Swarm Simulator: A Very "Buggy" Idle Game...Literally

A lot of idle games seem to be popular these days, especially on Kongregate. What is an idle game, you ask? Well, basically it's just watching a game play itself for you, the only thing you're going to do is click on upgrades. Some idle games require you to click a lot, sometimes so much that you'd be forced to use an autoclicker. Swarm Simulator is very different from the conventional idle games popping up everywhere right now.

It's minimilastic and simple style makes it very addictive, at least in my opinion. Simply put, you are managing--or simulating-- the growth of an insect empire. Hatching drones to produce meat, swarmlings to grow your territory, and even produce insects that produce energy which lets you use skills that could make you travel forward in time.

Swarm Simulator is like a text-based RPG, there are no graphics to it whatsoever, and that's what I like about it.You can just imagine your insect kingdom growing and taking over the entire world, then you ascend and start over again. Unlike most idle games that tend to eat up you're CPU when you leave it open for long periods of time, this game won't, because as I've said it has no graphic-intensive thingies whatsoever. Yes, I used thingies to describe graphics, I'm stupid.

I personally play this game on Kongregate, but you can play it on its own site. Swarm Sim also has a very active community in reddit that can help answer your questions about the game, or try your luck in Kongregate chat.

I won't go into anymore details about the game itself, it's much better if you guys check it out. Seriously, I found it better to just click on stuff within the game to familiarize myself with it. It's kind of confusing at first, but when you get it, you'll get it. Much like how everything in the world works.

I've been playing this game for 14 days now and I see no reason to stop anytime soon. So while I'm still playing this game, why not write some guides for some frequently asked questions that I've seen on Kongregate Chat--I always hang-out on swarm simulator room 2.

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  1. I've compiled a list of over 300 idle games for anybody who's interested at http://www.idle.org.uk. Absolutely love the whole clicker, idle and incremental genre of games - very popular in 2015 and continue to grow