The International 4 is Underway!

Image from Joindota.com
The biggest competition for every professional DOTA 2 team kicks-off today! Several teams from different regions of the world battle it off for the chance to win over $4 million and the year-round bragging rights as the international DOTA 2 world champions.

I've been a fan of DOTA since its humble beginnings being a mod for Warcraft III, as soon as it hit steam and became a franchise all by itself, I've began to watch various tournaments. The International has to be the biggest competition there is and it's hosted by Valve. The prize pool for the event, that comes from the purchase of compendiums in the DOTA 2 store, has already reached a whooping $10 million dollars. Don't believe me? Check it out here

There are various live streams of games going on through twitch. I, myself, am watching from twitch channels that are linked at joindota.com.

Amazing plays, incredible team-plays, and upsets are bound to happen throughout the span of TI4. I'll be watching as many games as I possibly can and provide more updates as TI4 goes on.

Personally, I'm rooting for Na'Vi, but there a lot of teams I'm watching out for as well. How about you? Which team do you think will win it all?


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