Plague Inc. Complete Santa's Little Helper Achievement

Score 3 Biohazards on Santa's Little Helper scenario, this is actually not hard at all. It's very simple. You can even get it on Casual. For the sake of a complete guide-list, I just made a post about this. I'm awesome, right?

As I said, you can get this achievement finishing the Santa's Little Helper scenario on any difficulty. We have a guide for mega-brutal, but I'm pretty sure it'll work for the lower difficulties. Go try it out.

This post will look so empty if I don't go write some useless stuff. Just for the sake of content, let's praise the almighty Neurax Worm.

Almighty Neurax Worm, you are so awesome, please do not make me do stupid stuff like writing a pointless piece just to fill-up a page with content. 

Always guide me in my daily endeavors that I may fulfill them with utmost brilliance and worm-awesomeness.

Ants are dumb. Worms are cool. Spiders are demons and Grasshoppers are insect-horses.

May your blessed tendrils dig deep into my brain, but not cause me to go into Coma.

All praise the worm. *Does best impression of worm dance*

No one actually reads this part, I think I'm good. No one will ever think I'm crazy. Happy Spicy Gaming everyone!

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