Godville: Godpower Accumulator


   The godpower accumulator in the game Godville is a game mechanic which is unlocked in level 5 which allows you to gain 50% of your total godpower for each use. However, if you have over 51% godpower already it will only go up to 100% and will not be 'saved'. Find out the uses of the godpower accumulator and when you should use it below.

   Firstly, it would be wise to list the ways you can get charges.

  • Hero Increased Their Level
  • Arena Winner
  • Convert 100% of your godpower into 1 charge. (Only works for first 3 charges)
  • From a Fully Build Temple (Multiple Charges a Day)
  • And finally, you can simply buy it. 
   It is highly recommended that you use it when you are in these following moments.
  • In an arena battle with less then 50% godpower.
  • Fighting a mini-boss battle
  • Fighting a underground monster
  • In a boss battle
   It is generally recommend to use it on something that would be carrying something worth spending it on such as boss-monsters as they drop golden bricks and other goodies. Don't waste it on a normal monster!

   If you are past level 5 and haven't started to use it, do it! It will allow you to win more arena battles and kill bosses easier and with a less chance of your hero dying. It also allows you to get golden bricks. (If you have a certain amount of gold coins, which is usually 3000 coins) Always check the Godville Times by clicking the news tab on Godville and looking at the current "market quotes" which will give you how many gold coins you need today.

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