Plague Inc. Nano-Virus Brutal Guide / Walkthrough

The Nano-Virus plague type is the 6th out of the 7 basic plagues available when you get Plague Inc. It is unlocked by successfully finishing the previous plague, Prion(Prion Brutal Guide Here). Every plague type has its own unique abilities and this one is no different.

The Nano-Virus has 7 unique abilities namely, Code Fragment Interception, Radical Element Stabilised, Code Segment Interception, Replication Factory Overload, Encryption Breached, Broadcast Interception Overload, and Drug Immunity. I won't go into much detail about these abilities, but their main purpose is to slow down and lessen the cure progression.

Knowing the Nano-Virus' abilities do gives us some ideas of how this plague type works. Basically, once you start your plague in a particular country, the cure progression starts immediately. This is because, as the description says, the Nano-Virus has a kill switch. This can be a real pain to deal with especially in brutal difficulty. Don't fret though, I got just the guide to help you through it.

I only have one strategy for Nano-Virus and it's not a 100% win rate strategy. There are times where countries close their harbors or borders before my plague could infect them. You can't really count on the random country infection since it happens very rarely so when this happens you have no choice but to start over.

Before we start, let me just warn you about a few things:

  1. This strategy requires you to evolve certain symptoms, abilities, and transmissions as soon as you have the DNA to evolve them. 
  2. The cure progression starts once you select the first country to infect.
  3. Sometimes you'll fail because you can't infect a particular country. Don't worry just start over.
  4. You need ATP Boost. Why? Because we'll evolve some abilities and symptoms before we select a country to start in.
First things first, the gene setup I used:

  • ATP Boost - see no. 4 above
  • Genetic Mimic - It slows the cure progression
  • Aquacyte - makes it easier to infect countries like Greenland and Iceland which are only accessible by ship
  • Extremophile - plague boost in every environment
  • Sympto-Stasis - Symptom costs will not increase, some will even cost 0 DNA to evolve
Without further ado, the strategy:

Before selecting a country to start in evolve the following:
  • Code Fragment Interception
  • Coughing
  • Cysts
  • Abscesses
  • Insomnia
  • Paranoia
Now, Start your plague in India.

As soon as you have the DNA, evolve the following in this order:
  • Code Segment Interception
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Drug Resistance 1
  • Genetic Hardening 1
Important: If a pop-up appears saying that an airplane or ship are sterilized, prioritize evolving either Air or Water 1 right away. If by some chance you don't know which one to evolve
Airplanes = Air 1
Ship = Water 1

Once again, Evolve the following in this order:
  • Genetic Hardening 2
  • Hyper-Sensitivity
  • Paralysis
  • Coma
  • Water and Air 1
  • Water and Air 2
  • Extreme Bioaerosol
  • Seizures
  • Insanity
  • Radical Elements Stabilised
  • Drug Resistance 2
  • Cold Resistance 1 and 2
  • Pneumonia
  • Sneezing
  • Rash
  • Sweating
  • Skin Lesions
  • Diarrhoea
  • Encryption Breached
  • Drug Immunity
Note: Once every country is infected(You can check by clicking World-Data-Infection Spread Summary), it would be a good idea to also evolve Replication Factory Overload to increase infectivity for a short time.

Note: At random times a symptom might mutate, when this happens I suggest that you devolve it right away. Why? Because some mutated symptoms might be too lethal and cause your Nano-Virus to kill people faster than infecting them. You can stop devolving mutated symptoms once every country is infected.

As soon as you get a pop-up saying something like "there are no more healthy people left...", Go evolve every symptom you possibly can. Doing so will make your Nano-Virus so deadly that it would only take weeks to kill everyone.

After evolving every symptom, you'll get a huge stream of DNA. I recommend allocating these to Genetic Re-Shuffles since it lowers the cure progression. This becomes especially useful if you find yourself having a high cure progression at this point.

