Plague inc. 1 million points guide

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This guide will probably not work either on the Android either. I am not sure because I don't have an Android device.

I thought I would get the score of 1 million on Necroa Virus because of it's extremely favorable scoring system. Getting 190 days 5% Nanovirus on Casual gets you around 60k points. Getting 350 days 5% Necroa on Casual gets you 250k points. However, there are a few problems. MegaBrutal is EXTREMELY HARD. In all of the other diseases in MegaBrutal, they added the Genetic Drift (the more people infected, the more DNA traits cost, up to double the cost at everyone infected), random blood tests,  which can detect your disease even when there's absolutely no severity, infection is slower and that the cure is faster. However, in MegaBrutal Necroa, ZCOM requires like 130 severity to kill, expands faster, the zombie decay rate is like 20 times as fast and the countries are themselves harder to kill everyone with zombies. The decreased infection rate hurts Necroa more than the other diseases because it's really hard to get infectivity without transstasis. It is pretty much impossible to get 100 infectivity. Meanwhile on all other diseases, 100 infectivity is really easy.

A while ago there was this glitch that let you generate infinite DNA. This worked on Nanovirus, Bioweapon and Fungus. You could go Pathostasis/Symptostasis (depending on disease) and evolve/devolve any of the 0 DNA symptoms on nanovirus, Spore Burst in Fungus and the 1 DNA thingy in bioweapon (the amount you get from devolving decreases only in Brutal and MegaBrutal so we will play this in Normal) I decided that doing this on Fungus would be the best idea. This is because have a huge starting boost with spore burst, the scoring system is more favorable for fungus than bioweapon or nanovirus and we can save a few spore bursts for greenland and some other annoying countries.

DNA gene: Doesn't really matter, I use metabolic hijack
Travel gene: Aquacyte, Aerocyte or Teracyte
Evolution Gene: Pathostasis obviously THIS IS ESSENTIAL
Mutation Gene: Doesn't really matter, I perfer Genetic Mimic
Envirnoment Gene: Extremophile

It doesn't really matter where you start. I perfer to start in a moderate temperature country so it has ok resistances for cold/heat. Go to the abilities tab and keep on repeatedly evolve/devolve a spore burst. You can use the enter key for devolving stuff. Just keep on clicking on the evolve/devolve button and pressing enter to confirm. An autoclicker makes your hands get less excerise if you want. You can stop at around 700 DNA. SAVE YOUR GAME AND DO NOT EVER DELETE IT (so you can redo this for a better score if you want. Even if Ndemic fixes this, you'll still have the save file with 700 DNA.) Evolve every transmission, every ability except for genetic reshuffles 1/2/3 (we can get them later). Then devolve 3 spore bursts. We will have all of the spore eruptions/spore hardening and we will use these spore bursts later when there are a few island countries left. For symptoms, evolve Coughing, Sneezing, Pneumonia, Pulmonary Oedema, Diarrohea, Dysentery, Insanity, Cysts, Abcesses, Systemic Infection, Rash, Sweating, Skin Lesions and Necrosis.

Now wait until there are only 3 uninfected countries. Then use your 3 remaining spore bursts. Then evolve every remaining lethal symptom and Haemophilia (you do not have to evolve any others). Spend the remaining DNA on genetic reshuffles. Make more DNA if necessary.
I have only tried this once. I got a score of around 1,500,000 points.


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