Think About It: Simian Flu

Welcome to the first edition of Think about it! Today, we'll be talking about the Simian Flu.

Intro to Simian Flu (Game)
The simian Flu is a playable disease in Plauge Inc, which its first try is free, and if you want to keep on playing, it's USD $1.99. This disease was
part of a  sponsorship deal with Ndemic Creations, advertising the new movie, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. This disease, opens up whole new gameplay,
similar to the Necora Virus gameplay. With this, you can create colonies for DNA points, and rage battles with the humans. Enough with the Intro.

Intro to Simian Flu (Movie)
Now, the movie is about a virus that wiped out most of earth's population, and a small colony of apes, and a small group of survivors live on a dwindling peace.
They eventually went into an all out war, determining who will be the dominant species. (I think you know who the winner is).

So, what happened if this were to happen in real life? I, have seen Planet of the Apes, but never saw this movie. I'm ashamed of that fact, but I will soon watch it.
I looked into the topic of apes getting increased intelligence, to speak english, teach their young, build homes, tame animals, and create colonies. As you probably
already know, apes are smart creatures. People like Jane Goodall and others, have found they create tools to get bugs and other food. (This could be the third upgrade
in the abilities tab where you can let the apes create weapons).

 Upon searching about the Simian Flu, I found a realistic 'Goverment/Office' Website. This showed the path
Of the 'Simian Flu' by 2020, just like in our game. The history of the Simian Flu Lore from the movie is as follows. ALZ-112 and ALZ-113 were supposed to be a virul cure drug
for Alzheimers disease created by Gen-Sys Labs. During the first trial the test ape, "Koba" gave "Robert Franklin" some of the virus. Robert Franklin later sneezed on a pilot
And began a full on pandemic outbreak.(You know the rest)

So, think about it, could this 'simian flu' come in real life? Post in the comments below!


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