Plague Inc. [Submitted Guide] Giza Achievements Guide

This guide has been submitted by mace through our Submit a Guide section.

Spicy's Comments: I haven't checked this guide out yet, so be sure to comment and give feedback for its improvement. The guide, in its entirety, was simply copy-pasted from submission. The only changes I've made were the guide's structure, to make it easier to follow, and some spelling errors.

First of all, the messages in the game I write about are translated from my German version, so please excuse if the wording is not exactly the same what you might see in the English version.

To get these achievements you have to follow a special order of actions.
Start Necroa Virus in Egypt. I suggest normal difficulty. Gene code doesn't seem to matter. I prefer "ATP Boost" for a quick start and Creationist for keeping unwanted mutations down.

Evolve "Heat resistance 1" and "Saliva 1". Wait for a Pop-up saying: "Research on Giza pyramid tomb continues"

Then you have to wait for news in the ticker:"hieroglyphs in gizeh warn about an ancient plague" and "mummy with bite marks discovered in Giza".

Sometimes the news aren't displayed in the ticker so keep checking all of the news by clicking on the news bar.

Save DNA (45) and evolve symptoms from "Insomnia" to "Cytopathic Reanimation" and wait for Pop-up "disease may have originated in Giza"

This is the common trunk for all three achievements. For each of them you now have to go different paths
1. Achievement "Getting colder": 
Devolve "Heat 1" and evolve "Cold resistance 1 + 2". Wait for another Pop-up saying that DNA showed no link between the disease and Giza and you got it.

2. Achievement "It's a trap": 
Evolve "Zoonotic shift", "Insect 1" and "Rodent 1 + 2" and wait for a message that DNA shows link between Giza and the disease. Now evolve "horde instinct", "Autolytic Decay" up to "Liquefactive Resistance" and all the abilities in the trunk of "Regenerative Activation" and you will get the achievement with a message telling that an expedition to Giza pyramid failed.

3. Achievement "Revenge of Osiris": 
First continue the way as it is described for achievement 2, but at the time the pop-up with link between Giza and the disease only evolve "Autolytic Decay" up to "Liquefactive Resistance" and "Regenerative Activation". Now a Pop-up should appear telling that expedition to Giza was a success. Now continue with evolving symptoms in the upper right trunk up to "Cranial Elephantitis". Wait for a pop-up saying that there was a high number of military casualties and you're done.

Cure Progression can be ignored, but you can use genetic reshuffles if you need more time.
Good luck!

Credits to mace for this guide!


  1. Ariel Iván AguayoJuly 15, 2014 at 2:02 AM

    Almost seemed like I wouldn't get the last one. Evolved bone dysplasia just in case and got it even though it said success. Don't give up. ^-^

  2. I found a slightly different path to "revenge of osiris", as this one wasn't working for me.

    1st...follow the path to Cytopathic Reanimation.
    I didnt go farther, as I didn't want to kill to quickly in Egypt.

    2nd . wait for 'disease may have originated in Giza'

    3rd Evolve 'zonotic shift', insect 1, rat 1, bird 1, bat 1 (insect + rat 1,2 probably is just as good..maybe better..maybe)

    4th Wait for 'link between Giza and the disease'

    5th Evolve symptons 'Anaerobic resperation' 'enhanced motor control' 'peptide surge' and 'dermal calcification'

    6th During this/and or wait for 2 pop ups. 1. Giza was a success and 2. A pop up about the indication of a waekness in the zombies head that might be taken advantage of

    7 Evolve cranal elephentitis

    8. Get pop up about botch military tests to yield achievement