Xenophobia (Virus Mega-Brutal 3 Bio Guide)

blogger In the Xenophobia Scenario everyone is afraid to let foreigners in to their countries so land transmission is harder. Viruses are very quick to destroy humanity so they make for the perfect candidate for a 3-bio victory on this scenario.

The main downside to viruses is they are unpredictable, so this guide is not guaranteed. Certain countries will catch onto you quickly, which is why I recommend trans-stasis in this build.

You are relying on mutations for your abilities and symptoms while trying to boost your infectivity and mutation chance simultaneously.

With some good luck and guided mutations, you will be able to destroy humanity in under a year.

Gene Setup:
ATP Boost - Great little start so you can get your virus rolling out the door.
Aquacyte - This is to help us get those pesky islands... Bastards.
Trans-Stasis - Normally I would suggest Sympto-Statis, but because people are scared of Foreigners trans stasis will help you take over the world a bit faster(plus your mutation chances will be higher from more transmissions, not to mention non-human transmissions)
Base Hydrolysis - This kind of adds a level of randomness to the success of the strategy in that if you don't get any good ability mutations the downside of the cure being easier can hurt you. That being said, most of the time you will be lucky enough to mutate some great abilities.
Urbophile - Extremophilie and Hydrophile are also options.

1)Start in China
2)Evolve Rodent 1
3) Evolve the following symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting, Coughing(projectile vomiting combo helps out the most)
4) Evolve the following transmissions:
-Bird 1
-Insect 1
-Water 1
-Livestock 1
5)Evolve the following Abilities:
-Cold 1
-Drug 1
-Viral Instability 1
6) Evolve the following transmissions:
-Bird 2
-Livestock 2
-Rodent 2
-Extreme Zoonosis
-Insect 2
-Water 2
7)Grab up Viral Instability 2/3 and Cold 2 & Drug 2 if they haven't already mutated.
8) Evolve Pneumonia, Rash, Sneezing, Sweating, Skin Lesions, Diarrhea, Cysts and Hyper Sensitivity if not already mutated.
9) Once you have most of the island countries evolve Necrosis, Dysentery, Paralysis and Coma
10) Once you every everything infected enough go full on with as many lethal symptoms as you can buy.
11) Congratz, if and island country didn't evade your virus you have Completed Xenophobia


  1. I have now played this about five times, and every time there was one country that didn't get infected. One time Greenland, another Caribbean, third time Morocco, then suddenly Madagascar. I found this very frustration, I'll keep on trying, but I think it could be improved a bit.

  2. This guide is a bit dated at this point, some balance changes to the game might affect the success rate of this guide. If I have time I'll update it.

  3. Yeah, that would be great. I've tried tweaking it here and there hoping it might work, but I kind of gave up a bit. Looking forward to an update :D

  4. This guide got me 3 hazard rating on my first try on mega brutal. Luck? Perhaps... But this definately helped.
    Total score: 76,435
    Time: 343 days
    Cure: 42%