Note: This isn't necessary but you could evolve Broadcast Interceptor Overload shortly after getting a pop-up stating that your plague is about to eradicate humanity. It lowers the cure progression just for stats sake. Again, this is optional.

These were my stats at the end of my game.
397 days
47% Cure Completion
4/5 Biohazards

Alternate Strategies

So there you go, I hope this guide helped you conquer Nano-Virus at brutal difficulty. If you guys have any tips and/or suggested strategies which are much better than this one please post them at the comment below. I'll include the good ones along with this guide. 


  1. I swear to Christ I'm going to bomb the Carribean

  2. Tried it your way. No such luck. Cure prevailed me every single time. I looked up different ways. No Matter what I do. Or how I do it. The cure beats me every time.

  3. Tried it your way. No such luck. Cure prevailed me every single time. I looked up different ways. No Matter what I do. Or how I do it. The cure beats me every time.

  4. Tried it your way. No such luck. Cure prevailed me every single time. I looked up different ways. No Matter what I do. Or how I do it. The cure beats me every time.

  5. Tried it your way. No such luck. Cure prevailed me every single time. I looked up different ways. No Matter what I do. Or how I do it. The cure beats me every time.

  6. Tried it your way. No such luck. Cure prevailed me every single time. I looked up different ways. No Matter what I do. Or how I do it. The cure beats me every time.

  7. Changed up a couple genes and beat it in 430 days, 37% cure, 4 biohazards, 72220 points. I named it T-102.

  8. Just tried your way. Following everything in order. I finally beat this plauge on brutal. With your help. Thank you. It was my last one now I get the cheats unlocked.

  9. Unlike SOME people, *cough* Bryan Finger *cough*, I managed to beat it on normal with only 37% left :D

  10. Wow it worked! I got every syptom in the end😆
    My score was
    383 days
    34% cure completion
    89280 was my score total
    4 biohazards

  11. Something I found out that is quite cheap but works every time, is a way to get all genes with one game. All you do is play like normal up til you are guaranteed that you will kill the world off. You save the game at this point, then let the game continue. When you win, you come back into the game, and just reload the save. After so many reloads the game will crash, but the file won't corrupt so you can continue it. So the closer you save to the end of the game, the faster the process will all go. It is a very cheap way, but it works.

  12. At the end, I had every symptom available on the game, so cool, and earth died quicker than I could blink.

  13. Flavia Auditore da FirenzeAugust 7, 2014 at 11:00 PM

    I did not have any issues even without Aquacyte. Finished with cure at 34% and a total score of 76590, 4/5 Biohazards.

  14. greenland won't get infected

  15. it has a port closed. and 0 infected.

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  17. great strategy! my stats: 346 days, cure progress 28% 5/5 biohazard

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  21. Your guide helped me to understand the scenario better. 306 days cure progress 46% 4/5 biohazards. Thanks.

  22. *396 DAYS. sorry for the typo.

  23. 370 days 32 percentage complate of cure, 94330 score and 4 solid biohazards.

  24. How do you save in iOS

  25. I'm having a problem! Greenland shuts down it's seaports as soon as Norway, Canada, and Russia shut down their borders! I need lots of help for this one!

  26. Go to the disease tab before, and you need ATP boost.
    (ATP Boost is the first unlocked gene)

  27. Took over 1500 days, but worked. Thanks man

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    334 days
    30% complete
    4/5 biohazard signs

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  31. i ended up getting really aggravated with Greenland and the Caribbean screwing me over but after like 4 restarts i finally for all of the countries and devastated the population, Thank you! Stats; Complex,Normal,Nano-virus,328 days, 29% cure complete, 49,620 points! and a bio-hazard level of 4

  32. Dizzira BlackroseJune 4, 2015 at 11:04 AM

    How do you get Greenland?? Is is possible to just start there?

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    Nevermind!! I tried again he same way (after failing with Greenland), and it worked!! Thank you!! :D

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  35. If Greenland closes its harbour before it's infected, evolve Extreme Zoonosis and you may get the non-human infection.

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