Guides in Progress by Mosh2841

blogger Hey guys! Mosh here, just wanted to give you an update on some of the guides I'm working on for you guys.

As far as my Neurax Worm guide goes, I would like to post the remaining scenarios Strategies up right away for your viewing pleasure. I will be attempting to compress the guide into a singular Neurax Worm guide with sub-sections detailing the variations needed to complete each specific Scenario.

But before I finish that up I've got some sweet Bacteria guides I'm working on starting with a fantastic Ice Age build that has yielded some great success for me and my friends. After I finish working on that guide I will be releasing a Global Warming Bacteria guide, and eventually work my way on to the harder Golden Age and Shut Down Everything Scenarios.

I also plan on writing guides for many other plague types. Specifically: Virus, Nano-Virus, and Bio-Weapon. So if there is any guide you'd like for one of these plague types, as well as Bacteria or Neurax Worm let us know in the comments and either me or another editor will make our best effort to get a guide polished up for you.

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