Plague Inc. [Submitted Guide] Simian Flu Mega-Brutal Guide

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Spicy's Comments: Haven't been able to play the game for some time now, so super thanks to all the people submitting helpful guides for other users. It is really appreciated. I'll probably come back to writing Plague Inc. guides in the future, I don't know when, though. In the meantime, I'll still be posting guides submitted to us, so submit yours now!

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** Please excuse some game name differences since efs710920mex has only translated this from his game in another language**

Simian flu Mega-brutal guide
I wrote this guide because I didn't really like the others and effectiveness was not really high. With this strategy I have been able to finish the game most of the time. When Neural reinforcement evolves too fast sometimes the cure is discovered before you infect everybody. Depending on luck you can get 5 biohazards and massive points in 600 days or so.


  • ATP boost
  • Aquacyte
  • ATP overdose
  • Together strong
  • Urbanophile

The strategy focuses on two aspects. First, create 5 big colonies to get enough DNA. Second, evolve only when apes are in the ocean since this will reduce cost. Beware of killing symptoms because they can kill faster than you infect, so keep an eye on infected count.
- Start in Central Africa (highest ape count on the map)
- Evolve

  • Simian Neuro-Genesis (15 DNA)
  • Simian Colonies (8 DNA)

- Create a colony in Central Africa (5 DNA)
- Evolve

  • Social cohesion (3 DNA)
  • Cognitive shift (8 DNA)
  • Education (12 DNA)
  • Intergeneric disemination 1 (2 DNA)

- Create colonies in

  • West Africa
  • East Africa
  • Sudan

- Evolve

  • Organized travel (16 DNA)
  • Logistics (10 DNA)
  • Seafaring (14 DNA)
  • Intergeneric disemination 2 (8 DNA)
  • Simian chaos (20 DNA)

- Create a colony in China
Collect DNA until research is above 1. Attack any lab that shows up.
Move your colonies from Central Africa to Argentina and East Africa to Australia. While they're in the ocean your ape count drops to some 80k. Take advantage to evolve.
- Evolve

  • Drug resistance 1 & 2
  • Cold 1 & 2
  • Hominidae bridge
  • Air 1 & 2 (11 & 17 DNA)
  • Blood 1 & 2 (10 & 15 DNA)
  • Extreme hemoaerosol (17 DNA)
  • Water 1 & 2 (16 & 23 DNA)
  • Extreme bioaerosol (23 DNA)

Beware, after you evolve hominidae link, many countries will get infected at once so be prepared to bust bubbles really fast.
Collect 200 DNA and move colonies from Argentina to the USA passing through Florida to infect apes in Caribbean while in transit. Also, when ape count drops again because your colony is in the ocean, evolve. Also use your colonies to infect any resistant country.
- Evolve

  • Photofobia
  • Subconjunctival Haemorrhage
  • Blindness
  • Fomites 1, 2 & 3
  • Faringitis
  • Cough
  • Sneeze
  • Neumonia
  • Bird 1 & 2

After you get the popup saying there is nobody healthy in the world you can use the same strategy to evolve some killing symptoms and abilities to reduce the cure.
That's it, when infected people is lower than ape count you create the Planet of the apes.

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