Plague Inc. [Submitted Guide] Simian Flu Mega-Brutal Guide: 5 Biohazards (APE OVERKILL)

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Spicy's Notes: Thanks, S, for this detailed guide and basing it on a guide I did a few months back. Patience is the key to this guide.

Simian Flu Mega-Brutal strategy - based on the Yo It's Spicy guide from January.

I call this one Ape Overkill. It will NOT help you on a speed run.

Not for the faint of heart or the impatient. This strategy is going to take you ABOUT FIFTEEN YEARS of game time - but you're GUARANTEED a ridiculous high score and all five of those coveted bio-hazard marks.

This is ridiculously long and boring, but you can pretty much run it with the sound on while watching TV (or writing a game guide, like I just did) after a certain point - you've just got to look down and take action when you hear the tones.

The main objective of this strategy is to utilize Ape colonies to their ULTIMATE potential.

The genes:

* ATP Boost - Because why not.
* Suppression - Or anything. Trust me, this won't matter at the end.
* Ion Surge - Because we're going to devolve symptoms - A LOT!
* Together Strong - Because the entire strategy is about amassing LOTS of DNA.
* Rurophile - Because we want it be SLOW in our start-up country.

Like Spicy's guide, this strategy is ALL about devolving, devolving, devolving. So I'll repeat Spicy's dictum: DEVOLVE EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM THAT MUTATES - if you fail even once it'll likely boost infectivity enough to mess up the end game for you (though it should still be winnable).

You won't need to worry about human infection rates at any point in this strategy if you DEVOLVE EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM. When I lit off the Ape-ocalypse in my last run of this strategy I had a whopping 22 people in the US infected and that wasn't a typo - twenty-two.

Let's begin. 

1.) Start your Simian Flu in the USA.

2.) Amass AT LEAST 25 DNA, then evolve Simian Neuro-Genesis.

3.) Amass AT LEAST 25 DNA, then evolve Ape Colonies shortly after.

4.) Build up DNA to cover the cost of an ape colony, then evolve(put/build) one in the USA.

5.) Once you've built that colony, build enough DNA to cover the cost of evolving Organised Travel then evolve that.

6.) STOP. Start amassing DNA until either Canada or Mexico flashes green and starts to grow intelligent Apes. This part requires you to be on "Ape View", just so you guys know - Spicy

7.) Once either country has about ten to twenty Apes infected, drop a travel icon onto the country and get ready to spread the Ape love.

* If the country is Mexico drag the icon onto the Caribbean

(You're done with Mexico at this point if the infection takes, sometimes the apes you've dragged will die. If that happens just try again - but DON'T do it again if the originating country Apes are FULLY converted, it may drag the entire population out of the country and our goal is to have infected apes in EVERY country when we unleash the Ape-ocalypse!)

* If the country is Canada, drag the icon onto the UK - amass some more DNA - then drag another onto Greenland.

(Assuming those infections take, then you're done with both Canada and Greenland).

8.) Keep amassing DNA and let your baseline total creep higher and higher - those devolution costs aren't going to get cheaper!

9.) Here's the only tricky part of the strategy - in between the remaining string of Ape travel infections you're going to want to evolve the following abilities so we're hiding all of our Ape brethren from the Man while STILL saving enough to cover devolve costs (those Neuro-Enhancement devolutions will get EXPENSIVE before we're through):

* Primal Awareness
* War Paint
* Covert Experience

10.) Once the UK has shown an increase in infected Ape population drag another travel icon onto the country and infect Norway - the UK will infect Europe on its own via France as long as you've left at least one infected ape there.

11.) From Norway, take care of Iceland next. Norway will infect Sweden, Finland, and Russia before long.

12.) Once Russia shows a small surge, infect Japan.

13.) Keep an eye on Europe, once Spain shows an Ape infection drag a travel icon down into Algeria - that'll get Africa started and Africa is key to our Ape numbers.

14.) In Asia, keep the string of infections going by:

* Utilizing Chinese Apes to infect the Philippines. China will infect SE Asia on its own.

* Utilize SE Asian Apes to infect New Guinea. SE Asia will infect Indonesia on its own.

* Once Indonesia has an Ape infection, send travelers to Australia and New Zealand. (You may have to do New Zealand a couple of times - in the games I played they kept dying off when they arrived there).

15.) Once the Ape infection spreads to West Africa we're in business. Start a new colony and continue to amass DNA, but faster now.

16.) Once the Ape infection spreads to Central Africa start a third colony. Now we're amassing even faster.

