Plague Inc is Evolving Into Another Platform

Plague Inc: Evolved has been confirmed to be coming to another platform. What is it and when will it be released? Find on out below!


   Ndemic Creations the maker of Plague Inc have confirmed that the game is coming to the Xbox One soon. They released the news and you can see it by (clicking here). Although no date has been released it seems it will come out for release in 2014-2015. Unless something has changed and an announcement of features comes out, it have all the features of the IOS and the PC and possibly more. 

   I am personally excited for the news as Plague Inc is one of my favorite IOS games that has recently been released. The big issues is if the multiplayer will have more depth then the single-player game and if it will have additional features compared to its origin on the IOS. Another big concern I have is if the one man team at Ndemic Creations can handle this many platforms for their games all at once. For example, if a game breaking glitch was found in the Xbox One version and others would it be months for him to be able to fix it? That being said I am sure he has it under control by hiring other employees. I am personally still waiting for the still unannounced plague. If anything can be gained from the released information so far we can gather that Ndemic Creations will have their hands full for updates throughout the year of 2014.

   A good question to wonder is if there are going to more achievements in the Xbox One version compared to the IOS version. I am also wondering what achievements that will be unlocked in the Xbox One version of Plague Inc and how it will factor into the Xbox One gamerscore system. It is possible that combos could be 5 gamerscore out 1000 possible in the game and that beating all of plagues in the game will give you 200 gamerscore. 

   Personally this game looks awesome and I can't wait it comes out. That being said again I would hope that they add a lot more achievements and plagues and the like then the regular IOS version of the game. I am personally okay with them taking time to make it as good as they possibly can due to the fact that there is already a released version of it on the IOS and due to the fact that they should iron out all the bugs that they possibly can find in the Xbox One version as it is more expensive then the IOS version.

   What new features should they add for Plague Inc: Evolved on the Xbox One version? Feel free to comment on the comment forum below to share your thoughts and opinions about what features that they should add! What is your opinion also on whether it should of spread to the Xbox One? Are you excited? 

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