Plague Inc Myth #1: Why You Should Not Start in Greenland in Mega-Brutal.

blogger Admit it at some point you have thought about of infecting Greenland first in Plague Inc in mega-brutal.

   At first this seems like a good idea until your realize that it is extremely cold and you have to evolve not only drug resistance I and drug resistance II to infect Norway, Sweden, and the other European Countries. You also have to evolve cold resistance I and cold resistance II. (To infect and spread easy in Greenland) It can take up to 200 days to get a foothold and that is just spreading out of Greenland. By this time you have de facto gotten rid of your chance to get 3 Biohazards in scenarios (In Mega-Brutal) but you also have gotten noticed also in Mega-Brutal even if you have evolved no symptoms due to random blood tests in mega-brutal. At this point ports and countries will still freak out. If anything Greenland is one of the WORST PLACES TO START. I normally wouldn't speak out majorly against this but I have seen this going around in the forums and it is HAZARDOUS ADVICE. (Pun Not Intended) This is bad as it is making people waste time on infecting Greenland instead of mass-evolving symptoms using sympto-stasis as we have been using on our guides and getting mass-amounts of people infected quick. This is just a general warning to not start in Greenland even if it seems tempting. If I am missing something or am incorrect feel free to comment in the comment section below!

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