17.) When the Ape infection spreads to East Africa IMMEDIATELY infect Madagascar with travelers (this will most likely empty East Africa, but it will infect again since it's next to Central Africa).

18.) Keep amassing DNA. And I mean into the hundreds at this point because we're going to build four more colonies and those last ones are going to be expensive - and we'll be devolving for a LONG time so it's going to get expensive (you could build even more if you want, but the strategy will take even longer - seven is the sweet spot).

When you can afford it (while keeping a devolution reserve of DNA) build colonies in the following countries in this recommended order:

* East Africa
* Sudan
* Indonesia
* China or India

19.) Start racking up the DNA and DEVOLVING EVERY SYMPTOM THAT SHOWS UP. Once you've got 400 or 500 DNA go ahead and evolve the following while maintaining a good buffer:

*Social Cohesion
*Cognitive Shift
*Horseback Riding
*Ape Rampage
*Primal Hunt
*Weapon Creation

We're now primed and ready to light off the Ape-ocalypse once we're ready.

Don't bother with Ape Migration chain of abilities - we won't need them and we want to keep apes in every country.

20.) Now's the unreasonably boring part. You ready?

* Amass 5000 DNA or more. Yes, you read that right. Five Thousand or more. (My last run I went with 5053 because that's where I was at while I was writing this guide). The actual number is somewhere between 4000 and 5000, but I'm not sure what it is exactly.

21.) At this point you should have every country with a fully infected Ape population, a ridiculously low number of humans infected, and NOBODY working on a cure. Time to start the show, and it's going to be an expensive one.

22.) Start with transmissions, everything but the Ape stuff:

* Water 1 and 2
* Air 1 and 2
* Extreme Bioaerosol
* Families 1, 2, and 3
* Blood 1 and 2
* Extreme Haemoaerosol
* Hominidae Bridge
* Insect 1 and 2
* Bird 1 and 2
* Bat 1 and 2

Infectivity should be high, high, high, and severity and lethality will be non-existent. You'll be out 758 DNA for this.

23.) Abilities are next:

* Cold 1 and 2
* Heat 1 and 2
* Drug 1 and 2
* Genetic Hardening 1 and 2

You'll be out 564 DNA for this.

24.) Symptoms are next (we need this plague to run through humanity like a wildfire):

* Pharyngitis
* Rash
* Headache
* Nausea
* Photophobia
* Coughing
* Sneezing
* Joint Pain
* Fever
* Vomiting
* Subconjunctival Bleed
* Pneumonia
* Haemoptysis
* Epistaxis
* Diarrhoea

Infectivity is near max at this point, severity is medium, but lethality is very low and you're only out another 335 DNA and the Ape-ocalypse is ready to begin.


25.) Get ready to hit the pause button because the world is going to light off with infection in seconds and those pesky humans are going to start bombarding you with messages as they try to rush a cure into action.

26.) Within about seven days or so you should have every country infected. (Sometimes Greenland - as usual - lags. If that happens, just drag some apes over from Canada - that'll fix that!)

27.) At this point you should have something like 3 to 4 billion already infected. Start killing them off. Evolve:

* Hemorrhagic Shock (This one mutated on it's own in my last run).
* Subconjunctival Haemorrhage
* Blindness
* Coma
* Dysentery
* Gastric Ulceration
* Hydrocephalus

These bump lethality up nicely while also slowing the cure (mine was sitting at 6% at this point with no labs set up yet). You should still have THOUSANDS of DNA.

28.) At about 6 billion infected evolve the remainder of your symptoms except for the Neuro-Enhancements.

29.) Fire off your first Genetic Re-shuffle.

30.) Labs should show up at this point - destroy them when you see them.

31.) No healthy people left in the world? Fire off Genetic Re-shuffle 2 (240 DNA!) then check your cure rate. Evolve all of the Neuro-Enhancements - you'll need 380 DNA but you should have it. The Simian Flu is fully lethal now!

32.) About four billion or so dead? Fire off Genetic Re-Shuffle 3 (223 DNA).

You might see a third or a fourth lab pop-up at this point, but that doesn't happen too much. You shouldn't see a single drone.

Then... wait it out. The Ape-ocalypse is over and Apes rule.

Stats for my last run were:

Time: 5400 Days
Cure Progress: 7%
Score Total: 13,930,000
FIVE Bio-Hazards

APE OVERKILL - works every time!



  1. great guide! worked perfect
    5/5 biohazards
    7% Cure

  2. Ariel Iván AguayoJuly 27, 2015 at 5:49 AM

    Great guide! :D