Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Batrider Offlane

A 70 minute game of Batrider has made me realize that I am a bad batrider player, especially during the late game.

Watch the video here: (don't worry I edited it down to 15 minutes)

During the laning phase, I was on the Radiant offlane(top) soloing against a lone Sven on the Dire safelane. Managed to get some kills on the lane slowing down the opposing team carry's farm, but was forced to gank the lanes early, after hitting level 6, due to the slow farming of our safelane duo, Ursa and Spectre.

Ganking was somewhat successful, mainly because of Nature's Prophet who was very active on ganks.

Game gone drawn longer and longer making Sven really hard to deal with, paired with Zeus, the enemies had both high Physical and Magical damage. At the late stages, I opted to use my ult, if possible, only on Sven.

You'll probably notice the non-existence of our Ursa most of the game, and the usefulness of Chaos Knight only showing near the end. Luckily, their Techies wasn't good at protecting their towers with Remote Mines, making it very simple for us to breakdown their barracks.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Or maybe just want to comment on how bad I am? Comment them below!

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