Plague Inc. [Submitted Guide] Parasite 5 Biohazard Speed Run Guide

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Spicy's Notes: Pretty straight-forward guide on beating the Parasite plague in speed run and getting a 5 biohazard score. Be sure to rate and comment for the guide's improvement, or if you guys have any other tips to share!

I was playing the other day and figured out a good method for getting 5 biohazards on the parasite speed run on plague inc.  Seems to work perfectly.  Feel free to put it up on your site and help some others out.


1.       ATP Boost
2.       Aquacyte
3.       Sympto-Stasis
4.       Base Hydrolysis
5.       Extremophile

Start in Saudi Arabia
Wait until “speed run” pops up

1.       Coughing
2.       Pneumonia
3.       Pulmonary Oedema
4.       Rash
5.       Sweating
6.       Skin Lesions
7.       Sneezing
8.       Immune Suppression
9.       Anaemia
10.   Haemophila
11.   Systemic Infection
12.   Air 1
13.   Air 2
14.   Water 1
15.   Water 2
16.   Extreme Bioaerosol
17.   Drug Resistance 1
18.   Cold Resistance 1
19.   Cold Resistance 2
20.   Heat Resistance 1
21.   Heat Resistance 2
22.   Environmental Hardening
23.   Dysentery
24.   Necrosis
25.   Haemoragic Shock
26.   Drug Resistance 2
27.   Total Organ Failure

Depending on your situation, you can swap 25, 26, and 27 to get better times/infectivity

1 comment :

  1. Really good. Straightforward. Got it on my second try. I lost the first one because the Caribbean closed its harbor early.

    Only thing is that you seem to have skipped a step between Haemophilia and Systematic Infection. To get there, you either need to evolve Tumors (11 DNA) or Cysts and Abscesses (2+2 DNA). I went the Cysts+Abscesses route because it was cheaper and gave me more infectivity than Tumors. Maybe add that to the guide and it'll be perfect!

    I also swapped Air 1+2 and Water 1+2 to give islands a better chance of being infected before they close their ports. Besides, tons of planes were already being infected anyway.