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blogger Hey there, Guys!

I've been playing Plague Inc. for the past few days trying to get a 5 Biohazard score on Fungus speed runs. After a lot of frustrating games, I am still unable to get the necessary days finished to get a 5 Biohazard score, my best at the moment is 210 days. I think I'm passing on this one for the time being and will be focusing on scenarios and mutation 10 mega-brutal guides instead.

In case you guys want to know, I've tried every possible strategy I could come up with while playing Fungus speed runs. I've tried evolving lethal symptoms early and just focusing on transmissions and resistances towards the end game, but the major problem in this is the watch list placement even, which makes some healthy countries close their borders, harbors, and airports sooner. I've also tried getting Zoonosis early and letting mutations help me on symptom-evolutions, but this strategy tends to be a little too long because you will be forced to evolve lethal symptoms near the end game.

I am quite unsure about this, but I think a 5 biohazard fungus speed run needs below 200 days to be achieved--which is absurd and impossible(for me, at least). Lethality needs to be present early if you want an early finish, but you need to be extremely careful with it. I've tried Necrosis and Total Organ Failure right after evolving every spore ability, it worked out well but still took quite some time to kill people. You will also be forced to focus on transmissions and resistances if you take this path, which will hold-up your lethality at the end.

As far as Resistances go, you will absolutely need Drug resistance 2 and a point in both cold and heat. Without these resistances, the infection will be slow. I always started and China, and without Heat Resistance, the African Continent countries seem to be taking too long to infect. Same goes for the Northern European countries and Greenland if I don't evolve Cold Resistance.

On the Transmissions side, I think the best combination is Bird 2 with Water 2. Bird requires a little DNA and will provide a much needed boost for land infection. Water 2 somehow helps with the infection of island countries, albeit a little. I don't think Extreme Zoonosis is a good idea, Yes mutations are good, but you are going to invest a lot of DNA into transmissions that are far more better used for symptoms.

Spore abilities are really random. In my opinion, the "Dream" start would be infecting every single island country after getting every spore abilitiy, but that rarely happens--never happens. I think these spores are what makes or breaks your game, being unable to infect even one island country will make you fail...hard.

I'll come back to this speed run some other time, I just don't think I can get much further than I have now. It's been 3 days since I was even able to get below 220 days. I'm frustrated and I've exhausted my brain of ideas. So, once again, if you guys have any ideas, tips, advice, secrets, or confidential information about this speed run and how to conquer it with 5 biohazards, please I'm begging you, share them with us.

Seriously, Fungus speed run is much worse than Black Death and Smallpox combined. If you guys are going to ask about Simian Flu, No luck there too.


  1. Hey, i've managed to beat it and don't really remember how but i started following the guide posted on toucharcade.... Maybe swapping China for Saudi Arabia (or any hot island country) would help do the trick

  2. One more thing, I dunno if it's just my perception or if it's real ... but the speed runs seemed to be a lot easier when I started then from the progress screen (instead of going directly from the main menu)

  3. I've tried every possible combination I can think of for fungus and haven't been able to crack 200 days :( Mosh, please help!!!! I want to beat these speedruns and I haven't made any progess in almost two months!

  4. Probably placebo effect or confirmatory bias

  5. http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpost.php?p=3500861&postcount=3476

  6. I haven't been playing for a while but i saw this on the toucharcadeforum and it might help:


  7. I just finally got 5 biohazards using Mkesaber's strategy posted on the toucharcade forum (post 3075), but I swear it took me months and hundreds of run-throughs!