Possible end of mobile gaming how we could change that.

Picture being on your favorite game but it disappearing in your hands.........

What do I mean? Are games literally disappearing? Not literally no not at all! In fact profit-wise they are doing better then ever. What I mean by games dying is quality games being published.
Most of the quality decline focuses on the non-traditional gaming such as online games, mobile games, and the like. The problem is not in profit or in revenue but due to the new trend in gaming called "freemium" games. You have most likely seen or have one right now. They are games that are "free" but to move up high in the leaderboards or to move up in the community you have to purchase in-game currency.  A example of games that are freemium are Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, and the like. They are also both #1 and #2 on the Apple "App Store". So it doesn't seem like the tide of freemium games will stop anytime soon. Read on below to continue reading.
 Note for the above: Not made by Yo it's Spicy team.

  The reason companies are doing this is it is PROFITABLE and by buying gems (Clash of Clans) and the like you are just causing them to WANT TO DO IT AGAIN. Most of them are rightly called "Pay 2 Win" as they is basically what they are. It also does not seem like freemium games will go away any time soon if we don't change course. If people don't speak up about this and stop paying for various freemium items they are not going to change anything unless we speak up.
   The reason that this could ruin the fun for the vast majority of gamers is due to the fact that it mostly only helps the top 1-3% of spenders and hurt almost 97% of the people who are currently playing the game. The downside of this is that the 1-3% of people pay so much more then charging everyone in the game. It is also the reason why Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga is both #1 and #2 on the current IOS leaderboards. I do not know how many good games have been ruined by the fact that you have to buy gems or money in order to progress in the game. I personally loved Clash of Clans as a idea but the fact that it was a freemium game ruined some of it's potential as a great game. (Read the review by clicking the here.) Does this mean that the game was totally ruined? No! It still did ruin some if its potential as a game. Unless we stop funding them (By buying gems) they will continue to crank out freemium games and they will keep getting money. The idea that in the future that the top IOS games (Top 20) are all freemium games disgusts me. 

There is even a psychological reason on why they work as a medium a in-depth explaination is found if you click the here. The reason is that people sometimes see it as "free" and then buy it compared to people who would normally not take a chance spending $0.99 on a game. 

   Is there a solution to this? A good idea may be to have free trials on the app store for 1 hour to allow people to see if they would enjoy the game or not. This would take off some of the people who just buy freemium games because they are nervous the game will not be good due to the fact that most IOS apps have overinflated ratings on the app store. I personally think that this could improve the quality of games on the app store at least. A similar solution could be imposed on the Android Store. This could be up the developer to decide if he wants to try this. While it may not be heavily infesting the console world at the moment it is currently making grounds on consoles. A good example of it on consoles is the current World of Tanks. It is certainly that needs to be closely inspected by any serious gamer. Remember a good way to simply stop the spread of cheapy freemium games is simply not buying the premium currency. I would also like to note that I am not saying all freemium games are bad but it is certainly hurting the quality of games. I am actually at the moment making Clash of Clans guides. My fear is that it may take over console games and lower the quality overall of video games.

   This video game review was written by Jake and he is currently making Plague Inc. guides and Clash of Clans Guides for Yo It's Spicy.

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