they haven't already evolved
-Abscesses(We grab this later so we don't accidentally evolve tumors right off the bat)
-Necrosis(Hoping for this symptoms to mutate, grab it with DNA if you have to, so it doesn't get too costly)
-Dysentery(Hoping for this symptom to mutate, grab it with DNA if you have to, so it doesn't get too costly)

12)  Drug Resistance 2 so you can get Norway/Sweden/Finland. As far as Genetric Hardening goes time it according to when you are placed on the who threat list, the sooner that event happens the sooner you need to follow up with Genetic Hardening. Again if you are placed on the WHO's Watch List too soon, it might be impossible to get 3 bio-hazards.
-Genetic Hardening 1(get first only if on watch list)
-Drug Resistance 2(get first if not on watch list)
-Heat 1
-Genetic Hardening 2

13)  Grab these symptoms since they should help us kill people just a bit more quickly and Coma will help us out on the cure and let us randomly evolve total organ failure
-Hemorrhagic Shock
-Pulmonary Edema
-Coma(If your cure% is too high grab this, don't forget your genetic hardening first though!)

14) These are to lower your cure to a range low enough to win with 3 stars, and heat is so you can increase infectivity the few countries that are hot.
-Genetic Reshuffle 1
-Genetic Reshuffle 2

15) At this point you should have the world infected and could pick up any lethal symptoms which you can afford

17) Congratz! You have completed Ice Age on Bacteria!


  1. Nice to see some bacteria Scenario guides being made :)

    I am trying to finish all of the scenario with everysingle plague starting with Bacteria (already done with the Neurax) as you know. The ones I am currintely having trouble are Global Warming, Golden Age, Shut Down Everything (although I am pretty close) and Pirate Plague. I would appreciate tons if you could help :)

  2. I think Global Warming should be easier than Ice Age. I have a strategy in mind that I think should be fairly solid. Sadly I have to go wait tables tonight so I won't be able to post it. But after I get off I will work up a rough draft, and then I'll try and post a final version tomorrow afternoon.

  3. Shut down everything is pretty easy with neurax worm, just get transcedence earlier before genetic drift starts to kick in

  4. -Pneumonia (Helps with cold resistance) -Hyper Sensitivity (Helps in Rich Countries) -Sweating (Helps with cold resistance)
    This does not increase infectivity in cold/rich countries. It increases severity.
    I noticed how you bolded the win in darwinist :P

  5. He's done it with Neurax worm, he is having problems with it on bacteria.

  6. They are pretty much the same, the problem I am having with global warming is the starting country. The infection rate at the beggining is too low therefore I am not able to finish the game before 400 something days ... China, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia don't work. I think Russia is the best bet but dunno

  7. What are you using for your Gene Setup?

  8. ATP, Aqua, Sympto (sometimes Trans depending on the strategy),Darwinist and Xerophile (or Extremophile depending on the initial country)

  9. Yeah, I might have to go back to the drawing board on this on. I took many tries and was having problems similarly to you. The main problem is the only countries with balanced climates, are Poland/Baltic States/Central Europe. And those places are terrible to start. And the entire rest of the world is either hot or cold. I'm going to keep trying. I think China/India have to be the best place to start, but I'm struggling to find the right mutation pattern for quick infection.

  10. I noticed all the hot countries who are supposed to be a good place to start (China, Brasil, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, etc) have a very slow infection rate at the beginning (even with native biome) and it only gets better after Heat Resistance which costs too much dna at the beginning. And all the balanced countries are not a good place to start either as you mentioned. So I think that it would be a good idea to start in a cold, not rich country with a seaport and a airport. The only one that suits this condition is Russia which is not a good place to start either. Maybe it would be better to get Heat Resistance and Native Biome gene set up in India or China or find another place to start

  11. I can't imagine any other hot countries other than China/India and maybe Egypt being worth it. I'll try a few games starting in a cold country but I can't imagine the infection rate would be much higher. This certainly seems to be quite a task indeed.

  12. Yep i am working but later i'll try again in india and china evolving heat resistance right off the bat (and i think that maybe native biome can help as well)

  13. Finally after so many tries, it was working on IOS with few changes. Anyway, Greenland was all the time the hardest to infect. My changes: I evolved from the beginning Rash, Sweating, Nausea, then Vomiting, Coughing, Sneezing, Skin Lesion, Bacterial Resistance 1, Cysts, Abscesses, Hyper Sensitivity, Diarrhea, Pneumonia. After that I followed the guide and I got 330 days and 43% cure.