Plague Inc Update Has Arrived (1.9)


   The simian flu update is now live on the app store! This is just some general coverage and some updates for the guide to come. I suggest you get the update! This guide will be rapidly updated as the day progresses.
   Mutation 1.9 is now live for Plague Inc. I have to say it was a pretty cool update from what I have played so far. It is MUCH harder then necroa virus or the neurax worm from what I have played so far but that just might be because I haven't unlocked the new genes for the plague yet and the fact that I just got it. Overall, it is a pretty cool plague and one of my favorites so far.

   We should have a guide up in a couple of days and I suggest you play it in casual to unlock all of the genes before you play our strategy guide. That being said, we should have a strategy guide up in a day or two depending on the difficulty.

   Hope you have a great day!


  1. tried it.
    Looks to be not only a "cosmetic" change but a new way of playing.
    Basically to win you have to make monkey much more numerous than human. Not all human need to be dead or infected: in casual I managed to win with a few people not infected in groenland.
    Donno if it's possible to win without intelligent monkey. You need them to destroy special research facilities that boost research speed a lot. you may use them to attack human too, but that does not seems compulsory.
    Anyway it's tasty, or should I say: spicy! :)

  2. It's possible. I killed off the humans without getting a single sentient ape.

  3. But monkeys can't be created, you need to kill humans to out number them :)

  4. Hrms. been playing the game and my ape colonies keep getting hit by Drones. Playing on android on both Tablet and phone. Any way to move my colonies? I have see it done on the Computer version but cannot do it with the android version.