Plague Inc. [Submitted Guide] Fungus Mega-Brutal: Minimalist Approach

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Fungus Mega-Brutal Minimalist Approach

Okay, I have a minimalist approach. It seems to work about 75% of the time - as always, random events can nuke your game. But this seems to give a good chance for those just wanting to get mega-brutal completion for the 1st time.

Start with: metabolic jump, aquacyte, patho-stasis, genetic-mimic, and extremophile.

Start the game in Greenland, and play slowly. I have no idea if anyone else has this problem, but let all the game opener pop-ups clear before you do anything other than picking Greenland. Otherwise you might lose one of your red dna bubbles, and you will need all the dna you can get.

Then start using your spore bursts, one at a time. After picking each one, go back to the main screen and grab the red dna icon. then trigger the next spore burst. Do this for all the spore bursts. Save both spore eruptions until after you've done all the spore bursts. then trigger both of those. Don't worry about what countries are infected. You might get lucky, but it doesn't matter until this approach. You should have about 28 dna points or so, assuming you got a couple of orange bubbles along the way.

Now trigger in order:

  • water 1
  • air 1
  • drug 1
  • cold 1
  • spore hardening
  • heat 1
  • water 2
  • air 2
  • drug 2

Now at this point hopefully coughing has been mutated for free, if not trigger that yourself, then return to the main tree.

  • heat 2
  • cold 2
  • genetic hardening 1

Now you need to move towards total organ failure. This is where the game is won or lost. Either you get enough dna to reach TOF or you don't. If you do, you win. If not, you can't kill people fast enough and the cure happens - you lose.

so get sneezing
then immune suppression (this helps spread the plague as well, which you need).
and then total organ failure

Along the way, all (or nearly all) the countries should be infected. My holdout is typically the carribean.

At this point we move to the end game which is to hold down the cure.

evolve genetic hardening 2
then each genetic reshuffle in order (1, 2, 3)

If needed, and you somehow have a lucky game with bonus dna, you can move on to coma, and paralysis (which speed up killing as well), and any remaining cure knockbacks (insomnia, insanity, paranoia).

However, I rarely need to get past TOF. Either everyone is dead/dying and I know the game is won, or I ran out of dna accumulation before hitting total organ failure and the game is a loss. 

Under this approach, I always end up around 75% to 85% cure progress. Only three biohazards, but it gives at least a 75% success chance, which at lot of newer players might appreciate when trying for that mega-brutal completion.

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