Plague Inc. [Submitted Guide] Parasite Mega-Brutal Mutation 10 Guide

This guide has been written and submitted by Xaigg. Thank you! Please remember to rate and comment for this guide's improvement. Also, apologies to Xaigg for posting this awesome guide so late, it has been submitted months ago, already read it a few times but always ended up forgetting to post it. SORRY!

Spicy's Comments: made no significant changes to this guide, just spelling and structure changes. Very well-written. Go and try it out.

I think this guide is a bit outdated after all the updates and the what not. I tried a couple of times using this but wasn't able to get all the countries infected and got cured really early. Really frustrated I went and search the interwebs for a moment and came across a guide for mega-brutal parasite in Plague Inc: Evolved. Not being too picky and finding it interesting enough to try I put the following strategy to test:

Gene Setup:

  • - Metabolic Jump (the guide had Cytochrome Surge, could work just fine. Or maybe try ATP Boost. Haven't really played around with this, but you could)
  • - Aquacyte
  • - Sympto-Stasis
  • - Genetic Mimic
  • - Extremophile

NOTE: just let the parasite mutate as it does. It may result in a good outcome or a bad one.

1. Start in Saudi Arabia

2. Just go and evolve the following symptoms, transmission and abilities in this order:
  • - Rash
  • - Sweating
  • - Skin Lesions
  • - Water 1
  • - Insect 1
  • - Air 1
  • - Drug Resistance 1
  • - Water 2
  • - Air 2
  • - Fever
  • - Insect 2
  • - Cold 1 & 2
  • - Genetic Hardening 1
  • - Coughing
  • - Sneezing
  • - Drug Resistance 2
  • - Pneumonia
  • - Nausea
  • - Vomiting
  • - Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • - Necrosis
  • - Immune suppression

3. At this point I waited a little so that most of the people were infected. It may be up to luck whether you have all the countries infected yet, but if not I guess you pray the rest gets infected fast. Greenland and Caribbean turned out to be the tough ones.
When you think the time is ready make your parasite kill. So just evolve:
  • - Total Organ Failure
  • - Diarrhoea
  • - Pulmonary Oedema (could probably skip this but do whatever you want)
  • - Dysentery

4. Hopefully there are not many healthy people left, but if there is make sure to evolve transmissions/abilities that increase infectivity in those countries (livestock, rat, blood... you get the idea)

5. Now fight the cure. If it looks like the cure is gonna catch up earlier just fight it then using Genetic Re-shuffles. Next evolve:
  • - Insanity
  • - Coma
  • - Inflammation (if researchers haven't increased their understanding of it. I hope this goes without saying)

After this if you have extra DNA use it on Genetic Re-shuffles and watch the world die.

This isn't a 100% waterproof guide but worked for me pretty well. I failed the first time I tried because Total Organ Failure mutated too early and the parasite didn't get to Caribbean at all and got to Greenland too late. Then it just went and killed everyone. So yeah, too lethal too early is not good.
There is also a lot of room for luck because of the genetic drift that comes with Mega-Brutal and the spreading of your decease to the islands. I got lucky with the mutations and the costs of symptoms as they started to drop quite early after they went up and could afford the cure slowing symptoms early.

Anyway, I finished in 385 days, 64% cure and 4 biohazards. I bet that with a bit more luck you could get more Re-shuffles and end up with less cure progress and get 5 biohazards, who knows. I can't take all the credit for this guide but thought I'd share it with the little modifications I made. Maybe if I have the interest I'll go and try a couple of more times but now this is all I have.

Hope I didn't miss anything and this helps anyone having trouble with the Mega-Brutal Parasite. Maybe try it out and improve it with your skills.

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  1. Worked well. Worked better starting in India (possibly because of the early water 1.