Plague Inc. [Submitted Guide] Chernobyl Achievements

This guide has been written and submitted by mace. 

Spicy's comments: I have not tested this guide yet, so be sure to comment and give feedback for its improvement.I have not made any significant changes to this guide. The only changes I have made were to make it easier for people to follow it.

First of all, the messages in the game I write about are translated from my German version, so please excuse if the wording is not exactly the same what you might see in the English version.

To get these achievements you have to follow a special order of actions.
Start Necroa Virus on normal in Ukraine. As genes you should use "Creationist", the rest doesn't seem to matter. I prefer "ATP Boost" for a quick start. If early mutations occur, devolve them until it's the time to evolve symptoms
Evolve "zoonotic Shift" and "Saliva 1". Wait for a message in the news banner saying: "Chernobyl tourist is recovering after an animal attack".

Then evolve "Bat 1" and "Bird 1".
Wait for news in the ticker "wild dogs attack tourists in Chernobyl" and "Military is fighting against wild animals in Chernobyl".

Save DNA and evolve symptoms from "Insomnia" to "Cytopathic Reanimation".
This is the common trunk for all three achievements. For each of them you now have to go different paths:

1. Achievement "Hide and Seek"
Wait for Pop-up: "disease started in Chernobyl", then devolve "Bat 1" and "Bird 1". Wait for another Pop-up saying that there's no link between the disease and Chernobyl and you for that one.

2. Achievement "Test this"
After the disease started Pop-up wait for another saying "animals in Chernobyl infected with disease". Now evolve "Bat 2" and "Bird 2" and you will get the achievement with a message telling that Chernobyl research on animals failed.

3. Achievement "Breathe deep"
After the Pop-ups with disease started and infected animals do nothing and wait for another Pop-up telling you that tests with animals from Chernobyl have been successful. Now evolve transmissions up to "Air 3". You get the achievement after the Pop-up telling you that the Chernobyl Research Team has been infected.

Cure Progression can be ignored, but you can use genetic reshuffles if you need more time.
Good luck!

Credits to mace for submitting this guide!


  1. I test the steps twice, and I realized that you got to devolve bat1, bird1, and zoonotic shift to unlock Hide & Seek.

  2. Andrea C. PrandoJune 21, 2015 at 9:18 PM

    Right. You've got to devolve zoonotic shift too