Think About It: Necroa Virus


Welcome to the second edition of Think About It. In this issue, we'll be covering the Necora Virus. Without furthur adue, here is.. Think about It!

If your reading this you probably are a well hardened Plague Inc. Player. We all know the post that alert that asks "What would happen in real life?" It turns out, all these viruses and events can happen, even the special ones such as the Necroa Virus. I'm here today to tell you about some Pandemic Outbreaks and diseases that happen in game, and in real life. This is... Think about it!

Necroa Virus and researching
To start off, we'll do the Necroa Virus. I looked up it, and I found a CDC blog dedicated to Zombie Preparedness. I looked deeper, and I found some stuff on these so  called "Zombies" In a Fictional medical journal presented in Night of the living dead, the author  [Harvard psychiatrist Steven Schlozman] wrote about Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome, caused by an infectious agent.
With this Fictional case, I decided to look at some News Articles. As I looked, I found about 20+ Articles, So I'll show you the most recent ones.

2002 A.D., St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands-
A Bloated, Waterlogged zombie washed up on the shores of the island. People kept their distance, and once the authorities came, they fired several shots at it. Not until a Young Boy grabbed the zombie, a Tourist grabbed an officer's gun and shot the zombie in the head, killing it.

2001 A.D., Sidi-Moussa, Morocco-
In a small Moroccan fishing town, a widespread "Hysteria" case affected 5 people, urging them to kill their relatives in order for human flesh. Those affected were bound with ropes and weights, and dumped into the sea. This is the proof from a small story on a French Newspaper article.

There are dozens of more recent stories, but I focused on zombiepedia. 
Now tell me, Do you think zombies are real? Post in the comments below!
I'll see you in the Next Edition of.. Think About it!


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  1. Never heard of a case of Zombies in France... despite living here for years... :D
    Nearest stuff I know of a zombie epidemic was shown in the movie "28 days later".
    Basically it is a form of rabies, except people infected behave like dog infected with rabies (ie: people infected with normal rabies do not think at all at biting whatever is around).
    What would be wrong with Zombies? Hum...
    1- When you shoot at zombie (except in the head), they survive. Even if you remove a full limb. Impossible in true life: human and big animal in general need a system to bring food and oxygen to all their organs. That system is the circulatory system. When it does not work, the part that doesn't get food and oxygen start to die: ie: necrosis. Anaerobia could work, but for a very short time. Just try to run without breathing, you'll see :D.
    2-Zombie only want to bite people
    Well, some mental diseases may exists, some drug may eventually cause it. After all, there is the story of this small village in France when the whole village started to behave weird (but that was more: having sex with everything around) after having eaten bread. This was due to a bread fungy wich produce LSD.
    There are too cases of cannibalism, etc.
    But to do it the degree in "necroa virus" would require people become both enough dumb not to care to be shot at and intelligent enough to search people. Kinda complicated to have both...
    3-Necroa can be transmitted very easily.
    Well after month of having played "plague", I would say only one thing would allow a virus to make everybody zombie like: first infect the whole planet and only then activate some genes that transform human in zombie. Because if not, as soon as people would become zombie-like, they will be quarantined by authorities, and eventually shot down.

    last... one point of view which is not in the game Plague.
    Darwin said something like "surviving of the fittest".
    For a microorganism, the most efficient way to survive is not to kill its host. On the opposite, a host enough healthy despite the disease is a very good place for a microorganism: the microorg is feed, sheltered, and transmitted. What else? :)
    Death of its host is usually either an accident, either a way to transmit itself. And it the last case, the microorganism only does it when it is sure it can be transmitted to enough hosts. If no more hosts, the microorganism die.